Pokemon on iPhone 5 with GBA4iOS?

So I have GBA4iOS on my iPhone and have been playing LeafGreen on it. It's working and I love it! I'm planning to play all the generations in order like this:

LeafGreen (on iPhone)
SoulSilver (on DSi XL)
Sapphire (on iPhone)
Pearl (on DSi XL)
White (on DSi XL)

For the games that I'm going to play on the DSi XL, I have the actual game cards. It is convenient to have the games on my phone with me so I can play it whenever I like and not have to carry around the DS. I recently found a Hack ROM called "Pokémon CrystalDust" and it is very similar to SoulSilver. Its for the GBA4iOS app. Can you tell me if its worth playing on my phone or should I just play on the DS? Also are there any other hacks made to resemble Pearl and White? Where can I get the updated versions of them?

Can I bring Verizon iPhone 5s to India instantly after buying it?


My name is Akash.

I would like to buy a Verizon iPhone 5s which comes unlocked out of the box. Can I bring it to India instantly after buying it? Should I buy 2 year contract phone and swap the sim? Do I have to pay termination fee if I am settling in India or just unuse the Verizon sim? Is there any unlocking procedure for it? Can I get all updates even if i swapped the Verizon sim?

Please reply… Its urgent…

Thanks in Advance…

Why am i obsessed with calories counting?

I'm 15 years old and 5 foot 3inchs
at the begging of the year i was nearly 8stone and im 7stone now
i have this app on my iPhone called my fitnesspal and i use it to count my calories and how much exercise i do everyday and using this i have lose weight, i always make sure i have burned twice the amount of that i eat or more so it's like im eating nothing because i burned it all off and i make sure i eat under 900 calories everyday.

Added (1). i am self-conscience about my weight i feel like i need to lose weight

Can i take my digital camera into a freezing environment?

hi I'm trekking to everest base camp, where temperatures can get well below freezing and wanted to know how my digital camera will function. I understand you can get freeze proof, underwater type cameras, but would a regular digital still function, does it just mean short battery life or would it not turn on at all.
Same question for my iPhone (not for calls, purely for the camera capability)

Can I Record My Iphone Apps Gameplay?

Hello, I have an IPhone 5s and I want to record my apps gameplay like clash of clans etc. Is there anyway to do this without jailbreaking my IPhone?

Is doing this worth it? Is it a smart idea?

I'm a 17 year old guy, African( Zambian). I use a Nokia Asha 210 dual sim. I bought it on the 18th of December last year. I've used it for a month and some weeks now. Yesterday i was bathing my dog and i had it in my pocket and it slipped out of my pocket silently and water was all over it. The water entered inside and the screen was full of it. I took it for fixing and it's well now, but it's showing signs that someone wiped the screen. Will the screen stop functioning? So I'm making this decision of selling it(not on ebay or some other site. I bought it at Zmk490(US$98) approximately. I love the iphone but i can't manage to buy it, cuz i don't have a good job. I want to buy a Nokia Asha 501. Is it a wise idea? Is the Nokia asha 501 a good phone? And at what price should i sell my Asha 210?
Note: Zmk means (Zambian kwacha) our local currency.

How many contract iphones we can buy from US at time?

I told my friend to buy 2 contract iphones who is going to US for business meeting. But now he s telling like we can get only 1 contract phone in 2 years, that I already got it ( Samsung s4 ) for my another friend now I cant do anything and my colleague who came with me also got 1 iPhone so no ways. FRIENDS Help ME BY GIVING SOME IDEA. :(

My iphone screen has cracked?

I bought an iphone5s about a month ago… It dropped from about chest height and unfortunately landed face down. The whole screen is shattered.
How much would it take to fix it?
And, i noticed from the beginning the phone had malfunctions… I am on warranty. So I am entitled to a new phone if i trade it in.
But will apple accept a phone with a cracked screen?

IPhone wont sync with iTunes on different computer?

it says i cant sync my iPhone and add music on my new computer unless i pretty much wipe everything off it

Added (1). it says its already authorised and i cant sync without reoving all current items on the device