How to jailbreak iphone 4s ios 6.1.3? - 2

I wanna jailbreak my iphone 4s ios 6.1.3 asap.send me the jailbreak link and remember! It must not contain any kind of surveys or bullshit like that.

Is there any reason not to buy the iPhone 5? (If I have no iPhone)?

I might need to switch to verizon (from tracfone) and am considering getting an iPhone. I currently don't have an iPhone and am wondering if it's worth spending $200 for an iPhone 5? If I'm going to have it for 2 years, I want something to last me that time. Is it worth it over the 4s?

Am i being charged for using 3G in iPhone?

I just recently got an iphone4 on ebay which was locked to AT&T but I got it unlocked so I can use it on tmobile. When I leave a wifi area it automatically says 3G in the top left corner. I don't have a data plan yet I can still use the Internet when it says 3G. I wanted to know if I was being charged without knowing?

Why is my iphone camera being like that?

Whenever i go onto my camera its either not turning on or it is for 3 seconds then it frozes? Its been like for the pass 3 days, whats the case? Can someone tell me?
its an Iphone 4 btw

How to transfer data from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 5?

Okay, so i just got an iphone 5 & i want to add all my data on to my new phone but when i was registering it instead of clicking restore from itunes back up, i clicked set up as new iphone. How can i change it now?
thank you

My iphone is charging slowly?

Acouple days ago my iphone completelty shut off and wouldn't turn on just recently it did and its charging extremely slow. I have the warrenty on apple and i wanted to know if i could get the battery fixed. Also my iphone is cracked on the back but thats not the problem because its happened before but it wwould charge fine. I wanted to know if apple would still change the battery even if my iphone is crack. I have a iphone 4s and its updated to ios6

How to sync my iPhone to a new computer?

I had to get a new computer and now I want to sync my iPhone to the new computer. I've researched online how to do this and gave it a go last night. I authorized my new computer, transferred purchases, and backed up my iPhone. However, when I went to restore backup I kept getting an error message. Is this normal? If I sync will I still be able to restore? I don't care so much about my music because that was all backed up and I was able to put that on my new computer, but I don't want my photos or contacts to be deleted when I sync. I do have iCloud, but honestly I really don't know how that works or how to put my contacts from iCloud back on my iPhone if they do get erased. Also, when I look at iCloud it seems to only have my contacts not photos or music or anything that like that. Thanks in advance for any help.

Added (1). The error message says: Itunes cannot restore the iPhone because an error occurred.

Chances of iMessage not sending to the other person?

Okay, so i had a fight with this guy ( its kinda like a long-distance thing, we were planning on meeting up soon) a couple of days ago, to end the fight we stopped talking. Its been a few days and i havent heard anything from him, i felt bad so i sent him an imessage saying sorry just hoping he would talk to me again and we could forget it, its been a day or so since i sent it and i havent got a reply, its says on my iphone that it has deliverd but he has not yet read it, so i looked at my imessage on my ipod and when i went into his messages the message was not there but all the other message were, is it possible that it says it was delievered but he did not receive it? Or should i face the fact he turned read off just so he didnt have to reply…