My iPhone 4S app won't open!

Every time I click on the app it opens for maybe a second and then goes back to the home screen… I tried doing the red minus sign thing, rebooting my phone, but nothing is working… And I can't delete it, because it won't save any of my data… Please Help!

You need the iPhone 5. IPhone does that to make you buy the new phones. Their "upgrades" are really downgrades.

The app is crashing, which usually isn't the iPhone's fault but the developer. I would expect that the app's developer will release an update soon that will address your problem. :)

Try deleting the app then redownloading it. Works for me.

You probably upgraded to ios6. If you don't have the newest iphone, ipod, or ipad and upgraded to the newest ios they cause lots of problems with your i device. But on the other hand if you don't have the newest device and don't upgraded and have problems and you go to the apple store all they tell you is "You should upgraded it solves lots of problems and if that does not work the worst thing that can happen is you buy the newest device, right". But also you should check if the app has an update if it does you should download the update of the app.

I have a 4S Iphone and iTunes opens, then closes. I've rebooted, logged in, logged off -nothing helps. What now? So how do I delete it off my phone so I can download it again?