I have an iphone 5s with no service?

I am an andriod user and my friend sold me his iphone 5s and i am wondering were to take it,so i can switch to it.Btw i am with t-mobile for my andriod.

Iphone 3GS Safari App Gone?!

My Safari app has disappeared from my phone, I know it hasn't been deleted because I know they can't be deleted from the phone, I have checked the whole home screen but its disappeared?! I even typed it in on my "search phone" thing and it says that I have no Safari app. I don't know whats going on, should I go into an Apple store and try to get them to fix it?


Ok so I just got a new iphone and my icloud didn't do it's job correctly it didn't load all my pics back up its 1500+.so I was going to erase and do it over. What happens if I do that do I lose anything? Will my icloud storage be ok? Is that a good thing? Or should I try something different


So I recently just got a new iphone apple 5s and my icloud didn't store my photos back correctly I have some not all. I have prob 1500+ pics I kno that's a lot but everyone said they should have came right back. The photo library has mostly all my photos saying loading there are no pics I really need my photos and kinda upset.is there anything I can do? I can't do iTunes cause I just moved and our cable installation isn't until next week:(so just imagine what I'm going through. WHAT CAN I DO? Can I hit the erase all setting thing? I just want all my stuff back correctly someone help me

I want to purchase IPhone 3gs?

Due to sufficient amount of funds I am choosing an option to buy 3GS. Can you tell me the best that can be best than 3GS in my price bracket of 10k and my requirements are:-
High ended games
Huge multitasking
No lags at all
Known Brand.
Fast answer please

IPhone game like Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity doesnt have an iPhone app yet and I'm trying to find something similar but alot of the ones I played are crap. Anyone know an iPhone game like Cards Against Humanity that's actually fun?

This accessory may not be supported iPhone 4 help?

I have an iPhone 4 and I have a usb for it which I use to charge it up with on my laptop. Whenever I plug it in it will charge for like 2 seconds and then the message "This accessory may not be supported" appears on my iPhone and stops charging. I have to wiggle the usb wire around a few times before it starts charging again. Do I need a new charger?