IPod 4 to iPhone 5 minecraft pe?

So I have an iPod generation 4 and today I am going to get and iPhone 5 but I have minecraft pe on my iPod 4 and one of my maps has so much built on it. When I sync my iPod to my iPhone will it automatically transfer or do I have to do it manually, and if I need to do it manually, how so? Thanks

Added (1). When I do copy map, it only copies the land, not what I built by myself

Best way to unlcok as iphone 4s for free?

I just bought a used iphone 4s and it is locked to Rogers and I want to use it on telus. I dont mind jail breaking it but would rather not. Can you link me to a video that is recent and will work with the newest iOS and if it is a jailbreak I would like it to be un tethered.

Thanks so much!

Which is better an iPhone or a Blackberry?

I currently have a Blackberry but everyone seems to be getting iPhones all of a sudden and I really want one now but I'll miss my blackberry so I need to know which is better to make my choice because I think the iPhone will be better but I won't have bbm or anything like that but then I have heard iPhones crash all the time

How to transfer all data from one iphone to another?

Today I dropped my iphone 4 and the screen is all messed up, beyond repair. I have insurance on it so I believe I will get another iphone 4, but I'm not sure. My question is, if I plug my phone in to my computer and sync/back it up on itunes, will I be able to take my new iphone and transfer everything that I backed up onto my new iphone? And if that doesn't work and anyone knows how could you tell me? Thanks. 10 points to best answer.

IPhone 3g help finding apps?

I have an IPhone 3g and can someone help me find some apps for it i have IOS 4.2.1 and i want to find some apps to play. And i dont have money for an IPhone 5 so dont mention it please. Thank you

IPhone Photography Amazing Apps?

Whats really nice good beautiful photography editing photo apps on iPhone but it has to be free? I want a nice free beautiful app.

How to delete a song from my Iphone?

I bought an Iphone with a song already on it, presumably bought on someone's Itunes. How do I delete it from my phone? Thanks so much I really can't figure it out!

Do hipsters anger anyone else?

I know a group of hipsters and hipsters really annoy me. I mean they all wear beatles t-shirts and only one of them has ever heard the beatles. And they're giving the comic book/sci-fi crowd a bad name with their thick glasses and glorified sweaters.they're obsessed with "indie" everything. Even though it isn't even independent because it's all on a major label. I just listen to music and watch movies and stuff how i like. I listen to the music i listen to because it's good not because it's not popular or it is. They all claim to be "retro" yet they can't live without their precious ipod or ipad or iphone or whatever.newsflash hipsters, i listen to a GREAT DEAL of my music with a walkman.bet they don't even know what that is. Is anyone else angered by hipsters?

Don't you agree that some people with iPhone?

Are airheads! I saw some girl with an iphone while I was playing golf and she was so stupid. I couldn't believe it. I saw a YouTube video from android authority and there were these two girls testing out a gs4 and HTC one and they were dumb as hell (they both have an iPhone). They were like "whaaaaatttttt phoooonneeeeeeee iiiiissss this?"