Is this a compulsion, why is the first thing people do?

Is this a compulsion, why is the first thing people do?
when they reach into their pockets and pulls out their iphones, smartphones to immediately start look at facebook, or whatever they do. Is this a unconciscous compulsion they all share.
Why do people look at their phones with their heads down when they are walking? Isnt this dangerous especially on the streets, and thieves, or burglars could easliy sneak up on you, within a few inches, and you wouldnt even know it?

Is there an app like Fake Camera for the iPod/iPhone?

A few months ago I downloaded the Fake Camera app on my android phone and used it to mess with my friends on kik, but recently I got an iPhone and was unable to download the same app! Is there any app Similar to fake camera?

I dropped my Iphone 5, cracked the screen and now part of the screen won't work?

I dropped my iphone 5 and cracked the screen. Then somebody spilt a bit of drink on it and now part of the screen won't work. I can't use the letters I and M because the screen won't work in that spot.

What do I need to get fixed to fix both of these issues?
If i get the screen replaced will it fix where the screen doesn't work?
=Roughly how much will this cost in Australia to get fixed?

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet?!

Please help I someone called my phone and it vibrated and fell Into the toilet! When I turn up the sound it says that I have headphones in and the back camera has water in it! Please help me How do I get the water out how do I get the sound to work! I really need help because I can just go get another iPhone! Please answer quick

Is the Iphone 5s very delicate?

I'm planning on switching from samsung to iphone… My samsung is mostly plastic and really sturdy, I've dropped it a million times and it hasn't cracked or anything.

I know iphones are super delicate and I'm terrified I'll break it after spending so much money on it!

do you have any advice for keeping it in the best condition? I'm really clumsy.

What's the pinout from RJ-11 to 3.5mm?

I'm making an adapter for a PCMCIA modem that connects it's 2-pin RJ-11 jack to an iPhone's 3.5mm headset jack, so I can make dial up connections on the road. The problem I'm encountering is the former's lack of a ground connection, so I don't know what I should connect to what.

Any ideas? I'm leaving for a trip in a day or two, so any pointers would be appreciated.

Is the iPhone 5C worth the extra over the iPhone 4S?

These are the prices the two phones are on offer at (UK prices which I've converted so people globally can answer).

iPhone 4S £153.00 (USD 258.10, CAD 286.76, EUR 185.99, AUD 278.29)

iPhone £249.00 (USD 420.04, CAD 460.18, EUR 302.69, AUD 425.90)

Both refurbished examples - good as new.

I can't work out if the 5C is worth the extra money!

Please give me a hand.

I want this phone to last about 2 1/2 to 3 years… Does anyone think the 4S will be "extinct" by then, like the 3GS is now (considering Apple still sell the 4S brand new on 2yr deals)?

Thanks so much!

Added (1). Sorry the higher price (£249) is iPhone 5C, if you couldn't work it out.

App for stargazing/meteor showers?

I would really like to know when to watch the stars for things like meteor showers but never when they are happening until I see the articles the day later.
Is there an app for iPhone or a blog or website that would keep me up to date and let me know about these type of events?

Is the iPhone 4S or 5/5C better for me?

I have decided to leave Nokia behind after about 15 years of loyalty and jump onto the iPhone bandwagon.

I'm looking at buying a refurbished example - it's what I did for my current phone and it has been great. I also have a SIM only deal thing (giffgaff for those who know it) which only costs £7.50/month.

For the new phone my budget really depends on what type of iPhone I buy, and I've seen examples of both at acceptable prices.

I am buying the phone outright, not on contract, and I'm in the UK.

I'm not a phone addict. I read my emails, I take photos and videos, I occasionally listen to a little bit of music. I do research on the internet.

The reason why I'd like an iPhone is the apps system. I'm always looking online for BBC news or weather and it'd be cool to have a app to do it. Also things like snapchat appeal because I like to send photos and currently if I take a photo on my phone I have to send it via Bluetooth to my laptop and then attach it onto an email - very annoying!

I generally keep phones 3 years and then decide what to do, so in three years time I don't want a phone that's gone past its expiry date (so you can't get apps to work for it anymore etc) and this is why I ask:

Should I get an iPhone 4S…

… Or an iPhone 5/5C?

The 5S is too expensive.

I know the 4S will do me fine now but what about 3 years down the line? But Apple still sell 4Ss new…

I don't know the difference between 5/5C much so if you think that's best, say