My iphone is wet, i ve try putting it in rice but it still doesn't work?

I have put my Iphone in the washer, and once I noticed it was gone, i took it out of the washer. I did not know what to do so I searched the internet, i have found a solution to put it in a bag of rice, luckily i had some, So i left it in there for 7 days (just to be sure). And i took it out and tried to charge it, but it did not work, and i tried to connect to itunes, but it did not work, and i do know that apple avoids with water damages, what should i do? Please write an answer if im good or im seriously f@#$%ed…

I think your seriously f***

Ziplock bag full of dry rice leave it and make sure it is off or it could short circuit and make sure the ziplock is in a hot place like a window so it can get warm if nothing seems to happen look on Craigslist for people who can open it up and dry it they usually charger 30-65 $$ I got mines dried for $45 the battery held a lot of water. Hope this helps