My wifi on iphone 4s won t turn on?

Hello so i got an iphone like a month ago and i've updated it to ios 601 and for some reason my wifi stopped working, this didn't happen straight after though. The thing is that the button is stuck on 'off' and i tried switching it on and off, reseting network settings and turning the airplane mode on but nothing seems to work. Help me:'(

Added (1). I have checked the settings

Added (2). The thing is that i can't slide the on/off button

Have you checked the network settings part of your Iphone?

Press the lock and home button constantly for 10 seconds, then release the lock button but keep hold of the home button, the apple logo should appear

Click wifi and slide turn on lol that simple if it don't work get to the Genius Bar folks even though they just google it: P lol:)

Try shut down all your apps (double click home button, hold on app and delete). You can also reboot your iPhone. ( ) if it does not fix after this, I suggest you call apple and claim your warranty. As the phone is faulty, you should be entitled to it either being fixed, or a new iPhone.
Hope you found this helpful:)

My iPhone 4S sometimes loses Wifi. I have to switch it off and then turn on, and it works ok.

Im having the same problem, i have done everything!

My wifi wont come on

Same problem and I got mine two weeks ago!

Me too and apple won't acknowledge that they have a problem

Anyone have any luck on this one? Mine was working fine, I was on facetime, and all of a sudden it loses the ability to turn on wifi. The slider to turn it on doesn't work at all. Have tried all of the tips above, and nothing has worked.

Same problem here. Bluetooth is also doing the same thing!

I am having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution

I'm having the same problem with my iphone 4s, wifi and Bluetooth not working.

Just solved my problem… Reset network settings

Same problem. Reset network settings did not work for me.

Went to the apple store and they told me the chip in the phone is not working. They tell me they can't fix it, I have to buy a new 4S for the low price of $199. That is BS. I'm not happy with Apple right now!

Do I really have to buy a new phone because of this?

I am having the same problem, nothing works

I have same problem were is network settings?

Had exact problem above.
Tried going to airplane mode a few times - has worked in the past. Then completely powered down the iPhone off AGAIN, but this time I waited for 1 whole minute. Suddenly everything works.

Same problem, none of the above have worked:/

My iphone won't turn on to wifi it won't move it stays on OFF and it gets me mad

I deleted all my apps that I have been using, was on Pandora when my wifi locked up, I then reset phone several times and now my wifi works

Scratch that idea it worked for a whole two minutes and back to 3g, good bye apple going back to droid

I just restarted my and it fixed the issue

Nothing works help

Is there a chance this has something to do with the ios7 upgrade and maybe apple will do something to fix the bugs? No wifi for 2 days now

Yup same thing on my iphone. Tried everything and no wifi. Sometimes it locks up the phone. It just started after ios 7 upgrade

Me too happened when iOS 7 came out

Same here, did ios7 update and it worked it was after the ios7.02 update that mine quit and my phone is delayed in typing and opening apps now as well. I have the 4s and my boyfriend has a 4, both updated equally and he has no problems at all

IOS 7 update and there goes my wifi

I have the same problem… I did all those things and nothing worked I googled options… Gonna sound strange but I turned phone off and then put in freezer for 40 secs and boom it was back on… But as soon as I turned off phone it was gone again so idk

I didn't like the look of the new IOS 7.0.2 so I didn't download it and since then I can't get wifi, the option is greyed out. Might force me to download update!

I have same problem, after update 6 my wifi is in OFF mode and will not turn on, in t mobile they said, need to update 7, but since you need wifi for download, not really helpful, tried reset, turning it off, nothing changed, so fed up with iPhone, another piece of cr** designed in America, made in china

I downloaded ios7 worked fine for a few days. Then like everyone phone wouldn't connect to wifi. Either wouldn't find a network or wifi was turned off and wouldn't let me turn on. Went to Apple store. They replaced my phone (I have Apple care, so no charge). And new phone worked fine… For 24 hours. No new phone won't connect to wifi. So now I gotta take off work again and go back up there. Hey, Apple- I have a job. Can't take off work all the dang time. Ugh.

My wifi isn't working too! It used to be okey until I upgraded it to ios7. Very much disappointed. Nothing works. Apple must do something about this!

I had the same problem began to believe the phone was hacked by my ex. The wifi button was greyed out with no option to turn on. So i did reset multiple times.resetting it in iTunes worked the best and i would not back it up or restore anything bc it was very touchy could never figure out the exact cause, as soon as it reset i would go to the restrictions setings and turn them on right away this seemed to keep the wifi working until the phone turned off so i had to make sure it never went dead, obviously these are default phones the ive gone through 4 and only the 1 did it but the other ones never had one issue,

Same with me too

Tried ria, s suggestion 2nd or 3rd comment from top of this page. Sorted thank you (prob was greyed out wifi button stuck in off position) Apple get your act together! Twats

As soon as I got iOS 7 my wifi stoped and I love youtube I watch chilled chaos and pewdiepie all day

After reading all that and having same problem, getting more frustrated as I went along, the TWATS comment made me giggle and remember my good friends from England! Lol:) thank you I needed a good laugh!

I had this problem until this morning. Try this: Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset All Settings. This worked for me even after "reset network settings" did not. And this doesn't erase any data or media (this isn't "restore iphone").


Same problem here nothing will get the wifi button to work

This has happened to me too ever since I upgraded to the new os7. I use my Iphone for work and this is really a big hassle for me. Apple really needs to fix this problem or I will never buy or trust them again.

Thank you. I've now tried all the above suggestions to no avail! The phone I have problems with is one I've just bought for my wife so I can exchange it. When I received the phone it was on IOS6 and connected to WI-Fi with no problem. As soon as the update finished the Wi-Fi page just locked up, shows nothing except the words Wi-Fi. I have my own 4s and an Ipad both updated to ios 7 with no problems.

When you are not on wi-fi you are charged data fees, hello, this is their way of being able to charge you more

I just traded my old iphone 4s to apple to get a new one because the lock button was broke. I have had this phone since Saturday and now its Monday and the wifi is blurred out and off and I've tried everything above. I'm getting more and more frustrated with apple. This phone is new. If anyone has any more suggestions please help!

Switching to a Droid. Apple Sucks!

Can't download the update cause wifi don't work this is stupid

I have this same problem and nothing works:/

Got tip from you tube. Use hair dryer to heat up phone. It worked! I have wifi again. No need to buy new phone.

I restored my phone and it seems to have worked. I hope so!

dec 15th 2013 same thing just happened wifi setting wont slide. If i have to go to apple i will print this page out on how many probs.

Yep, add another one to the frowing list. Fed up. Apple used to be "bug free" now worse than windows by far. No more Apple for me!

I had my first 4S with iOS 6 for just under three months before losing the ability to turn on wifi. I tried all of the above suggestions, but to no avail. I connected it to my laptop and downloaded iOS7 but it still didn't fix the problem. I took the phone to my carrier and they had a replacement shipped. Just over three weeks after I got the replacement, I am having the same issue. NOT HAPPY!

Same problem here. Tried resetting multiple times to no avail. Next iOS update better fix this!

i got told that you have to erase all content and settings. You firstly need to back it up to your computer. But when i did, it says to turn off find my iPhone, but you need internet for that, and i don't have internet on my phone to do so…

you guys can still update to 7 if you connect your phone to itunes

Anyone have a solution to this problem

My WiFi just stopped working. All of my other devices are working fine. The Verizon network is the only way for it to work.
Can someone help?

Same thing here overnight. WiFi and Bluetooth on iPhone 4S just greyed out. Help please!
Tried everything I've heard except heat or chill method.

This actually happened to my phone right after IOS 7, but I never updated. Its been like this for several months now and I've just been dealing with no Wifi, just tried updating finally to see if it would fix, and then all the suggestions above: nothing happened. This really sucks. Guess its stuck this way forever. Not buying apple products anymore.

I downloaded a do not disturb app and after that my wifi will not connect. It shows the off/on button but it will not let me turn it on. I deleted the app, I have tried rebooting, and I even restored it, but no luck. It has been shutting itself off 2-3 times a day and won't connect to wifi ever since I downloaded that app. And nothing works.

This happened to me before.
I had corrosion and I had to get it fixed.
Check where you plug the charger I ad see if there is any green.
If there isn't try holding down the home and lock button down until you see the Apple logo. Then turn it back on. If that doesn't work. I'm sorry:(

ask siri to turn on wifi

The freezer thing actually worked! 1 minute in the freezer and now it works!

Same problem here. I've tried all of the above, including asking Siri to turn on wifi (he lied, he said he had done, but it was still off!), nothing works. Off to the Apple store tomorrow to kick up a stink (as we say in the UK)

How will i fixed this i've tried all but nothing happens… Such disappointment with Apple…

Mine is the same after update.

Same here I used to be able to reset networks and get it to work but won't stay connected

Reset the network settings: Setting > General > Reset > Reset network settings

Tried all o the above and nothing works to get the wifi on! Grrrrrr!

my sons iphone 4s also did this through att. I only noticed due to the high internet usage thankfully under my plan usage… Anyhow I did the rest network and also the home and lock press, another thing I did is turned on the hotspot. Not sure which of these worked but currently his wifi is now back on. I will be watching it closely though

help i have the same problem

Yep same problem but mine happened after I dropped my phone. I've done all the above, really stinks. P

same problem,,, wifi wont turn on

I just started having this problem 3 days ago. What I find Ironic is my family was convinced by At & T that we no longer needed unlimited data cause we never went over. So we switch to shared data and now my Wifi won't work Hmmmmmm

is there an iphone help line that can fix the issue? I really dont want to go into verizon, everytime i go in there they treat me like im a dumbass

I have the exact same issue, since update wifi has been very twitchy and my I phone began to get very hot when ever wifi was connected, then a few days ago it stopped working all together, i now get the exact same message (Wifi Not Available), thanks apple, I wonder if they will compensate us for all the extra data we are having to use, as my most recent bill was a full 40 pounds higher than usual, on another note, I feel that unintentionally damaging a customers phone then asking for 200 pounds to fix it is daylight robbery and a lawsuit should be taken into serious consideration!
A disappointed rotten apple customer

Turn hot spot on. A window will appear ans you can turn wifi on from there

Same here, right after going to shared data and I have had an extra $30 added to my bill now. I don't have an update available until November. I WON'T be buying another Iphone!

Just turn of airplane mode and after that the wifi logo should be available. Mine worked

Ok sounds strange but it fixed mine, take phone out of case ( otterbox or other ) and use a hair drier till phone overheats. It will have a message to let phone cool before use, power cycle and your good to go. I'm as surprised as you are but it DOES work.

This just worked for me. It got my WiFi and bluetooth back working again.
Press the lock and home button constantly for 10 seconds, then release the lock button but keep hold of the home button, the apple logo should appear

I didn't think this would work but saw it done on YouTube I used a blow dryer to make my phone overheat and when the overheat message came up on my phone I turned it off and put it in the freezer for 10 mins got it out turned it on abd it works now

Freezer for 10 minutes just worked for me. See if it lasts.

Hey my fone is doing this while ordeal… So I over heat the fone and the n kool it off huh?

still greyed out on iOS 7.1.2 extremely mad

I had the exact same problem I rebooted my phone then downloaded IOS 7.0.2 and my phone kept sticking at the apple logo so im scared shitless to restart anything right now does anyone have any other ideas?

my iPhone has been like this ( with the wifi gray and not being able to turn on… Also the Bluetooth wont turn on and it continues to just load when I look at it in my settings!) for about a couple of months now and it's just so stupid and costly. I mean im having to use my data and im going over so it's adding on extra. I've researched a little and I think I've came to the conclusion that the wifi chip is burned out? Wifi chips burning out is the cause of your phone constantly being hot. Have any of you experienced this, your phone being hot? Like the back? Then that is probably why your wifi chip burned out… Also could be the update but im not sure, personally I don't think it was the update. I believe you can get the wifi chip replaced but it will be very costly and would be wiser to just purchase a new iPhone. Which is what i'm probably going to have to do. How you can prevent this though is trying not to overcharge your phone, take good care of your phone, and if you ever feel your phone getting hot to turn it off for a few hours and just let it sit. You can try to replace the wifi chip yourself but if you do then your warranty defaults so if your feeling up to it then just google replacing iPhone 4s wifi chip. Good luck.

i have had this problem 3 times lucky I had warranty and had to get a new phone every time frustrating though with a loner for months till I got the new phone time to change phones.

Freezer worked on my iphone4s for a couple of minutes, twice. Since that hack kinda worked, I doubted heat would.
I was wrong, HEAT IS THE BOMB! Try it!
Hair dryer rigged 1" above screen for 10-15 minutes fixed the wifi greyed out issue.
A month or so later I had to do the blow drier trick again, it's been months with no problem,

I just got my phone switched from AT&T, to T-Mobile. And updated it to iOS 7.1.2 and my wifi isn't working either. I don't know if it's the update, or the phone, or the person who jailbroke it, but when I slide up, and try to turn on my wifi, it goes from dark grey,to white, and then says wifi not available. I tried resetting my network settings and it didn't work.

And I don't want to have to buy a new phone. My family doesn't have enough money for a brand new phone, cause if I got one, it would DEFINITELY not be an apple. This is the last time I get an apple anything.

I was skeptical of the idea of freezing or heating the phone to make the WiFi work again, but it worked. My son put his iPhone in the kitchen freezer for 30 minutes, removed the phone, the battery indicator showed a dead battery but it was full strength before the freezer, after putting on charger, within a minute the battery was at full strength and the WiFi restored. WOW!

I also tried everything, several hrs on phone with ATT and Apple, all restore possibilities. Got phone replacement. Before my replacement got here my wifi started working again. New phone (same 4s) and 2 days after setting up it won't turn on the wifi button either. Now also bluetooth won't turn on. Very frustrated!

I just got this problem 2 days ago, I'm pissed.

I took it out of the case and put it in the freezer for 5 minutes. Took it out, turned it off and then back on and now the wifi works. Beyond surprised this actually worked… But it did.


My iPhone 4s will not connect to Wifi & the wifi slide button will not slide to On! Please Help me ASAP… Using up Data!

Added (2). The thing is that i can't slide the on/off button

Since release of new download my 4S has locked up, shut off, lost half my numbers. The WiFi won't connect. What now Apple, Thanks for nothing. I too am switching, this sucks. Never had a problem before this. I bet next week there is a new fix for this. Finished

Same problem with WiFi this really sucks because I LOVE Apple

guys are you sure freezing the iPhone to reactivate WiFi is NOT a raw deal?

I had the same issue and did the following:
1. Put the phone on airplane mode and power off
2. Wrapped in a paper towel and put in the freezer for 10 minutes
3. Unwrapped, let thaw out, powered on, turned off airplane mode.
It worked. Hope this helps.

Mine worked after the freezer then off again, I put it back in the freezer, waiting again, lol

mine too! It started yesterday til now. The wifi button won't work.

Mine say it's 1969, it's 6am, no signal, no movement of wifi button. I've tried all of the above, one word… FUCKED! And now fucked off grrrrrr!

Tried reseting all my settings - turned off and on and wifi and still WILL NOT WORK how am i suppose to back up my device if it won't let me access wifi? ---- Help

I have reset just about everything and still no wifi. Button greyed out and won't slide. So frustrating. How do I fix this?

same issue with wifi. Button will not slide and I have reset everything. Have been reluctant to change from iphone because occasionally use facetime but all of my friends with droid phones have been very happy so I'm going to get one! This issue has been a big aggravation.

I have had this problem for months. I've tried most of the suggestions. I used the hair dryer to heat it up until the warning sign. Let it cool a minute, and stuck it in the freezer for 5 minutes. I restarted it, and I connected to Wifi. Amazing

Wifi button wouldn't let me turn it on. All greyed out. I put it on a heater till it told me it was too hot. Then switched it all off for 20 mins. Turned on, then turned off then turned on again. And yeay I now have wifi back. X

Hold a hair dryer above your phone until it gets hot enough for your phone to read overheat cool down then turn off your phone then place it in the freezer until cool down about 10 to 15 minutes then turn back on immediately turn on your Wi-Fi it should come right on your front screen May not read Wi-Fi if not turn off then turn back on someone told me to try this but I did not believe it would work I thought it would make my phone worse if not break it so i've tried everything even replace my Wi-Fi antenna nothing work finally I gave up and tried this and I couldn't believe it really work

i dropped my iPhone in the toilet its working grans accept my wifi and Bluetooth how can I fix it

I tried the heating with a blower dryer until you get the Warning Overheated message then I put it into the freezer, all without its case but this did NOT work. What is the logic to that anyway? Is that suppose to wake up the SIM? Why not just take the SIM out and wipe it off which I did and none of these things work. My theory is because it is the 4S that has the problem it must be the Siri function from this phone that contends with WiFi therefore shutting it down. Wish we had insider information.

I just did he hairdryer & freezer trick & it worked!

Same with mine I've reset the whole phone and still WOMT work

IPhones are pieces of shit. Looking at half of the ppls comments on here its obvious your all morons who didn't understand what the problem was to begin with. Shut the fuck up BC your stupid as hell, and get a Droid or windows phone. Apple is selling off its stocks at the cheapest rates possible BC the shitty company is collapsing under the technology of galaxy and Nokia. Pay attention ppl damn! No wonder America is fucked.

apple suck they don't know they have this problem for years

I just switched to a Samsung s5, works fantastic, so much better than any Iphone, apple's products are all garbage, and what is worse is that apple does nothing to fix their problems

I just had this problem. Restoring all settings works for me

I have done everything to help with my iPhone! I have tried going to rest the network. Turning it on then back off. And I don't know what to do

i have the same problem with my wifi button its just in grey
Theres nth you can do except buy a new iphone cus i asked a lot of people including the Apple Store and my phone hotline

this just happened to me, pissing me off… I'm up for a new phone anyway, so a big FUCKYOU to apple and iPhone. I'm going Samsung now

resetting the network worked for me guys

Mine too! Apple said that some of the 4s do that and there is nothing they can do about it.

Resetting the network worked for me too

ATT sales guy said his happened like mine - ended up getting new one. OK Apple - isn't asking us to update to a system that wrecks an item we bought up to YOU to replace? Not us!

It may sound like BS but I saw a video on youtube where a guy put his phone in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. It turned off and back on… PRESTO! Working again, not sure why or how. Only that it worked

I had the problem where the wifi setting was gray-ed out and the button would not slide on. I tried turning off an also a re-set (holding power and home button for about 10 sec). I FINALLY FIXED IT! What finally worked was going to Settings, General, Reset, Reset All Settings. Doing this fixed the problem and when it was done, I was able to turn on the wifi. Selecting the Reset All Settings does NOT lose any of your photos or data or media.

I had the problem where the wifi setting was gray-ed out and the button would not slide on. I tried turning off an also a re-set (holding power and home button for about 10 sec). I FINALLY FIXED IT! What finally worked was going to Settings, General, Reset, Reset All Settings. Doing this fixed the problem and when it was done, I was able to turn on the wifi. Selecting the Reset All Settings does NOT lose any of your photos or data or media.

Freezer trick worked for me 10 mins

I've tried freezing AND heating my phone and turning it off with the airplane mode on but my Wi-Fi still isn't working. Someone please help!

Had same problem. I used the blow torch to light it up and it finally went to garbage can. No more Apple.

Had same problem. I used the blow torch to light it up and it finally went to garbage can. No more Apple.

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i have 2 with wifi problem restore did nothing switching on and off aero mode nothing tried 30 mins in the frezzer nothing then tried 1 in hot sun till it said cant use phone hi temp warning i let it cool down turned on and bingo 1 has wifi working still playing with the other 1

i have 2 with wifi problem restore did nothing switching on and off aero mode nothing tried 30 mins in the frezzer nothing then tried 1 in hot sun till it said cant use phone hi temp warning i let it cool down turned on and bingo 1 has wifi working still playing with the other 1

i now have the second i phone that had no wifi fixed
put it outside in the sun till it went to overheat waited for it to cool down and bingo wifi now working i tried with this phone yesterday same thing but didnt work
today i left it a little longer and wifi now working

iphone 6s cant find network allways ay searching tried new anntena but no luck and if i connect to itunes to try and set up you hear the phones buzz as it connects to itunes but no device icon or anything comes up on on i tunes or phone screen only thing on phone screen is i tunes connect picture any thoughts please