My iphone is randomly turning off ios 7?

I have ios 7 for my iphone and i know it is beta and will have bugs but does anyone know how i can fix this? I dont even know if ios 7 is causing it because i got ios 7 a while ago and it just started doing this. It randomly turns black and wont do anything and it turned back on after a while but this time it is taking longer and it still wont work.

This happen with me also, i use ios 7 beta 3 on my ipad 4 it was more with beta 2 but still happens with beta 3.
reveiws here and there say it happen with every one. So don't worry about it.

Is your device's UDID registered? A lot of people have been reporting problems like this when they try to run iOS 7 without registering their device's UDID on a site like's $5, and I haven't had any problems at all with my 4S.