Is there a big difference between the iphone 4, 5c and 5s?

I am getting ready to buy two IPhone, one for my daughter and she will get the 5s and I just getting a phone but been debating between the Samsung galaxy 3 or 4 or the iPhone 4s or 5c or even 5 s. Basically the 4s I can get with for nothing just the two year service contract and the 5 c for 99 dollars and the 5s for 199. I guess I am asking is it worth the difference to get the 5s vs something like the 4s?

Also what features does the 5c and 5s have that the 4s does not. And 5c vs the 5s

5c is cheaper. 5s is best. It has finger print lock technology. 4s is old version. That's it. Gotoany mobile site and get deep info about it.

Yes, Each one is Crappier than the next…

Well the 4 doesn't have Siri as a starter and every new generation has better quality camera but other then that they have pretty much the same things as every phone, (camera music recording phone calls) the 5 and up wards are just thinner and bigger screen