My iphone 5 charger keeps breaking?

My iphone 5 charger keeps breaking?

I have the Iphone 5 charger and mine never breaks so I would either get a new one, or bring it to verizon (at&t… Ect) and they will look at it for free.

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Try to get apple chargers instead of others generics if you are using a apple charger you are probably binding the wire by binding I mean having it always bent and puuting pressure on wire

Take it where you bought it and they should exchange it. Otherwise you can get cheap chords on amazon, so I would buy one there.

This is a problem that a lot of people have with the lightning cable. Apple put an Authenticator in the cord so there wouldn't be a lot of third party cords. There is a few fixes that may work. One is to shut off your phone and let it stay off a few hours before charging it. The other is to just buy another cord. If you buy a third party cord make sure to read the reviews first. A good place to get a apple lightning cable is which sell them for about $7. You can find third party as low as $2 but there is a chance it wont even work.