Is anyone else experiencing data problems (Virgin Mobile)?

Yesterday, about 30 minutes after I received a text notifying me that Virgin Mobile's terms and conditions had changed, my data stopped working. I can still use my calling minutes and texting, but internet and the apps that use it are nonoperational without data. I get a popup notification on my iPhone 4S when I try to use Safari that says the phone can not access the cellular network. Is anyone else experiencing this or know what's going on? Thanks!

I have the HTC One V from there and I'm not having a problem with it. My sister has the iPhone 4S as well from there and shes also not having problems. Try calling virgin.

Both my htc one and my wifes htc evo is doing the same thing and there no help at customer service, think it has something to do with the asteroid heading this way.

I'm having the same problem on my iPhone! I reset my network settings, then reset all the settings, and even restored it from itunes. Still having the problem.

Edit: I finally heard back from Virgin Mobile. It has something to do with their updates. All they will say is to be patient and they are working on their issues. So how long it will last, I don't know. Hopefully they get their stuff together and fix it soon.

My iPhone has the same problem as well. It worked before I received that text about the upgrade and T&C change and it broke after that and still doesnt work.

Ya I was just on the phone for an hour about my htc evo 4g 3d they told me to check back in 24 hrs

Same issue is going on with me? Did you call virgin mobile to see the issue? If you have any luck or if I do I will get back to you

Same issues. Update to 6.1.1 didn't help. The inlay browsing that works is google search, but no further capabilities to drill down on search results. VM must know something but they don't talk. I will call them tomorrow.

I have the same issue with my HTC Evo 3d 4g.anyone back working?

Both my VM phones say "searching for service" since yesterday. I cant make/receive calls or text. I was told there is nothing wrong and that it must be my phones. What the HELL!