Should I get a white iPhone 5 or a black iPhone 5?

I am getting a new phone in two weeks and I am getting an iPhone 5 (only because I couldn't get a Note II) But… I can't decide between a black or white iPhone 5 the reason I can't decide is because I want a Case-Mate touch case that looks really good with the white iPhone but I also want this sweet orange and black OtterBox Defender that only looks good with a black iPhone. I am a guy by the way, Also if this adds anything I used to have an iPod Touch in White before I got my Google Nexus 10 Thanks!

Added (1). @ Travis D, I have lots of experience with smartphones too… I am not going to get the Galaxy S III because it will soon be superseded by it's bigger brother the Galaxy SIV, and btw I said I wanted a Note II but I can't get it because it is too expensive. My friend has the Droid RAZR HD and even with jellybean it can be laggy at times which isn't how I roll and the battery life isn't exactly superb if I might add. And lastly I have a Nexus 10 and 1 android is enough for me I want to have multiple platforms and The iPhone 5 is definitely not overpriced look at the build quality compared to the Galaxy S III. Samsung lost me because the only thing I like from the is the Note II! And of course my extremely awesome Nexus 10 (Android) I don't need your advice on what phone to get I asked what color.

Iphone 5 message on Appstore too many http redirects quick fix?

It started appearing on the "Featured" tab on the AppStore for the Iphone 5 (6.1 iOS version) Every other tab works fine except for the "Featured" Is there any way I can fix this? I tried rebooting and hard resetting my Iphone and then restoring backup from Itunes but none has worked. Should I be worried about this or just let Apple fix the problem? Please help ):

Unlocked AT&T iPhone 4 inactivated?

I have an at&t iphone 4 inactivated and I need to unlock it so I can use it on the Straight Talk system. I was wondering how I could do this NOT illegally. At all possible? Please Help!

How to turn off data on my iPhone 4S?

I live in Canada and i am going to L. A. This weekend for a hockey tournament and i have to turn off my data. How do i turn off my data but still can use Wifi?

Iphone 4S unlocked but it wont work?

I purchased an unlocked iPhone 4s AT&T its not stolen and it even has warranty but it wont work with Tmobile sim card. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it. Thanks

Will my iPhone 4 get replaced?

I got my fathers iPhone 4 when he upgraded to an iPhone 5 and has been working fine. But suddenly it has a black screen and is refusing to turn back on. I've tried to reset it but it's not working.

It's not under warranty anymore but if I go to the Apple Store will they make me pay for a replacement or will they just give me another iPhone for free?
It's clearly a Software problem as I have never dropped my phone nor put it near water.

If i do need to replace it does anyone know how much it will cost me?

Where can I get cheap, cute iphone cases?

$15 dollars or under. Here are some cases that I like to give you an idea.

What can I fit into an 8 gb iPhone 4?

I plan on getting an 8 gb iPhone 4 and I'm wondering how many apps/songs/pictures I can fit on there.

I plan to have quite a few hundred pictures on it and maybe 20 apps and 50 songs. Will they all meet the 8gb criteria?

Also, how much memory is actually in the iPhone? I heard that the software takes up 1.5 gb so I can only use 6.5 gb…

Thanks everyone! :-)