How to put my music from my iPod on to my iPhone? Read for more details please?

I backed up my iPod to my iTunes first. Then I plugged in my new iPhone and it asked if I wanted to use as a new iPhone or restore it with my last backup. So I chose to restore it with my last iPod backup in order to get all my music, photos, etc.onto my iPhone. When I went on my iPhone though, it didn't have all the music that's on my iPod. I have other songs on there from CDs on my old computer. It only had the music that I purchased through iTunes.
Can someone please tell me how to get all my music on my iPhone?

Can I buy a silicon iphone case like this?

I would like to buy a silicon iphone case, kinda like this - image

HOWEVER - I would like it to be shaped like a river otter(my favorite animal!). Kinda like this -

Can i buy one somewhere? Or is there somewhere i could custom design one on a website?

My iPhone fell in the toilet! - 2

Okay so my iPhone fell in the toilet two days ago and I took it out right away and it worked fine until today. The screen had lines on it and now it won't work. Every time I press the button on the top right, lines show up on the screen. I tried plugging it in my computer but nothing came up. I wanted to know if I can still access my data or transfer it to my Ipod. Will my pictures still be saved? How much will it cost to replace it? Oh and it's in rice right now. Will that help in anyway? Please help!

Where can I buy a pay as you go iPhone cheap?

I was looking at pay as you go iphone 4 on EE and the cheapest i found was £400. Just for the phone, it's crazy. Is there anywhere i can buy an iphone cheaper than that?

Why is there a buddy on my candy crush game? I don't know this person!

So I play candy crush on my iphone… Not through facebook. Which means I don't have friends on candy crush. About two weeks ago, another icon sat next to mine and I don't know who it is… When I pass a level, this person passes the level too… And the individual gives me extra life as well… It creeps me out because I don't know who it is… I almost feel like I'm being stalked. Has this ever happened to anyone?

My iphone 4 wont connect to my home wifi? - 1

Every time i try to connect my phone to our home wifi, it doesn't work. When i type in the pass code and try to join, it says "unable to connect." also, my iphone wont connect to the schools internet either. It has been connected to these wifi connections before, but suddenly they wont work. Please help.

What does the Other contain on iTunes?

Here's a picture of what I'm talking about: image

It's taking up a lot of space on my iPhone and I want to know what it is and what I can get rid of to make is go down.

Will Simple Mobile work on an IPhone 4S?

I'm about to buy an iphone off my friend. The phone is unlocked. Will I be able to use the 4g internet, and other things with no problem? He also says that I will have to go to tmobile to get it activated.