My iphone screen cracked and now has black lines going through it!

I dropped my phone and the screen now has this fuzzy look with all different color lines on the screen. The touch censors stilll work. So will i only need to get the screen replaced or is the phone destroyed?

Sounds like a lose cable in your iPhone.
I was repairing my iPhone's screen, and didn't put the cable in the slot in correctly, and made the screen appear fuzzy.

No, the glass screen plus the lcd have been destroyed. Everything else probably is fine. I would buy the parts myself and fix it, costing me no more ethan 50-60. Labor is overpriced for fixing iPhones.

The outer glass screen is referred to as the touch screen digitizer. This controls the touch sensitivity and is commonly cracked in a ""spider-web"" pattern.
The LCD screen projects the display / image behind the lens or touch screen digitizer. If the LCD screen is damaged you will likely have issues such as dead pixels, black spots, stripes, LCD bleeding, discoloration, cloudy appearance, and white screen.
Based on your statement I think you need a new LCD. We have them available along with the step by step repair video and the tools you will need on our site at-