Something stuck inside my iphone?

Okay. So yesterday, I dropped my iphone5c in water. I freaked out, but was thankful to see that it was still working. But, shortly after I noticed that my sound wasn't, so I left it in rice for a few hours. Then, I took it out and my sound was working again, but a few pieces of rice were stuck in the headphone hole. I got a pen, a pencil, a paperclip and tried to get them out but only managed one. Being mad, I shoved my headphone piece deep into the headphone hole hoping that it'd just break apart the rice and have it fall out. Now, my phone is working, after leaving it in rice all night. I know there's not really any ideal ways to get it out at this point, but can the piece of rice overheat my phone or something? Please please help. It's super expensive for a replacement and I don't have the money right meow.
Thanks: )

Chromecast No Signal On Multiple TVs?

Ok so I was successfully able to set up my Chromecast by using the app on my iPhone, and it went from random lights (white to red to blinking white etc) to solid white, which I assume is good. The issue though is that there is no picture on the screen when plugged into the TV, and it has done this with other ones too. I am SURE that I am on the right HDMI input option on the TV, because when the Chromecast first boots up it says for a brief second on the bottom middle of the screen "Starting Chromecast" then it goes away and is just a black screen. Any help? I would rather not go through the pain to return it through Amazon and get another shipped. After calling Google yesterday and asking the support, they basically said it was defective without helping me for 5 minutes (I was on hold longer than getting helped) without saying what was wrong or why is wasn't working, which makes me think it could still possibly work though.

Moving mobile photos to another album?

i just recently uploaded 3 pictures at once through my iPhone to Facebook app that are now in my Mobile Uploads. After uploading them to Facebook, I got several comments under my news feed that were under the three photos that are grouped together (not comments from one of the three photo). I was wanting to move them to another album I created. I was just wondering if I move the photos to another album, will the comments move as well? I am only questioning it because when you click on one of the three photos that are uploaded, it doesn't show the comments that I see when I go to my news feed.

Thanks to all answers!

How to get rid of motion blur on my iPhone 5?

I like to take pictures with motion and the pictures all result in motion blur. :( Is there any kind of app that I could get or any other solutions to eliminate this problem? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks:)

My iPhone 5 has an iTunes logo?

I tried to update my phone to ios7 and in the middle of the update my computer froze. Now I have the logo that is saying to plug it into iTunes. I do that and no computer recognizes it. I have tried DFU and other methods and nothing has worked.

Usage of Apple logo in application?

Hi there, we are working on an iPhone application, which allows users to put the logo of their favorite brands on their profile page. It does not make any revenue for us (not on this way anyway), but allows users to show to the other users they are committed to for example Apple/Nike/Puma/etc… Lets them express that they are real proud owner its products.

Apple website does not say clearly anything about this (says no to anything by default) as it is not an advantage for us, it is free advertisement for them and the other brands.

Question is is there any legal way to use the logo on this way, or is there any way to ask Apple about their opinion? I haven't found any contact/link to raise this question as it is not product related.

Thanks for the advices in advance!

I have needed a Opera mini browser for iPhone 3G?

Please help me someone iPhone 3G user or if you have cracked opera mini browser. I have really needed that browser Because my iPhone 3G's safari browser is not working. When I open safari it suddenly crash.
Please send on this email ID:


IPhone 5s color and case color?

So I'm getting the iPhone 5s and I'm ordering a case as well (the ones by apple) and I can't decide what color iPhone or case I should get. I thought black iPhone and black case or black iPhone and red case. But I've had a white iPhone for so long I'm not sure if I want a black iPhone or not. Tell me what your favorite color combos are.

iPhone: White/silver, White/gold, Black/slate
Case: Yellow, beige, blue, brown, black, and red

Added (1). white and gold is the iPhone color itself. Not the case.

How to back up my iphone 4 to itunes?

I'm trying to backup my phone to itunes. I'm on the webpage after having just downloaded the latest itunes version.
My iphone is plugged into my computer.
Now I don't know how to find the icon to select to back up my iphone to itunes.
Can anyone help?