Will an unlocked iphone 5c work on H20?

I currently have an iphone 4 on h20. I want to upgrade to a 5c or 5s but on the site they only sell up to the iphone 5. Do the newer models work on h20 or is the iphone 5 the newest supported version? Thanks.

I just backed up my iphone to the icloud thing, if i sync it?

so if i sync it to a different computer then can i still be able to keep the stuff i have backed up on the cloud? Please Help i really want to add new music to my phone but i guess i put it on my desktop and now im trying to set up my phone with my laptop and i dont wanna lose contacts ugh please clarify without using the apple website or something… I can't understand.

Iphone stuck in reset settings?

My Safari was not working, so i tried to reset all settings. Then the battery died, so now its just stuck in the apple screen, with a never moving loading bar. I am using Iphone 4s.

Please help

How to share documents over wifi?

Generally, I create wifi hotspot with My WIFI Router software.Both my laptop and iPhone can connect well, but how can I transfer documents between these two documents?

IPhone 5s no visual voicemail only calling?

I got a 5s awhile back on my 5 I could see my voicemail and choose to play them and pause them etc. But this new phone only lets me call the voicemail to hear messages. Is it settings? Or do I have to call AT&T?

How to print photos from iphone?

Is there a way to do it? My printer doesn't work at the moment, so is there some other way I can print a photo from my iphone camera roll? Would the library work? I know cvs had those photo machines, would they work on iPhones if I went to my local cvs? Any other ways? Thank you!

How to tilt (not rotate) a video?

I took a video but it came out slightly tilted. Is there a way to tilt it back straight? Can't seem to find any iPhone apps that can do this. Don't see the option on iMovie either. Thanks in advance.

Can you jail break a Verizon Iphone 5?

My boyfriends iphone 5 stopped turning on so he took it to verizon and purchased a whole new phone. He forgot he had a lifetime waranty, so he gave it to me and i send it back to apple and received a new one. The problem is, I don't go through verizon, i go through Tmobile. Is it possible to jail break it, or simply just use my tmobile micro sim card? If possible, how would I do it?

Is it reasonable to ask $300 for my iphone?

I have an iphone5. It's black and has 16 GB. I also have the charger, the box it came in, and a defender otterbox. So is it reasonable to ask $300? I've only had it for a year. And I don't have any real damage to it. Also it's on sprint.