Delete messages on ipod from iphone?

My ex boyfriend has my old ipod and he's been getting all my texts and I want to delete them from my ipod so he can't go threw them. Please tell me there's a way D:

Iphone keeps shutting off? Why?

This has happened 3 times now. My iphone 4s which I have had for 7months, I brought as a grade a refurbished iphone from a sale shop online. It came with a 12month warranty. It has suddenly crashed then the apple logo will appear and then it will go and then it will appear again. It does this repeatedly. The screen remains illuminated. I have left my phone to go completely flat before I have plugged it in to charge it and it has been okay again. I have also had several apps including my messages crashing and not allowing me to use them until i turn off the device and back on again. It has also a few time crashed but turned back on again without problems.
Why is this and how should I fix it?
Do you think I should contact the store I purchased it from to get it repaired or replaced under the warranty?

Can I use my personal hotspot (on iPhone) to connect my laptop to the internet?

My internet connection is terrible from my Comcast modem and so I turned on my personal hotspot that I have on my iPhone and now I'm using that WIFI for my MacBook.

Will my data usage increase? I pay an extra $10 for personal hotspot on my AT&T bill, so I thought that they won't charge me for using PH because I already have it on my bill…

How many girls do guys normally like at once?

Sorry this is so long, but please read!

Basically I've talked to him everyday for sometime, and I mean everyday. He liked this girl and I supported him (even though I secretly has a little crush on him), when it didn't work out he was kind of upset but got over it. Sometime later, I guess I won him over and he confessed to me and I said I did too, but that he also has this crush on another girl that likes a different guy. Since hes so unsure and because my past relationship ended up being a mess, and he kept getting hurt by other girls, we didn't want to rush into the relationship as decided to just stay friends for now. The thing is now I like him a lot, and he keeps flirting with my best friend, so I'm thinking she has a crush on him too… I never told her because I really just got out of my last relationship. The other day he switched backpacks with her and walked with her to her locker, and I just realized that he did this for like three days in a row. If he liked me wouldn't he want to switch backpacks with me not her? I guess I'm just jealous but the way he flirts with her makes me a little upset, she also texts him a lot. Idk I'm a little just annoyed by him. Do you think he actually likes me or her? Maybe I'm overreacting?

Also, since then, I haven't talked to him for like three days, he punched me playfully in the hallway once but thats all I've ever interacted with him. My friend has been texting him everyday since then though and she never texts like anyone constantly but now they're talking 24/7. He also took her iphone case and kept flirting with her so I'm really confused because I still like him. Any advice on what I should do? Give up or try to gain his attention?

How to redownload songs on ITunes to your IPhone?

So, a while back I tried plugging my IPhone into my computer to download some music from Itunes, but instead of doing that, it completely wiped all the music from my phone. Recently, I decided that I wanted to redownload two of the songs that were deleted, but I don't want to chance re-deleting all my music. I tried buying it again on ITunes, thinking it would download again instead, but my mom hasn't updated her credit card so it wouldn't let me. So, how do I get it to download those two songs again? I really love them, and don't want to risk deleting all my music. Help?!

How to kick someone off wifi with iphone?

So me and my gf live together her younger sister lives with is and she does nothing she doesn't have a job or nothing she sits on the couch and watches her iPad and Kronos me up laughing and yelling when the connection goes just a lil bit slow so I wanna kick her off while using it and I wanna use my iphone to do so please someone help

How Much Is The IPhone 5s On Tmobile?

Okay so right now, I have the 5c on boost mobile, but I'm so done with boost cause their 3G suuuuucks. &' I'm gunna be getting the 5s on tmobile. On boost it's 609 I think. Is it the same on Tmobile or naaaah? &' please don't say "all iPhones are all the same why you wasting your money" caaaauuseee, I really don't give af. Lmao! So just answer don't give me a lecture. (-:

(&' yes they do have the 5c on boost obviously)