How to sync notes from iPhone to Mac?

Please please please help me. The screen of my phone is completely broken, however, the phone still functions. I have no possible way of screen shotting the notes, i Really need them on my computer, though.someone please help me get my notes on my computer without having to use my phone

IPhone 5s contract free price?

Hey guys, I wsa thinking of buying a brand new iPhone 5s (probably strait from apple), and I was wondering how much it would cost to get one contract free? I will probably get 32GB, but I have heard anywhere from $200, to $1000, so could you help[ me clear this up? IF I could also have the prices for the 16GB and the 64Gb that would be nice aswell ;)

Iphone crashed and apps were deleted?

I have an iphone 4s and last night i was using my phone just like i usually do. I was on an app called vine when it crashed, (which is normal) but when my phone was on the home screen some of my apps were flashing white (the icons) and i couldnt open any without them crashing. So i restarted my phone and when my home page reopened i was missing nearly half my apps (such as app store, safari, itunes, i books, calculator, notepad, mail, instagram, and more). I cant reinstall some of the apps because I have no appstore, and some are utilities that cant be purchased from the app store.Id appreciate if anyone can help in anyway! Thanks! :-)

Did Apple copy Microsoft Windows?

Hi! Did Apple copy Microsoft Windows 8 and Google in its iphone 7?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Added (1). I mean iPhone OS 7

How to turn the wireless on from my laptop for my iphone to use?

I use a compaq laptop with vista and why im at uni i need to a signal for my phone and i use my flatmates but when she hasnt got her on i dont get a signal at all i need help on how to set it up for my phone to have a wireless signal for the internet?

My iPhone 4s isn't showing iMessages as read?

All of a sudden my iPhone isn't showing received messages as being read. I've clearly read and replied to them, but my iMessage app is still telling me I have unread messages. It's just going up and up. I tried turning my phone off and on again, but all that did was clear the iMessage history on one of my contacts. The number is now stuck at 34 unread messages.

It's an iPhone 4s and I updated to iOS 7 a while back. This problem just started today - any clues on how to fix this?

I just bought an iphone now what?

Hello I just bought an iPhone 5c and I'm wondering what features I have and what I should do I have downloaded some games and surf the web and use the cameras any other features I should know about?

Switching from an iPhone 4s to an iPhone 4?

I broke my iPhone 4s and my friend is selling me his iPhone 4, will the sim cad fit in there, and will I it automatically have all my stuff on there e.g. Messages pictures etc. And will I still have my contract (unlimited free texts and internet?)