Is the ios7 update for the Iphone 4 to?

Is it? And camo done load it from setting of do I have to hook it up to the computer?

Yes, ios 7 is coming for iphone 4.

Yes the ios 7 is available for iphone 4 and onwards. Quickly there are two ways to update your phone either wirelessly i.e not totally cause if you are updating without hooking up to the computer still you need to connect to the charging for avoiding the secondary consequences like low battery level and all that stuff. Also you can update it via itunes i.e is hooking up to the computer and updating under the my device>check for update>download and update. Hope this will help.

Yes, iOS 7 is also for the iPhone 4.

I think you asked if it could be done via a computer… & yes it could, just like all iOS updates.

Ive deleted almost everything from my iphone 4 and is still says I cant
upgrade to the ios 7?