How to bring my music while I jog?

Ok so I've stopped jogging after being in the hospital for some time, but now I start again and I wanna bring music.

The thing is my workout pants don't have pockets and my music is on my iPhone so I don't l know how I would bring it with me?
Help guys:(

Is it possible to play iphone music apps thru xbox?

I want to listen to the radio/pandora/grooveshark from my iphone while playing xbox games. But of course xbox is stupid and wont play in game sounds and music at the same time. I have wireless turtle beaches btw please help!

What can I get my aunt to get me from USA?

My aunt is coming here this summer ( I live in Albania and she lives in USA) and she told me to make a wish list of the things that I want her to bring me. I found a cool iCarbon skin that I really want for my iPhone 5. I also want some kind of American - original perfume for men. I was thinking of some kind of "American Eagle" perfume. What would you suggest? (I am 17 years old, male)
I also want some AeroPostale T-shirts. I love them. Can you link any AeroPostale T-shirt which you really like and you think is cool? (I like grey T-shirts with some white. I'm not really a colorful type of guy)
What else can I ask to her?
The last time she came here was about 4 years ago. And please, don't think that I am some kind of materialistic person. I miss my aunt and I really love her, but since she asked me to make a wish list, I wanted to get the best, and this opportunity comes once in 4 years. Thanks in advance:)

Music from computer to iPhone?

My computer has no internet atm, but is there a way I can sync some of the music I have on it to my iphone or something?

Why won't the ringtone work on my Iphone 4?

I made a Barbie Girl ringtone, dragged it to the Tones file and everything. I changed it from 4ma to 4mr. I synced it all, I synced the ringtone, and synced it again. Then i called the phone and it's still Marimba. WHY.

How to ehance a security video. (CRIME SCENE)?

Today our store got robbed and the guy was caught on video but the quality of the face in the video isn't that clear. I want to know is there a way to enhance the video so it can show the face? I'm not even sure if the cops is going to do it and I'm not even sure if they upload the video in their USB but they did use their iphone to record it from the tv. The cops also told me to give them a copy of the video if we can. I just want to make sure we caught his face on camera so it's easy to recognized him.

Generic laptop vs self built desktop?

What are the pros and cons of each? And are desktops really being phased out like I keep getting told? I want to build a gaming desktop and can get all the parts I need for around 1.5k, which would cost over 3.5k in a custom laptop, and my parents want me to get a generic laptop which can just run Microsoft and Internet, because desktops are phasing out and people are going smaller(which isn't true, iPad is younger than itouch, iphone 5 is bigger than others). But if I can see the pros and cons of each, then I can see if I really should just get a laptop, or if self built desktops are way way way better, then maybe I can convince them to let me build it.
So basically, pros and cons of self buit desktop vs higher end generic laptop. And are desktops really phasing out?

If someone steals an Iphone 5 can it be tracked by carrier / police or other?

If someone has stolen an i phone 5 can it be somehow tracked if sim is disabled/ destroyed, the phone has been completely reset to factory settings and had a new sim from a different provider placed into it with find my phone, location services all turned off too.
is there any way by using IMEI number or other that it can be tracked by police, phone provider or other?