Megabites to gigabyte on iPhone 4?

So I went over my data in the iPhone today and they said my overage was 74 and I wasn't sure what that meant when they wrote it was it in megabites? Anyways I still have a week to go for it and will they charge since I went over 74? Or will they not? Thanks:)

What are the prices of iPhone 4 at at&t?

Hi, I've been wondering at the at&t store iPhones are 99 cents. My friend said she got a iPhone 4 at at&t and she said it's 99 cents and she said for the payments are like 50$ a month, She also said it doesn't consider any contracts or nothing. Is this true?

Does my iPhone have to be unlocked to use on straight talk?

My service 2 year contract is over and I'm done using AT&T. I want to use straight talk. Does my phone HAVE to be unlocked? I already purchased the sim. Can I just activate it now?

Added (1). On the straight talk website it says that ANY AT&T T-Mobile phone will work.

Why is my internet bad for gaming?

So i have Excede and Wildblue internet with a Cisco E2500 router. I have great wifi signal and the internet works good on my laptop and iphone and ipod. But when it comes to gaming on my Ps3 i can sign in and watch youtube normally, youtube loads up videos good. But when i try to play Black ops 2 or Mw3 or Injustice, or any other online game, i cant do multiplayer i just cant do it. Why is this? I thought this internet service was supposed to be good? Help?

Can i bring my Verizon Iphone over to Tmobile?

I have an iphone 4 with Verizon and it is about $110 a month and im sick of it. The only problem is the Verizon iphones do not have a sim card slot, is that going to be a problem?

How to transfer songs from one iTunes account to another?

I have an iPod nano that is connected to an iTunes account on the computer my entire family uses. Today, I got an iPhone 4 and I had to start a new iTunes account with a new email and Apple ID. Is there any way I can transfer the songs and TV shows from my old account to the new one on my phone?

How much does it cost to use an unlocked iphone in Europe?

I'm thinking of going abroad and I'm confused… If I unlock my iphone, does it cost anything more to use the phone other than what I've been paying each month already? So will I be able to text/call people in the US like normal without additional charges?