What is the deal with fanboys?

Why are fanboys so aggressive when it comes to speaking about what they like? I don't have a problem with fans being passionate about what they like, but the thing that I can't stand is how aggressive they get when it comes to people. For example I love Pepsi, and I think it tastes better than coke. But if I say I like Pepsi around certain people not only will they mock me for drinking it, but I have meet some people who act disgusted. I mean me I will drink both, I just like Pepsi more. Or on the internet you have entire "flame wars" about xbox vs playstation. First of all as far as a technical standpoint both have pluses, and minuses. But from a game point of view they both play 90% of the same games. Yet fanboys will constantly insult each other saying anyone who doesn't agree with them is an idiot. No matter what product there is out there there are always going to be 2 groups who support a product, and resort to childish name calling for anyone who like a competitor's product more. I have NEVER heard a fanboy present a logical argument for why iphone is better than andriod, or why Star Trek is better than Star Wars. Most of the time they simply say you're too stupid to understand it anyway, or some other blanket statement insulting the other person completely ignoring why the other person likes their product. Why can't people just respect other people's choices without making it a personal war of insults?

Fix iPhone screen in Chicago-cheaply?

So my iphone4 fell and the screen was shattered, I need to replace it but I need someone who doesn't ask for a high price, I asked at the mall and they asked for a high price! I mean come in its just a glass screen! Please guys tell me of anyone who can do that for me for a reasonable price, I'm in bridgeview Chicago.

Lifeproof case and iPhone 5 help?

So I have an iPhone 5 and a lifeproof case. I tested the case when I got it and it worked fine. I use it periodically in water but not completely submerged. I have to take the case off every night to charge it because my charge cord is too large to fit inside the case. I wanted to use it underwater this summer but I did not want to use it if water would get inside and ruin my phone. Since I take the case off so frequently, will that affect the seal of the case?

How to not sync music to iPhone?

I have a new iPhone but don't want all my music to sync onto it as I have that all on my iPod and it would take up too much room on my phone to have it all.

So, is there a way I can only have some songs on my phone and set it on itunes so it only syncs them but still keep my ipod the same, in that it would sync all the songs?

Sorry this is quite confusing, hope you can help

Where to watch walking dead?

I want to watch the fourth season of the walking dead on my iPhone and most of the sites I go to don't work. Please help.

My iPhone 5 Battery Dies So Quickly?! Help?!

My iphone 5 battery only lasts about an hour and ive tried most of the tricks in settings to allow it to last for longer but it just dies so quickly without me even using it. It will last about an hour max. I dont know the problem.Could I have a bug or my phone hacked? My phone sometimes shuts down apps as soon as i open them without me closing them? My phone can sometimes get hot. Also my phone will die on 20% and other various percentages, it never reaches 1%. I just watch my battery going down miraculously. Sometimes my phone will be on 50%and the next minute, 25? Help ME Please

Where can I watch movies online for free?

Does anyone know of any good links to a clean and good site to watch movies on IPhone for free? Also anyone know of any good sites to read comic books for free? Thank you

My iPhone screen is all black and my power / sleep button doesn't work. What do I do?

I clicked on this app & my phone turned all black all I could see was the status bar and that's it & I pressed the home button but it stayed frozen, it didn't work. & well my power button doesn't work so yeah and then my iPhone locked and now I press the home button and Siri works and everything but my phones screen is still black! Help please i really need it! :(

Why are apple products so restricted?

well i bought an iphone like 2 years back but i had no idea that apple products would be so limited

there is no Bluetooth sharing with other phones
other applications can not access your songs and more
in some countries some of the features are blocked
like in UAE they have just kicked out facetime from all the apple products
and some more reasons

these are the main reasons i cant think of buying a new apple product because it is too restricted
why have they kept it so restricted
this is irritating about apple >.<

How to get cool fonts for instagram?

I don't have a iPhone so don't suggest anything for iPhone but I have this go keyboard that has fonts but I don't like it. Is there anything else I can use? If not thanks.