IPhone, IPad and IPod don't work?

I have a problem with all my apple devices when I want to charge them they won't charge at all unless they are completely dead and when they do my Ipad just gets to 2% and dosent work. On the other hand my Ipod dosent charge at all. My ipad Is an Ipad Mini My iphone is Iphone4s and my ipod is ipod 4 please help me anyone else have this problem.

Music download for iPhone 4 not jail broken and no need for computer?

So I got the iPhone 4 and I am a music crack head.( it has ios7) i do know about the imusic radio thing but I hate what's on there I've been trying to find some way of downloading music WITHOUT the need of it being jail broken or need of computer. Maybe some free app? If you have any idea how please tell me I would be very much thank full and the iPhones from verison so no SIM card.

How much would an iPhone cost? - 2

I'm currently in a 2 year plan with AT&T. And my HTC one x battery is screwed up and sometimes won't charge. I'm thinking of buying an iPhone now while still in my 2 year plan. I have about 7 months until the contract is up.

How to get free mp3s on the internet onto itunes?

I right clicked and hit save as but i don't know what to save it under so that it shows up in itunes.
or is there a way to put it on my iphone without going through itunes? Thanks

How to download CD's to my iPhone?

Okay so I have looked and looked for answers to my question and no one could help so how do I download a CD to my iPhone it already on my laptop but everytime it goes to sync it says something like you can't download it to you phone because you have a 5.1 Version Please Help

IPhone apps for teens when bored?

I'm 17 years old and I'm trying to find some new apps to use when I'm bored. Anything from apps to meet people or things like Pinterest would be great! Thanks!