Is iOS7 really slow on iPhone 4?

I want to download it but I heard its slow and lags and that it also kills the battery?

Its not that slow but unfortunately you can notice the slight slowing down and lag of the iPhone 4 on IOS 7

Because its not compatible

IPhone 4 is actually the oldest phone that apple sells. The 4s is now free… IOs 7 is amazing on my i5

Back up the phone then go to settings>general>reset>reset all settings but be sure you know your password to your wifi before you do this as you will have to connect to it after this. Close apps, set screen brightness to auto, turn off auto app refresh, set fetch to manual can all help. Playing around with the phone learning the new layout will drain the battery too.

It's not slow… Just a little bugs/lags sometimes but not a major thing!
and yes it does kill the battery definitely! :( - hopefully apple will dispatch fix update!

overall it's beautiful BUT with missing stuffs e.g limited camera function, no siri, no airdrop etc