Any advice about getting a good lifespan out of my iPhone battery?

I've had an iPhone 5 for almost a year and I'm really worried I've ruined the battery. Nothing odd has happened to it but I just think I charged it overnight one too many times so I'd like to… Well reverse the damage.

I know to run it all the way down to 0 (I have just always done that) and I charge it to 100% but I'm worried I ruined the battery bc I would charge overnight. Also i use about 80-90% in a day sending a lot of texts ha, using the Internet, maybe an app or two, and then listening to music for probably 3 hours.

Question: What things do you do to protect your battery's life? Any advice welcome but hey the more expertise the better.

Follow-up question: Given that sort of activity is the battery's drainage (80-90) unusual? Or is my battery okay?

Thank you techies of Y! A:)

Is the iPhone 5c cool or same as 4s?

I'm 13 and my moms old phone broke so she was going to upgrade my iPhone 4S to a 5c or 5s or whatever came out and then she'd keep my own phone.

Before you say anything rude about me being spoiled, I'm not. My family is an Apple family. We just like their products. I got my iphone for my 13th birthday and I turn 14 in two months.

One of the reasons I don't want to upgrade is because I hate having more than someone else. I hate bragging. Sometimes it'll sound like I'm bragging then someone confronts me and I start crying because I feel bad.-.

Another reason is because I just bought myself a new case and I absolutely love it and it'll take a while to find another minion 5c case lol

Does the iPhone 5c/s have any better features or is it the same?


Iphone 4s for sprint jailbreak?

I'm trying to jailbreak my Iphone 4s from sprint to another carrier but i cant seem to find the program to unlock it.

I can't turn on the wifi on my iPhone 4S?

It's greyed out and I can't turn it back on! I tried everything resetting network settings
and restoring iPhone but nothing works! I'm currently running iOS 6.1.3. The iPhone is a sprint one.

Is it better to buy the iPhone 5S with or without a contract?

On one hand, you pay less with a contract.
On the other hand, if you don't do the 2 year contract, you can upgrade to the next iPhone when it comes out (most likely the iPhone 6).

With the two year contract, you can't upgrade until your contract is up.
Without, you pay about 3-4 times as much

*by the way, I'm eligible for an upgrade*

Added (1). @Michael I would do that, but I have an iPhone 4. I think it's about time I upgrade my phone, lol. It's kind of outdated…

Will a wood burning tool work on a leather iPhone case?

I will be getting the new iPhone when it comes out and I love the new leather case Apple has designed for it, however it's a little plain and as an artist I see opportunity there. So I scoured the internet for my options and everywhere keeps bringing me back to this wood burning tool. I've never used one before and cant imagine I will have trouble adapting to it. My question is really whether this is my best option, if there is a better solution, or if this is just an all around bad idea and I should look elsewhere if I want to personalize a case.

Download iOS 7 GM IPSW Frozen, who has available links?

I download the iOS 7 gm ipsw from an unofficial website, I use Google browser to download iOS 7 GM firmware from the Mega server, but it freezes at 46%, I have spent more than five hours to download, but still unsuccessful, who has an available download link for iPhone 5 ipsw.

How to move songs from iPhone to laptop?

I just got a macbook core 2 duo laptop and wanna move all of my songs from my iPhone to my laptop… How do i do this? (i synced it and did a bunch of other stuff and nothing happened)

suggestions are appreciated
but solid answers you know 100% are preferred.

Added (1). To TEX4S: aw dang… Thanks though!