My iphone wont let me turn on wifi?

I have an iphone 4s and i cant turn on my wifi, when i go on the wifi tab it is just grey and i cant select it to turn it on. How do i fix this? Please help!

Added (1). I tried reseting the network but it still didnt work, please does anyone know how to fix this?

Is airplane mode on? Turn off factime? Uninstall skype and reinstall skype(if its installed)? Try resetting your network settings? If all these fail please call Apple and setup a time to meet someone at the apple genius bar for repair or replacement. Be aware there are costs to this if you did not purchase applecare+.

Thank you… Works great now!


this is still not working. Why would someone say in capital letters '' DONT TRY IT ITS NOT GONNA WORK'' hmm sounds like if it was actually bad they would explain theirselves

I have the same problem, have you found any solutions yet?! URGENT

I can't turn on my date on my apps why? And help

After I did the new update on My iPhone 6 now don't let me turn on my date on my app? Help

It doesn't work I've tried almost everything recommended So if anyone knows anything Please Help

you guys are dumb

you guys are dumb