Is it true iPhone's charge in the microwave?

I heard a theory that if you put an iPhone in the microwave for a minute it will be fully charged hahah, is it true?

No. Very no.

Lol… No, but if you put it in the toaster, it can use that to get faster Internet.

No… They explode! Haha

Absolutely NOT.

Don't believe in such lies.

I think it's a myth sorry I couldn't help more…

Actually, you want to do it for about 45 seconds. If it is completely discharged you could get up to about 80-85%.It won't charge fully.

Your iPhone would probably explode, don't try it.

No it takes 10-15 mins and it has to be turned off or you will break your phone! I do it all the time if im going out and its almost out of battery

Dont believe all you hear. Its a big NO. Google how a microwave works!

Of course not.

No, of course not. Throw it in the washing machine and you will have a fully charged phone by the end of the wash cycle.