Is a real website?

Has someone ordered something from them?
I placed an order for the iPhone 5s unlocked 64gb and I payed 190$ that's all

This website might be true but its NEW. I looked into when they started the website and the website domain was put up on April 29, 2013.
They may be still putting themselves in order but you can still call them

Don't buy from them! They don't give special discounts for returning customers!

Those prices look fake, he is offering new 5S, 5C models that are not even out yet, for prices below the 2 year contract bundle, real prices are closer to $500.

The Owner appears to be a guy living in "little Saigon" Calif.

Site is a bit suspicious.

I have searched all over the wed and has said they bought something and didn't receive and if they were fake they would be closed down now so they probably have some trick to get really cheap off suplier

Good thing I search this comment before I purchase it… Thanks god my money safe

Real real Bad company, do not order anything from them, because you never receive the item you order