What is going on with my iPhone 4!

Today out of nowhere, for no apparent reason my iPhone shut down and then the screen turned completely red! I did the hard reset procedure and it came back on but not long after shut back off. This happened 3 more times. After the 3rd time of it shutting off, it worked like normal for about an hour, but then again out of nowhere it shut off and this time the screen turned completely blue! I did a hard reset FOR LIKE THE 5th TIME and so far its working properly. Can someone Please help me figure out whats happening? I cannot afford a new phone. Any help at all would be great! Thank you so much!

Does my iphone need to be unlocked for net10?

I have an iphone 4s and i need service on it ASAP i have been struggling to unlock it its too much work and i have no clue on how to do it and straight talk wants my phone to be unlocked and i just dont know how to do that i tried alot of things and none of them worked so now i am wondering if net10 makes you have ur phone unlocked? (The phone is from AT&T)

How to recored your screen on mac, iPhone xbox ect?

I always go on youtube and see that when im watching something about the iphone that theres no video camera recording the screen its just the screen playing.
how do i do this and what are the steps
i video on how to do it would be awesome

Is there an iPhone App where you can?

Where you can make like two pictures side by side but facing different directions? Like ones facing north and the other facing south. Like how you can do a mirror image but different?

IPhone short-lasting battery?

I have a new iPhone 5 and Apple said battery should live for about 225 hours on standby. But I have to charge it every night. Is that possible? Sure, I do use it but it's still insane to charge a phone every night. I also noticed that most of iPhone users do. Is there any way to make battery last longer? (I turned off location services, reduced the brightness, closed all of the running apps, turned off e-mail push… )

The Simpsons Tapped Out v4.3.1 Hack for iPhone, iPad?

From where I can download hack for the iOS game "The Simpsons Tapped Out"? The hack should work on both iPhone and iPad and it should be for the latest version 4.3.1.

I need a simple hack for the donuts and cash.

Should I trade my iPhone 5 for a Galaxy s4?

I'm just tired of the iPhone. I've had iPhones for about 4 years straight now, I haven't had an android since I had an htc hero, and I'm sure they have improved. I always just jailbreak my iPhones because I like to customize them. Do you think I should do this? Will I be losing money? Opinions please.

Will my iPhone still have service if i leave Alberta to Ontario?

I'm with Bell since i know there might be some differences with Phone services

Well like i asked well i still have service if i do leave my own province? I'm thinking about going to Thunder Bay to vist my grandma and i would like to know if i'll still be able to text or call people if i go there since its outside Aberta