Has anyone been able to Jailbreak iPhone 4S w/ IOS 7.0.4?

I really want to jailbreak my iPhone. Ive been searching forever for ways to jailbreak it, and I constantly find tools that supposively work, However, they all require you to do surveys and stuff before downloading. Those surveys hardly ever work. Anybody have a jailbreaking tool/software that works that they can email to me? Or possibly refer me to some way to jailbreak my phone without having to complete surveys or using passwords, and everything will go smoothly? If so, it would be greatly appreciated. I do have some jailbreaking experience, as i have jailbroken both an iPad & iPhone 3G in the past. Thanks!

IPhone 4S sound not working? - 1

So I was at school and I got thrown a snowball while my phone was in my back pocket, the next day I tried playing music and tried turning up the volume with the buttons and the white squares didn't show up, I went on the app and the bar to turn it up was gone too. It only works when I have headphones plugged in but even like that it just randomly goes away oh and the alarms and ringers work so I don't think there are any problems with the speaker… It's getting really annoying can anyone help me? :(

Just for clarification: I checked all the settings and everything is fine and it's not on silent either.

Iphone 4s screen is frozen blue?

I dropped my Iphone earlier today and the whole screen turned black with blue vertical stripes. My lock button is broken so I can't shut off my iphone. I've already gone onto icloud.com on the computer and erased my iphone so I could restore my iphone on ITunes since you need to turn off "Find my Iphone" before restoring your phone. But after erasing my iphone on the icloud website, my Iphone account no longer showed up on iTunes. Does anyone know anyway I could get my phone to unfreeze and back to normal? This happen to anyone else and what did you do?

Why did my crush randomly start ignoring me?

Im in 8th and he is in 7th. He didn't have a gf when we started talking, but he does now… When we started talking we talked a little every day and some days he seemed really into me ad others he didn't reply at all. I lost his number when my iphone lost all my contacts so i snapchatted him asking him for it and he opened it and didn't reply. All of a sudden he hasn't answer anything from me. And I know he opens it. Should I try to get him to answer me? The ignoring has gone on for about a months and a half, but i'm still not "over" him. Why would he randomly stop interacting with me? What should I do? Please help.

Added (1). He started ignoring me before he got a gf

Advantages of an iPhone and android?

I don't have experience with either phone, and i have a samsung galaxy T(its not a smart phone). I text a TON, and i'm not really sure how much i'd use the internet on my phone. Which one is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of either?

Harvard Alumnus: Are you still proud of Obama?

Okay, so the "Smartest Man in the Room" Barry Obama keeps throwing himself under the bus.

When he was campaigning for Obamacare he claimed people would be able to get healthcare for less than the cost of an I-Phone. Now that has been proven false, and how does he defend himself. He has lost track of the cost because “I'm not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone.” Genius!

Dude, when deflecting one controversy… Please don't link it to another. Especially, when the latter is a potential violation of our enumerated rights.

Added (1). ****************************************
@Armchair… You must be a evil-millionaire-vulture-capitalist-1%er…

I don't care how unlimited my plan is… It ain't worth $500/month.

Added (2). Sea-Captiain-Freeing… Read this. Http://www.bayoubuzz.com/us-news/item/554281-pirate-payoff-nigerian-group-claims-2m-paid-for-seized-us-sailors

How to update my iPhone 5 if I can't connect to my computer?

Someone said the problem I am having connecting and/or charging my iPhone 5 is due to a glitch in the software that will be resolved in the latest update. The problem is, I have no clue how to update my phone without plugging it in. Any ideas?