Beats by Dr. Dre is it really worth it?

Hi I'm a 13 year old girl (in the 8th grade) and I kinda want the dr. Dre solo headphones I have a iPhone so I'll use the headphones with that but idk if they are really worth the money also will people think im stupid when or if I wear them in public

How long does USPS First Class International take to come to canada?

My friend from the USA (Union city, CA) sent me an iPhone for my birthday monday fed.4 i was wondering how long USPS First Class International takes, and how long customs will hold my item.

If its any help the package was sent from Union City CA to Calgary AB.

My iMessage and Facetime will not work?

I reset my iphone and my imessage and facetime says "waiting for activation" and I have turned my phone off and on, but it still says "waiting for activation" please help!

Good iPhone portable charger?

I'm looking for a good portable iphone charger. Cheap. Long lasting. I'm tempted to but a $7 off of amazon or something but I'm afraid it won't work. My absolute top would be 20 but the cheaper the better. Or if there is no such thing as a good cheap one, please recormend one that is the best price for the value. Thanks

Im 14 and want to make a little cash?

I am saving up for an IPhone 5 which is going to be $649 cause its going to be pay as you go. Anyways that's besides the point, i want to make at least that much cash preferably more so i can put it on service but here is my dilemma. Im 14 in the middle of nowhere so i cant do a garage sale or anything. I cant really do anything conventional and by i live in the middle of no where i mean my town has 100 people and i live 5 miles from there… So yeah something i can do under those circumstances.

Can You Burn A Glass Screen To Fix It?

I cracked my iPhone 4. My friend encouraged me to burn it because its glass all the cracked glass will stick back to each other. I really don't want to pay for a new screen or phone but this is an eyesore. Does anyone know if this will work or do I need to get it repaired? Also does anyone know a cheap phone repair company so I won't have to pay a lot if I have to buy a new one

How to put music on an iPhone 4?

Ive been trying to out music on my iPhone for two days. I put music on itunes and everything. What do i do from there?

How to get back deleted photos on iPhone?

My school went out to ski/tube today (I live in Canada) and i took a very funny video of a guy singing, but my teacher caught me and told me to delete it. Right after I did, he said it was just a joke

I want to get it back, but I don't have any recoveries or any syncs with that video; I just filmed him and hours later I deleted it

I have a jailbroken phone, but I can't pay for any apps so please help me with a way that is free!