How good is the iPhone 5 battery?

I am buying the iPhone 5S. But I'm asking how good is the iPhone 5 battery (last years iPhone)

The 5S has a slightly larger physical battery, as well as the software and processors are less power consuming. So the 5S will have a better battery. But for those who have an iPhone 5, how many hours on average of mixed usage did it last before needing to charge it?

Will the Iphone 5s sell out the first day?

I know the 5 when it came out didnt sell out at all, in fact they had it through the day. Just wanted to know peoples opinion as to whether the 5s will sellout. Im looking forward to getting the gold one:)

If I have the Iphone 5 can I get the?

So I have the iphone 5 right now, been having it for a while. I'm with tmobile and I just gave a down payment and I'm paying it monthly(I'm not done paying it) if I want to get the iphone 5s the same way when it releases. Would I have to pay the 5 off first or can I pay both off at the same time? Please answer only if you know. Thanks!

Why is she acting this way? Read fully! What is going on? Why? Does she like me?

So theres this girl that i really have a bad crush on. We have known each other since 6th grade. We used to talk alot in 9th grade but not as much anymore. I feel like she like me at least a little but i dont know why i feel that way. I need to do something about her. We are not dating yet. There will be a dance in 2 weeks at school. She is shy. She is always with friends and she don't stay for lunch or come back after. I only have during class or passing but id rather it be in class. She sits next to 2 of her friends. Lately when I have tried to talk to her she usually give like one word answers and answers in a quieter voice than she does with anyone else she talks to. She doesn't talk unless I start to talk but even then she barely talks at all. I have caught her looking at me from behind a few times. Like during passing period. Her friends on Friday were looking up every time I came around them. I don't understand her at all. Today I told my friend to ask one of this girls friend if this girl really did like me? Her friend told my friend that she could not tell him. In class she always has her iphone next to her. Sometimes she texts when the teacher isn't looking. I have noticed that when she walks past my chair first thing in the morning(first period) she always taps it or knocks on it once and acts like nothing happened. She has also been talk about her ex-boyfriend a lot during that class where I sit at the same table. She says that he has been flirting wuith her and calling her babe. Whats going on? She only does it once but still why has she been doing this? Does this mean anything? What does that mean? Should i ask her to a school dance?

IPhone 4s screen not being responsive?

It was *RANDOM* too
all of a sudden by phone screen is being horrible. First, I can't even slide to unlock my phone, it stops halfway through the little bar then goes to the beginning. So i have to slide the little camera thing up to access my phone. Then, when I click an app I want to go to, other apps open instead of it. ALso, most of the letters on my keyboard are not working. My phone keps glitching and randomly calling people and randomly opening apps. Please help! Whats going on? My phone is doing all kindsof things without me doing them.