Why do people love and hate Apple?

If you love it, tell why, if you hate it tell why. I own Mac, iPhone, iPad Retina and Mini and it is great for my career as an app designer. I don't understand all of the Mac Hate, they make a great product

I am connected to wifi but there is no internet access?

My iphone and other devices can connect to wifi but my computer will connect to it and it will say in network and sharing center "no internet access"
Yes I have an hp windows 7
I do not need a new router because it can connect to other networks
I have tried reseting the router in command promt
I have also tried changing to dns to googles public dns
Please Help!

What are the pros and cons of jailbreaking an iPhone 4?

I am contemplating jailbreaking my iPhone 4 (NOT the 4S). I just would like a pros and cons list. Also, what is the best program to use in order to carry out the jailbreaking? Its on version 6.0.1.


My iPhone restarts itself constantly?

Ever since last night, whether it was plugged in and charging or not, my iPhone restarts itself every 3 minutes or so, whether I'm using it or not. The battery was recently replaced and is fully charged, and I've restored it at least 3 times now, so I feel as though I'm out of options. I also have the latest version of IOS or whatever. Any suggestion?

Not able to get next apple update automatically?

I don't think my ipad has the newest update. All my friends have the white little bubble thing on their screens that comes with the newest update, at first I thought only iphone5's had it but then my other friend has the 4thgen iPhone but also has the update, one friend said I should take it in to an apple store but the closest ones half hour away so I was wondering how I could put the update in without leaving home or expecting the automatic update

Setting up Hello Kitty email on iPhone?

I just recently made a Hello Kitty email address and I'm trying to set it up on my iPhone. As I'm setting it up it asks for additional information such as:

Host name:

Host name:

I would really like this email conjoined with on my phone with my other emails but I don't know how to respond to the information given. Would someone mind helping/shedding a little light on this information?

* I thought about making my incoming and outgoing server Yahoo since nothing else that I've tried is working. :(

I want to trade my iPhone 3G for a tablet?

Willing to trade for a tablet. The 7 inch android I want if the guy sees this post that wants to trade me the tablet. Please leave ur email or contact number cuz I WANT THAT TABLET

My iPhone 4 has really really terrible signal?

I recently received an unlocked iphone 4 as a gift and I use the AT&T phone carrier but I never ever have more than 1 bar. I usually have no service actually. Maybe because it might not be the original phone carrier it was from? I'm not sure. So I was wondering why my phone is doing this and if there are any solutions to it because people claim to have called me multiple times but I never receive their calls and it is really an issue when I need to make a call but I don't have service.