Jailbroken iPhone 5 Bricked/Stuck On Apple Logo.

My iphone5 (ios 6.1.2 - Untethered By Evasi0n) got bricked because i installed this "Zelda Sound FX" tweak on Cydia for Winterboard & ever since that my iphone didn't boot up, it got stuck on the apple logo then it dims… And it stays like that.

So what tripped me out was when i connected my iphone to my windows 7 laptop,
it detects it & my camera roll comes up perfectly fine, even itunes detects it but
the problem is it wont let me restore it because i've got a passcode & there's no chance of removing it because it won't boot up.
(i also read if i wanted to keep my jailbreak, i coulda just re-jailbreak it with Evasi0n and it would go back to normal but some problem, it asks me for a passcode image).

so i deleted all of my Winterboard themes/tweaks with iSpirt and it doesn't make a difference when i hard reset it.
i also went into DFU mode & it doesn't pop up on "my computer" or even on itunes…

Try recevery mode then restore. It will restore to 6.1.4 so you wont be able to jailbreak again.
if that doesnt work, email me i have a few iphones for sale or trade.