Iphone 4 won't turn on? Even after holding power/home buttons?

This dumb phone is on the fritz. Essentially, it's my old cellphone. I'm using it because (GOOD TIMES) I dropped my other phone. Anyway, this one won't turn on. And yes, it's charged. I've had it plugged in all day and it was working earlier; however, it randomly kept shutting off. At one point, it would only turn on when plugged into my computer. Now it's officially off and won't turn back on. I'm getting my new phone this week, but until then this will have to do. Any ideas on how to jolt this thing back to life? I tried holding everything down and connecting it to the computer. Any other hints?

Some of my music isn't syncing from Itunes to my new IPhone?

My parents went and bought me a used pre-paid IPhone because the bill for my old contract one was growing unmanageable for them apparently. This IPhone is driving me insane because it will not sync all of my music onto. I have exactly 1, 147 songs in my library and it is only syncing 995 of them. And when I look in the IPhone to see what songs synced and what songs didn't, it is always the same exact 152 songs that remain missing. There is a dotted circle next to those songs when I look in the IPhone. This is very annoying and I don't know what to do about it. I tried removing the songs from the IPhone and resyncing them, that didn't work. I tried hitting CTRL + A to select all the songs in the itunes and dragging them to the IPhone to sync manually, and that didn't work. It isn't a storage either because there is still 3.71 GB free. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Is this normal? (iPhone5/iOS7.0.3)?

I've been using my phone for 4 hours and 51 mins and my battery is at 29%?I've been watching video and chatting to friends on Facebook.(iPhone 5/iOS7.0.3)

How to restore from iCloud backup on iPhone 5?

I already turned my phone on and it didn't ask me that. I need to get all of my information from my old phone that I don't have because it was defective and sprint had to send it back to the manufacture

How to get all information from one iPhone to another?

So I had to get a new iPhone 5 because my old one was defective. And I had all of my information on that phone like pictures, and text messages that I really need know. How do I get all of that back? I don't have the old phone. They had to send it back to the manufacture

How to change BBM colour for iPhone 4s?

I just downloaded BBM for my iPhone 4s and I don't like the blue colour scheme. I'm pretty sure you're able to change it if I'm not mistaken, but how?

Where can I create an application (app) for Android and iPhone?

Hi -

I really need help. I want to create an app for Android/iPhone to where the selections are preset and my employee can go in and select the corresponding answers to each task. Then I be able to download the recordings to a spreadsheet or something like that. So I can print it off at a later time. And if this can be done at a minimal cost.

Thanks so Much!

Laptop won't connect to internet through router?

I set up my new linksys n300 router and I can successfully connect to the internet through the wifi on my iphone but on my laptop, I get an exclamation point symbol. Troubleshooting the problem says its a problem with my access point but seeing as how the wifi works on my phone, I'm not sure this is the case. How can I fix this?

Is the iphone 5s camera better than the 5?

I'm going on a trip soon and am going to get a new phone, I want a nice camera for it. Is there a huge difference between the 5 and 5s camera? Plus, it's 229$ for only a 16 gb for the 5s while I can get the 5 64gb for 129$ .is the 5s worth it?