My IPhone App Store won't let me search?

I went to download 'kik' and when I go to search it, I'll let me type it in, but when I click search nothing comes up. I've tried typing in different word. I've turned my phone of 2 times. But I have deleted & downloaded a couple of apps recently. Anyone help?! Please!

Mine has been doing the same thing. At first I thought it was due to a recend download that perhaps took a certain amount of space. I tap "search" after typing in a certain app and all it does is leave me with a blank screen once I click on the app subject. Maybe it's a technical error they are working on.

This is just so useful seeing all the frequently asked questions with no answers.

I had the same issue (began after downloading IOS update)… I was able to resolve it by doing a soft reset by holding down both the home (wake/finger scanner) key and the power (sleep) to power off my phone and restarted it after a few seconds. I opened the App Store and was able to search again.