How to fix my iPhone? Application windows are tiny?

So I have an iPhone 4S and it's on iOS 7. For some reason certain applications open up on a small screen. I provided a picture of how it looks. It's like the picture itself takes about an inch of the screen leaving the rest of the area black. I've deleted and redownloaded these applications and it's still doing this. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Does iPhone Signal Strength Deteriorate Over Time?

My iPhone 4 recently crossed over the 1.5 year mark, and I've noticed that signal strength has a suddenly deteriorated recently.

I'm making calls at the exact same locations as before but they are in-and-out or dropped with increasing frequency while data connection is also worse.

Do all phones deteriorate like this close to the 2 year upgrade cycle?

All of by apps suddenly got deleted from my iPhone 5S?

All my apps got deleted all of a sudden. I don't know what caused it. I tried to download them again but when I go to the app store, it say "open" and does not give me the "download" option. I also turned it off and then on but the apps are still not there. Please help!

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My iphone 3g shows the apple sign then shuts down?

I dropped my iphone 3g and it only shows the apple sign for about ten second then shuts down. The problem is it only does it when plugged in. It is jailbroken with WhitedOOr7 and i dont know what to do?

Help Do I upgrade from a iphone 4 to a 4s?

Hi at the moment I'm using an iPhone 4 & am more than happy with it it does everything I need! But could anyone tell me is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 4S? I've read views on gsmarena but am still unsure I would be grateful for any sensible answers cheers… Sly

I want an iphone but not sure what storage size?

so Iphone '4s's are on sale but only 8gb? So im not sure if it would be enough for me.
i really want a 4s not a 5 or 5s.
i probably have round about 100 songs and 600-700 photos, but not many apps. Can someone help please? Would this be big enough for me? Thank you!

Someones got access to my iphone notes?

All my notes from my iphone have been duplicated to my ex boyfriends phone when he opens up 'notes' mine are in place of his… I have icloud and everything switched off… I use an iphone 4 ios6
why has this happened?
his phone is an iphone 4S ios7

My ipod will connect to itunes but my iphone 4 won't?

I have the VERY LATEST itunes as i have a brand new windows eight laptop. My old ipod nano will happily connect and show up in my itunes however my iphone 4 will connect to my laptop (can be viewed in settings) however shows no existence on my itunes, how do i get my iphone to sync and show up on itunes like my ipod? Thanks