Is trustable for buying iphone?

I visited them today & they are offering iphone 5s at $255…
i need to know if i can trust it & don't have any hidden cost.

Ill be purchasing one next week, Ill post if I receive it.

I purchased it when it was $150.00 and the catch is it will take 4months to get to you… Seems like it's legit! I guess I will see in December or January. Read all of the fine print on the site.seriously, I called. And its associated with Avo Comm, and the owner of this site is Alan Vo.

but besides that point, I am just trying it. And I will let you know for sure if it's real…

This question stresses me out as I am trying to find ways to speed up the shipping process. With AVOBUY if you're expecting to be getting your orders at a specific time, then don't buy from them. They will not give you status update of any kind until they shipped your order. You can call them 100 times a day asking for updates, they will still smile and say within 90+ days even if they were going to ship it tomorrow.

Bottom line, if you can wait, then shop with them. If you can't, shop on or - they are great! You can get your orders shipped overnight~!

They're selling factory unlocked iPhone 5S for $255 and they provide free shipping worldwide. It's too good to be true. I'm sure it's a scam or they're selling cheap Chinese knock-off of iPhone 5S. If you need iPhone 5S without contract or unlocked at reasonable price, mail me.

Hello Yana may you send me you mail address. Marco

I purchased a iPhone 5c with them in September of 2013 I no problem waiting the 90-120 days after the 120 days I was told that my order still had not shipped and based upon how many more orders that they would get in it would determine when I got my phone which could have been an extra 30+ more days. DON'T BUY FROM THEM. When I purchased the iPhone 5c it was 125.00

Usually your card get charged the day the order got shipped. Obviously you also get invoice by e-mail with a tracking number. Charging upfront with no shipping date should be illegal in USA.

I ordered an iPad in April of this year and have received it yet. They wouldn't take a credit card only a check. I have sent e-mails and tried to call the number for coustomer service. One of the phones has been disconnected and the other number just playes music. I am beginning to wonder if I have been duped! Oh and the e-mail was never answered! I am giving it until the 24th of October then I will file a complaint with the BBB!

Sorry that was HAVE NOT RECEIVED!

AVOBUY is LIARS do not trust

They can not be trusted. I got duped out of a lot of money

I am a victim of this mafia. Buy something from avobuy, you lost money but you never receive the items you buy. Let this mafia go to the jail.

I purchased an IPhone 5 2 years ago for $110.00. They made it very clear that it would take 6 months. I actually got it in 5 months and am still using it. They were pleasant on the phone and I never had any problem at all

I order IPHONE 5S for three years ago, but I never received it, I THINK this is real bad company I do not know why your company still ther

This is a real BAD company, Do not trust them