My IPhone 5 won't charge, Help!

My iPhone5 won't charge. It looks like chords are twisted inside the charger because at the adapter to be connected into the phone under it, it has a bump and every time I touch it I hear cracking. It charges for about 1 seconds tops. This has happened before, and it would charge at all. I went to Optus and they told me to go to the apple store to get a new one and I did. It cost $25, it was supposed to be free because of the warranty. I have had this new charge for about 4 months and its happening again! Help! I can't go but another one because they just cost to much! I really, really need your help!

Sounds like the port is bad. Best thing to do is to go get a replacement when you have the money.

This is why I don't use Iphones. They break to easily and cost more then what they are worth.

I have a friend who broke his Iphone so many times. He is on his 4th one.

Try turning it off and on. If that doesn't work hit it a few times with a hammer

Get a new chord on amazon, chords are really cheap there. Thats what I did long ago and have never had a problem.

You're screwed.