My Iphone earphones keep falling out when running?

I have the latest ipod headphones (the ones you get with the iphone 5) and they still always fall out when i run! It's so annoying and i don't want to get specialised earphones unless i really have to…
Does anyone else have this issue and how can i fix it?

I know to mee its the same

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try this one its over your ear so it will not fall

Just stick them to your ears with tape. That's what I do. No more hassle. Or you can buy the ones with loops on them that sit over your ears.

My headphones are specific to each ear, right and left, so make sure you have them correct otherwise they will pop out.

I have the same problem and it sucks. I am going to try roughing up the surface of in ear part of the headphone with an emery board to see if that helps.