My iPhone doesn't unlock- tells me incorrect password. Disabled!

So I was just unlocking my iPhone like any other time and my password wasn't working at all! AT ALL! It kept saying "Incorrect Password Try Again" so I did. And I did. And I did. And nothing worked. And now it's disabled for 60 minutes when I know WITHOUT A DOUBT that I was putting MY CORRECT password in. What is going on and how can I enable my phone again?

Im not sure i know you say you are 100 percent positive you are putting in your passcode corectly but do it one letter at a time making sure not to hit caps lock or a wrong number if you still cant unlock it you might have to get it unlocked by a pro or search ways to unlock it

Turn your phone off, then try, of it still doesn't work take it to your carrier to have it reset.

Once it becomes able again, try reseting your phone. All you need to do is hold down the power and hold button at the same time, and even once the little 'slide for power off' thing comes up, keep holding them until your screen goes blank. A few moments later, if you did it right, the apple sign should appear, and it'll turn on. Try again, and if it doesn't work, go to the apple store for help! :) Good luck!

If you have children, they may have set Your password to a different one. Without your knowing. If you do not though I would bring it to the apple store and have one of the geniuses look at it and run tests on it to see what may be wrong and if you still have the warranty valid on it you may be able to get it replaced.