If I delete a game on my iphone, can I use icloud to get the data back?

I got GTA Vice City 100% Completion on my iphone and I saw gta San Andreas but I need to delete gta vice city to get it. I used cloud saving so I if I delete the game and download it again, will my cloud save of gta vice city still be there? I really want to play gta sa but If I delete gta VC, will I still have my cloud save back? Thanks

Why do 25pp crash on Iphone 5c?

Can you please help me how to fix this problem? After i downloaded the app or after i install it. When i open the app they are asking me for a Apple ID and Password. After i put my APPLE ID and pass. It automatically go to home Menu page. :( help?

Cannot signout of talkatone?

Hi, I tried talkatone on my iPhone with my google email and I removed the app from the phone. I just noticed that all my contacts still see me online (They see my status as: "(on push) on Talkatone for iPhone (http://tktn.at) -- free calls and texts over WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE"). How do i fix it?

IPhone 4s battery wont connect to charge unless off?

My iPhone does not connect to a charge unless it is off should I buy a new battery? Like would it help because i got locked out of my iphone like 3 months ago and it says connect to itunes. But it cant connect to a charge unless off and it needs to be on to connect to itunes. Unless it doesnt have to be on. Does it? Because i have put so much money into the dang iPhone i had the screen fixed about 4 times. And yea I MISS MY IPHONE:(

What happens to my apps when I update my iOS for my jailbroken iphone 4s?

I have iphone 4S, currently running iOS 5.1.1. I am planning on updating my iOS to 7.0.4 (the most current one), but I am having few doubts:

1. What will happen to my apps that I installed? (non-free apps that I downloaded from installous, app cake, etc)

2. What will happen to my apps that I downloaded off Cydia? (iFile, Blutrol, etc)

3. I heard numerous rumors about how sometimes, the update for iOS will fail, and I'll have to literally erase EVERYTHING, or worse, buy a new phone. Is this actually true?

If someone can help me with these questions, or maybe guide me to the answer, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

How to transfer my music from my laptop to my Iphone 5s?

I have a Toshiba, it has windows 8 but that has nothing to do. Ok, I ripped couple of my cd's into my laptop and I want to transfer all the songs to my IPhone. But everytime I connect the USB, and I go to my Pc > Music and right click on an album or song theres an option that says "Send to" and I click Apple I Phone and then it says "cannot copy item the device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected".
I don't know why this is happening, ive tried it a lot.
How can I do it?
And is there a way to do it via Windows Media Player?