Lifeproof it worth it?

I've had my Iphone 4s since march and i spent $200 on it so I really don't need anything to happen to it. I had an otterbox but the silicon tore up soon after I bought it. I saw where this site is selling the lifeproof's and their really cute. My birthday's coming up. So should I get one? I need something that will last and protect my iphone from drops. The summer is practically over so i wont be taking underwater pictures for a while. Besides that, is it worth $80? Is it better than the Otter box? The Otter works really well but it's so bulky and get dirty really easily. And the underwater pictures seem really cool. Which one is better?

Its worth the money, sure. But i wouldn't need it most people aren't retards

Umm I don't have one so i don't really know but I saw a YouTube video on it an it seems like it works well but I just don't know if it's worth the risk. But it cover every hole and stiff so the only think open is the screen. Hope I helped. And if it does work then yeah it probably is worth the money. I mean who doesn't love underwater pics right!

I do not like Otter.

Lifeproof is cool!