Should I take my iPhone 4 on Holiday with me?

So, I'm going to The Gambia in Africa on the 19th and I dont know if I should take my iPhone 4 with me?

Added (1). I have been to The Gambia b4 and I'm fine with everything else. It's the safety i guess you could say of the phone. E.g. Losing it
Getting Stolen

Can i use a canadian iphone on a us plan?

I live in canada, but will be attending school in the usa, I'm home for the holidays and my mother brought up she was getting me an iphone for christmas… Is there any way i can hook up the canadian iphone to a us cellphone plan? Like verizon or AT&T?


Will iMessage work without a SIM card?

I'm leaving the country soon for a short while and I was wondering if I take out my SIM card to avoid roaming charges and use my email instead of my number, will it still work? And will I still be charged roaming fees?

Also, will apps such as Whatsapp and BBM for iPhone work without the SIM as well?


How to delete messages on my iphone 4?

I've deleted them from the message app, but when I use the search box tool on my iphone all of the old messages come up. Does anyone know how to delete those messages permanently.
Thanks in advance:)

What should i ask fo christmas?

im a 15 year old girl and I already have a.
Pandora bracelet
queen bed(just got all new furniture for my room)
a longchamp
4 pairs of uggs
and 3 north faces

I want Pandora charms (don't know which ones though) and alex and ani I like makeup and im a girly girl and love clothes I just don't know what I want and my mom keeps asking

help please!

IPhone 5c won't connect to wifi?

So i turned off my phone and when i turned it back on, my WiFi couldn't connect. I chose my network and entered my password (with the correct case) about 15 gazillion times and it said "incorrect password" or "unable to connect". I tried turning off my phone and back on a lot too and it still didn't work. I have IOS 7.4

My iPhone 5 is Acting Weird?

Ok so a few weeks ago my charger started acting up. Originally I just had to put it in on a certain side to charge my phone, then it had to be on a flat surface and now its just not working. My phone was on 13% with the faulty charger in and suddenly it went to 1% and then died. My top button is broken so I can try turning on my phone either, I just want to know that if I go buy a new charger and plug it in, it will turn on as usual and you don't think the battery was messed up from it suddenly going to 13% to 1%.

IPhone 5S Cellular Data issue?

Every time I try to open an app that uses wifi or data it says " *so&so app* has not been given access to cellular data" or something along those lines & doesn't let me access the wifi data…

I'm pretty sure it's not that my connection is weak because I'm literally using the Safari right now through the data

So how come it won't let me use the data on other apps?
I've gone to settings to turn the app on for the data & allow access to the data but it still doesn't work!

What's the issue here?

What carrier can I activate my iphone on?

I have a Verizon Iphone 5c. This device has NOT been reported stolen or lost and has a clean ESN in that respect. It is however currently activated/connected to an old verizon account. Are there any Verizon MVNO's it could be used on? Any carriers it could be flashed too? Any way to unlock the sim card slot and use on a GSM carrier?