My iPhone 5 won't charge! Help?

Ok so first of all my iPhone 5 bought it December 1st It's not fake obv original.
A few weeks after I bought my iPhone I've experienced so many problems with the charger. At one point the charger just wouldn't charge it anymoe. So I went to the shop and bought a new charger. The new charger worked at first but not now. D: please help? Idk what to do. I Tried charging on my laptop it says 'this blbal can't be connected blablabla' I also tried to charge it normally (wall plug in) it won't respond. There's nothing on th screeen. I connect it but it's not connected. Why? I can afford to buy ANOTHR charger. I can't afford to buy a charger every time it can't charge anymore. :/ the iphone5 itself is very expensive and so is the charger. What should I do, D:

Added (1). Oh and also. When I plug in my iPad charger to my laptop/the wall plug it works perfectly fine and the iPad charger has been for 2 years. My iPhone chargers only for like 3 weeks and it's already not working uthhhh

Go to the apple store if you can and meet with the genius bar. You are under warranty, so it should be covered.

If you tried a 2nd chord as you said you have then there must be something else wrong and you probably have to ask the apple store to look at it, thats definitely not normal.
(I had a chord go bad and everything was fine once I replaced the chord, by the way you can buy a new chord really cheap on amazon and just use your same your plugin connector with the new chord)