Itunes won't sync with the iPhone?

I just updated my Iphone 4 to the new ios 7

I found some new music that I liked and I wanted on my phone so I downloaded the music into itunes and went to go sync it. THe problem is the sync says it's on step 4 "waiting for changes to be applied" and it seems to be stuck on that.

I look on my phone and in the beginning of the sync it shows that the phone is syncing at the top and once it gets to that final steps the syncing sign turns off. I have checked to see if my music still syncs even though it is stuck on that process and it doesn't. I went ahead and just deleted all my music (there wasn't a lot) and tried to just sync a single song and that still didn't work. Help? I need music to workout or I lose my motivation and I only have an iphone to put music on.

Added (1). I don't know if this means anything but I went back and plugged in my iphone and went to "on this iphone" and it still showed that music was on there. So i went back and unchecked "sync music" and it said that it would remove it all from iphone. I applied it, synced it and it went through all the steps just fine and said "finished syncing". However, in the "on this iphone" it still shows I have music on there when I don't:(

I hate to say it. You broke your iPhone.iOS 7 sucks. It does alot of damage. But I hope you backed up your iPhone. If you did, just restore it. Or you can start over and make a new iPhone. Good luck:)