How to delete photos off of iphone 4 s?

Ive deleted all my photos off of my phone but i my usage it still says im using way over 5 gb of memory i go to delete that usage but its still there how do i remove it permanently

Never sleeping ever since I got my iPhone 5?

I'm starting to fall asleep at 3-5am ever since I got my iPhone 5 does it mean I'm addicted to it, do I need help? Before I didn't have the iPhone I slept around 10-11pm.

Why do people love apple macs?

I agree the iphone is great but the mac is so annoying, everyone I know really doesnt like it, you cant even right click?

Added (1). I'm not trying to be horrible I was just wondering ok

Will an unlocked iPhone work in America?

I have an unlocked iPhone 5 that I currently use with a giffgaff sim in England. I am going to America in a month and I want to know if my phone will work if I put an American sim inside it? (AT&T or Verizon sim).
I am asking this because I have seen/heard people say before that there English phone doesn't work once they go to America

I can't post photos from my iPhone?

I know this question has been asked before, but my problem is different. Every one says go to settings, privacy then photos and enable it. Only problem is when I get to photos everything is enabled but it's all faded, I can't turn anything off or on it's just this faded grey color

Added (1). I think every one is missing the point of the question, it's not just fb it's every app I try to use, the main problem is the fact that the privacy>photos is on accessible, the color has been faded from all the buttons some say on some say off, I can't turn any on or off it as if its a picture, but the options are faded