Is it worth it to jailbreak your iPhone?

I have an iPhone 4 and I seen tutorials where I can jailbreak it but I'm scared, but I also want to jailbreak it. Should I or should I not?

Jess is entirely wrong. Jailbreaking was made legal in 2010.By this time, Apple was tired of voiding warranties and brought it to court. It was made legal under grounds of property owning and management. Apple now just refuses to acknowledge it under their own circumstances. Now, if you jailbreak any apple product, it voids your warranty. However, it is worth it to jailbreak. It's like "rooting" an android device. It expands the parameters around what the phone can do by default.
If you do it, you'll appreciate how much you can do with the phone. Jailbreaking came a long way. I remember the days where there were people that got paid to do it for others because the process was so complicated. But nowadays my 5 year old cousin could do it. Just from the click of a button.
And having your iOS device plugged in of course ;)

Unlike what people say, Jailbreaking will not go wrong if you watch the good tutorials with thousands of upvotes. Your phone will not be messed up if you only repeat trusted actions seen on youtube with many positive comments. I would recommend doing it for Movie Box alone. I just got done watching Kick *** 2 and World War Z