What can i run on a 4g router?

I want to buy a 4g Router, and a 4g sim only data plan, I want my samsung smart tv to be able to connect to this connection, aswell as my chromebook, my iphone 4, and also phillips hue lighting system, am i correct that i can do everything i described but i will need a 4g router with lan connection to connect to phillips smartbridge?

How to install older version of Facebook Messenger in iPhone? - 1

Okay my question is really very simple, How do I install the older and better version of facebook messenger and its mobile app in my iPhone 4? I don't have a backup copy but I do have one that I have downloaded from internet. I'm really sick of this new app for what I have to jump back and forth for every little thing I type. And by the internet browsing I don't think I'm the only one to feel agitated. Help please! Oh and BTW the version I want to install and have at the moment is FB Messenger 3.4xx.ipa. Thank you!

Can I trade my iPhone 5S in for an iPhone 6?

I know the iPhone 6 isn't out yet, but when it comes out, do you think I'll be able to trade in my iPhone 5S for the iPhone 6?
(I have a two year contract if that means anything.)

How to see my recent numbers I texted on the iPhone 5s?

I need to text my friend because we have plans today but I never saved her number into my contacts, I accidentally deleted the conversation. Please help me! Where can I find her number again! Jc never called so it's not in my logs! I'm really desperate please help

Added (1). *i not jc lol

What to do with iPhone while travelling abroad?

I'm going to Italy for vacation and I want to bring my iPhone without getting massive phone bills. I'm not gonna call or text but only use it for music, pictures and wifi. Am I safe if I just turn off data and put my phone on airplane mode?

What happens when I erase my stolen Iphone?

Basically my iphone was stolen 2 days ago.
Only my contacts were backed up on my iCloud.
I want to delete everything from my phone so if the thief does gain access, all my photos and stuff will be gone. But if i erase the iphone, will my contacts also be deleted and no longer backed up on iCloud?