My iphone got wet, won't turn on!

On friday my waterbottle leaked onto my phone in my bag. 2 hours later, i noticed something very hot in my bag and it was my fone! I immediately tried to turn it on but it did nothing except the flash was on. About a half an hour later, i placed it in rice where it has been all weekend. I occasionally took it out and tried to turn it on this weekend but all that happned was the flash turned on. I have it charging now but it still wont turn on! Please tell me how to fix this!

You dont, water and electronic dont mix.
go buy a new one the rice trick doesnt worh on iphones.

Most times, it's not going to work ever again.unless you have insurance on it, you need to get a new phone

Yeah when water and electricity have contact, its not good:( Um you can get a new one or get it fixed. I'm so sorry that happen to you. Good luck:)


The rice trick is really just a gimick, the bottom line is you have to try letting it dry out several days. It may or may not work.

The worse thing you could have done is try to turn on the phone before placing it in rice. You should remove the battery and try rubbing alcohol. However, it seems like the damage has been done.