I have a great idea for an app?

Alright so recently I came up with a great idea for an iPhone app. It would be a pretty simple and straightforward app that would be entertaining while promoting healthy eating (which hopefully would help fight the weight/obesity problem in America while entertaining the user and being enjoyable). It seems like it would be successful because it targets a large audience (any age, anyone trying to eat healthier) and it would be engaging and easy to use.

The problem is I'm a 17 year old girl lacking not only the assets to fund an app but also any knowledge of how to create an app myself/sell the idea to someone who could. My question is should I attempt to create the app myself and do all the coding (I'm very intelligent, especially with math and science and got a 34 on my ACT) or is there a way I can sell my idea and still got profit from it/not scammed and have my idea stolen? I would want to have the app available for free but then add ads as popularity increased to profit from the app. What should I do?

P.S. I know this may seem silly and stupid since I'm young and over 500 apps gets rejected from the App Store every day, but I'm really convinced my idea could be profitable and helpful.

How to fix a cracked iphone 5 screen? - 1

I'm thinking about buying a iphone 5 but it has a couple cracks not a lot though. Where could I get it fixed at? Or what do it need to buy to fix it myself? Do you just buy a new screen or something? And how much would it cost?

Message icon disappeared next to contact on iPhone 4S?

When I go select my dad's contact on my iPhone 4S there is a little blue phone icon next to it, but no little message icon.
I can call him, but he doesn't receive any of my text messages.
Does anyone know why this is?


(P.S. This is NOT my 'Messages' icon on my home screen I'm taking about!)

How to tell how many gigs an iPhone without a SIM card has?

A customer left their iPhone at my work about 7 months ago and no one has ever came forth and claimed it. So I am going to sell it with the permission of my manager. It is an iPhone 5, and it was connected to someone's apple ID and had a lock on it so I removed the SIM card. With no access to settings or without having a box for the iPhone, how can I figure out how many gigs it has on it? Thanks so much

Sounds on Iphones messed up and not working?

Ijust got an Iphone 5s 2 days ago and the sounds just stopped working all of a sudden? I turned it off over night them work up andtried a ringtone, it worked then tooka phone call then tried the ring tones again and they didnt work! Music, games, ringers, videos, everything that needs sound wont work. Its not the orange button on the side either, and all the volumes are up. I went to all the ring tones and the all just vibrated. How do i fix this, its driving me insane. Thanks!

What is a good cheap camera for filming?

I'm going to start vlogging on YouTube this summer, since i have nothing better to do. But then im gonna need a good camera. I was thinking about a compact camera ofcourse, and i really want a nice quality so it will be watchable. My price range is 100 euro's. Thanks!

How to back up an iphone 5S photostream then delete it off my phone?

I have an Iphone 5s, and am going on a trip and need to get all my photos off my phone so I have more room. I have a windows computer, and am trying to get my photostream photos from my phone onto my computer and got some yesterday but not all because I had to leave. Now I cannot get hte rest on. I was doing it via Icloud because that is all I can do for photostream. Please Help ME GET THE REST ONTO MY computer! I also do not know how to delete all the photos off my photostream! HOW DO I DO THAT?