Is there a big difference between the iphone 4s and 5?

My phone just literally broke and i cant really wait another week.people keep saying they're both very comparable and a lot of 4s users arent upgrading this, whats the better deal? 4S or 5? Are both very similar or?

Iphone 5 has larger 4"(inch) screen vs 3.5" on the 4s.there's metal back now so it shouldn't shatter as easily as the previous one. Also it's lighter n slimmer despite it bigger size.ram n cpu have been upgraded but it isn't noticeable though.
Camera and the software part remains nearly the same.
Not a complete overhaul but i think worth an upgrade if you have money.

Get another 4s. 5 just have a larger screen and more expensive price. Or get a nokia if you want a long lasting phone lol

There's a differences in speed, graphics, it's gonna be a half inch bigger on the retina display, and it's running apple's new A6 chip. The camera is the same, except the facetime camera is now going to be 1.2Mega pixels, instead of a VGA camera, the 5 will have 4g, it will have face detection, and take photo stills while recording video, it comes with the new earpods, and a new charging cable called the lightning cable, it's no longer the 30 pin doc cable, more standby hours, an hour more on wifi, there will be a new sim card which is called the nano-slim, and a better resolution.below you will find the specifications, and compare the 4s to the 5 on apple's website.

See for yourself.

I'd get the 5 if it is an option over the 4S.