Which device should I update to iOS 7? IPhone 5 or iPad mini?

I have an iPhone 5 (unlocked from Apple Store, non AWS/T-Mobile version) that I use on T-Mobile thanks to LTE coverage becoming more prevalent in Los Angeles. I also have an iPad mini (first gen).

Both devices are jailbroken on iOS 6 by myself and have flashed many Android phones so I'm no stranger to the process, but I'm curious about iOS 7 and want to upgrade.

I pay for Grooveshark so that I can use their mobile app (was grandfathered in and still only pay $3/month) but this app is only available in Cydia. I use this app nearly everyday on my iPhone during my long commute but they recently redid their browser version so that non-jailbroken users can use safari (and hopefully chrome too, haven't tried). On Android, it's not available in the Google store but unsigned apps are easily installed without requiring root, as you probably know.

Now I initially jailbroke the iPhone for all the little tweaks and settings so that it is as easy to change settings as it is on my Android phone but now with iOS 7 it seems like a few of the features now come standard and no longer need a jailbreak. Quick settings in the notification center is a big deal for me as well as KillAll processes. I even bought Nitrous to speed up browsing (not noticeable now, by the way).

I don't use the iPad mini nearly as much as the iPhone and generally leave it at home but will be going on vacation soon and may bring it along.

I decided I want to test it out on one device and leave the other with iOS 6 jailbreak.

I'm leaning towards updating the iPhone 5 to iOS 7 and leaving the iPad mini with jailbreak but can't really decide. Anyone have a similar experience with multiple iDevices and jailbreak?

Also, if I do decide to trade up my device for the newer version (iPhone 5 to 5s or iPad mini to the retina version) which OS would have more resale value?

I accidentally washed my iphone 5 earphones?

i forgot that they were in my pocket. When i realized that they were gone there was only 14 minutes left for the washing machine to start. Then when i told my mother to check if they were in there, she couldn't find them last night when she went to transfer clothes to the dryer. She found them this morning. And obviously they were dried. Is there any way they still work? Like im guessing there's no water left in them. Im also scared to try them, for the risked of being shocked. Help please?

How to get around my schools wifi?

My schools wifi is set up to block twitter instagram and facebook and YouTube. I have a iPhone 5s and I heard that there's an app that allows you to get around it. I want to get around the wifi so I can use the apps without using up data. So if there's any tips or tricks or apps that can work for this situation it will be highly appreciated.

Why does my singing voice sound strange when I record it?

So when I sing, I feel like my voice is pretty strong and powerful and loud but then when I record it, it's the opposite. It sounds weak and low. I record my singing from iPad and iPhone by making video. I want to know if my voice is just weak like that or is it because of the devices I'm using to record myself? Because I heard people say that when you hear yourself sing, it'll sound different to the others or when you record it. But I'm not sure my voice would be that bad and weak. Please help. Thanks:)xx


[Tutorial] How-to Unlock iPhone 4S Baseband 4.3.01with IOS 7.0.4 By Superior Sim Platinum 5 in 1 Guide:
Superior Sim Platinum, the new version of Superior sim With The Name Superior sim Platinum 5 in 1 now supports Baseband 4.3.01 iPhone 4S Unlock. Follow the tutorial provided below to unlock your iPhone 4S baseband 4.3.01 (also supports baseband 2.0.10, 1.0.14, 1.0.13, 1.0.11).
Unlock Softbank iPhone 4S with Superior sim Platinum 5 in 1.
For example, I want to unlock my Softbank iPhone 4S and use my AT&T SIM-card in it. Follow this guide to unlock Softbank iPhone 4S baseband 4.3.01:
• Turn-off the iPhone 4S, put the Superior sim Platinum 5 in 1 along with AT&T micro-SIM card (or any SIM card you wanted to use) in the custom Sim tray from Superior sims with Nano to micro Convertor (Its Provided By Superior Sim Platinum 5 in 1 Free) and then insert it to the iPhone 4S SIM slot and then turn it on.
Once iPhone 4S finished reboot, tap on Settings → Phone → SIM Applications and you'll see ready-to-unlock network lists
Tap on Jp Softbank
Just wait a few minutes and you have successfully unlocked baseband 4.3.01 and now you should have signal on your iPhone 4S.
Enjoy it.

Android to iphone playlist help?

I currently have an android, but I'm considering an iPhone. I have a lot of music on my playlist and all of it is saved to my memory card. If I get an iPhone will I get to keep my music or do I have to download everything again from ios? Please be sure about whatever you tell me before you answer. I don't want someone to answer who doesn't really know. Thank you!

Why cant i access my email through my iphone?

Since Yahoo went down I can not get logged onto my account thru my iPhone. It keeps telling me my id and password are incorrect. It also keeps asking me for my password and wont accept it when i do enter it… Help!