How to achieve this faded look?

I don't want to fade the actual picture itself, just the photo on top. I have a MacBook Pro for a computer and an iPhone 5s for a phone. If you know any way (preferably phone app) it would be greatly appreciated. Here's another example.

How to transfer my messages from iMessage from an iPod touch to and iPhone?

I currently have an iPod touch 5G and just ordered an iPhone 5C. I'd like to transfer my messages from iMessage between myself and a friend of mine onto my iPhone when I received it. I currently use my email for iMessage since I've been using an iPod touch. I understand that I can sync all of my stuff from the iPod onto the iPhone but I'd then have to use my email since that's the iMessage account that the messages are stored on. When I activate my phone I'm going to activate is using my phone number so the messages would have nothing to do with the iPod since I'd be setting iMessage up with a number rather than an email. Is there any way to transfer the messages from my iPod to the iPhone without having to sign in using my email?

Added (1). When I receive it**

Added (2). The messages date back to months ago so I can't just copy and paste them because it would take me forever

My iPhone 3G wont connect to Wi-Fi anymore?

Okay, so when i turn on my iPhone, it wont connect to my Wi-Fi. When i go into settings and into Wi-Fi settings, absolutely no connections/networks appear. I know its not my router/modem because my Laptop and all the computers and other phones can connect to our network, but my phone won't.
I have tried doing resets, both soft resets and hard resets, leaving the phone dead/turned off from hard reset for 2 days, and still no luck. What can i do to fix this problem?

Good places I can hide a pack of cigarettes?

I don't want you to preach to me about how smoking is bad or anything with God or whatever. I'm not religious and I am quite aware of how bad smoking is. It's my life, not yours.

I don't exactly know where to hide my cigarettes. I carry a drawstring bag with me occasionally but my mother always asks what I'm carrying on me, and I find it very risky. I almost got caught with an eighth of marijuana the other day. I have an old iPhone box that I hide my bud, lighters and one-hitter, and it's about the size of a pack of Newports. Would it be safe to hide a pack there? Any other good ideas? Thank you!