My beats by dre are SHOCKING ME?

I have a pair of monster beats by dre (the ones that came with the HTC rezound around February, and ill be listing to my music minding my own business when my LEFT on will shock me. ONLY THE LEFT. It doesn't have a pattern, it's just random.sometimes a double shock will happen. They are working perfect i take great care of them. They have no wire issues, and i use them in my laptop (My laptop is plugged in if it's anything). I have used them with my iphone but not for a long time. So idk about that. This started about a week ago and it's getting annoying. I'ts alittle more of a shock than just a person walking up and touching u, but it's not enough for me to rip it out of my ear. Just flinch and make an ouch face.

any ideas?

I'm sorry, but I don't listen to rap music.

Probably static discharge.