My new iPhone 5s won't connect to wifi?

I just got the iPhone 5s and I have been struggling to connect to wifi. I have wifi at my work place but every time I try to connect to it at home, it always says "Incorrect Password" even though it's correct. All of my other Apple devices are connected to the wifi and the password is correct. I tried to restart my router and phone. I even tried resetting my network settings. Help please?

Might probably your work place wifi must have a proxy to get connected!

Go to wifi and select advanced!
enter the proxy and port!
and select the correct security type WPA/WPA2 or may be 802.1X!
try checking them out!
you should get it!

I too have been unable to connect my new 5s to my Netgear router which is set to WPA-PSK security and the pin is clear. Each time I enter the PIN and click "Join" to my network, it comes back incorrect password. I also set up mac address access list and added my iPhone's mac and name to that. Even tried using the "Add WPS client" hardware button on router that allows 2 minutes for ANY device to connect… Same results. (incorrect password). Other times I tried manually adding the SSID, WPA and PIN and the message at times just says "unable to connect to (my network name's) SSID. Any reason for this? Thanks.