My IPhone iTunes won't open?

My IPhone iTunes won't open?

Try rebooting it by holding the center button and the power button a the same time until the apple comes up it will fix it for sure

Didn't work:(

I have the same problem and nothing is working for me

I'm having the same problem. Is it iOS 7.0.2?

Same issue. Update bug?

My iTunes app on my phone is force closeing too.
It just started today now other apps are doing it as well.

Mine iTunes won't open either. Rebooting didn't work for me. I hope someone has a suggestion on how to fix this

My iTunes pops open for 1/2 a sec then closes, my husbands works fine… I have the 5, he has the 4…

I'm having the same problem with my iPhone 5, started a few days ago. I'm probably going to go to the apple store and get some help. So frustrating

I recently updated on my iPhone and today I noticed that I couldn't open iTunes. What is the problem?

I have the same problem, happens straight free I downloaded the latest software. IPhone 5 16gb

My 5 is doing the same thing. Wtf?

I'm having the same problem with my i5, the new update 7.0.2 is

Yep same problem here

No fix yet? I have the same problem

Had the same problem… Go to Settings/iTunes & App Store. Click on your Apple ID and click "View Apple ID".It will ask for your password to login and view your account. After successfully logging in, I was able to open iTunes on my phone.

Any answer on this yet?

Tried to log into my account didn't work

I was having the iTunes shut down with my 4s after the new update. But once I logged out of iTunes it now works fine.

IOS7 iTunes wont open either… Any answers?

Same problem here! 5 wont open iTunes! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Got it guys/ladies! First go to general, then iTunes-app store, then click on your apple id. Then sign out.restart iphone, then open iTunes and it should be fine.sign back into iTunes through general then iTunes -app store. That's It! FINALLYYY! YEAHHHHHHHHH! Why does it do this you ask? I have no idea! Lol

Thanks for the tip - just worked for my 4S!

I did this last thing and it didn't work for me. This is really ticking me off! Any other suggestions?

Horray it worked!

THANK YOU! Signing out through settings/itunes worked perfectly! GRRR! You rock!

It worked for me, thanks

Sign out of your iTunes account through settings, sign back in and restart your phone. It should work after that:)

It fixed mine too

I had to sign out, shut down, restart and log back in to get mine to work. Thanks guys! This was seriously irritating me!

I have re booted log in log out three times i still can't open iTunes

When I signed out then rebooted my phone and opened up iTunes it worked imeadietly! Thanks a ton!

Good lookin out! Thanks

Yup same here on my iphone5 wtf is going on here

I did the steps mentioned above, except I had to sign back into my apple acct in iTunes - NOT in the App Store. Sign is at the bottom of the iTunes screen, just like the App Store. Mine worked after that.

Yeah this works, log out on settings, reboot then log in on iTunes:)

It worked thanx so much

It worked thanks

Awesome got mine working to thanks

I also did the steps above except I had to sign in through my iTunes not through my settings! Thanks so much!

Still nothing very frustrating

I just fixed mine via chat with Apple. I had to go to settings and reset all settings. Had to go back and change my wallpaper etc back, but it's fixed!

I hope it works for me. Good lookin out on the "fix".It's Dope that you ask Siri something and she links u up with a forum like this

I have an iphone 5 with iOS 7.0 update, and I've tried everything above In different ways and it still won't work. Any suggestions?

Mine worked when I signed out of iTunes in settings and then opened up iTunes without signing back in through settings. Didn't even have to reboot. Thank you!

The last comment worked…

went into settings and signed back into itunes, then made sure that my cellular data was turned on, that seemed to work

It will not work on my iPhone 5s 7.0.2 is so bad i am going to apple

Music App would momentarily open then screen would go blank on my iPhone 6s os 9.2.1. Solution: Open "Settings", scroll down to "iTunes & App Store" and open. Click on Apple ID. Click on "Sign Out". Turn off iPhone and re start. Go to "Settings>iTunes & Apps>sign in again. Music App should now work.

Resetting the phone worked thanks

I can't open my I tunes in my apple iphone.why?