IPhone 4 not receiving calls?

For about a week now I've noticed that my iPhone 4 (which I've had over a year) has randomly not been receiving calls when someone has tried to contact me. It's become quite a problem because my doctor will try to call me and my phone won't say someone is trying to call. I don't have insurance on this phone though! So if there is something actually messed up on it I'm screwed. Will iOS 6 fix this? I never downloaded it because I don't have enough space on my phone with my pictures and music (6.4 gb) but I deleted my music because I really need this problem fixed. Will iOS 6 fix it? If not what else can I do?

Bluetooth speaker connected to laptop but no sound?

I just got a Bluetooth speaker. It connects to my iPhone just fine and sounds great. However, I connected it to my laptop's Bluetooth and it's recognized and joined and all that. However, none of the sound from my laptop will play from it. How do I fix this? The speaker is a JBL Flip, and the laptop is an HP HDX 16.

How much do those monthly plans for those iphones cost?

Kids want to buy these and ask how to make money.
annoying as heck.
they don't even have any idea you have to pay monthly.

i think you can't even get a plan for under $100.
i have heard you pay $160 amonth for this.

Why is my Orange credit disappearing?

Yesterday I topped up £10 on my iPhone 4. I sent a couple of texts, and was at £9.00 credit. I received a text this morning from Orange saying I only had £1.00 credit left, and so 2 minutes later I called the top up number and suddenly I have 0 credit.
I heard this has to do with data roaming but that has been turned off this whole time, and I have't received any dodgy unknown calls or texts. I'm connected to my wifi only so I don't get why this is happening. Any ideas/solutions? Does it have something to do with cellular/mobile data being left on?

What do you expect to see in 2050?

World is changing very fast. Especially last ten years were really revolutionary in terms of technology. Had you told something like iphone in 2000, they would have laughed their *** off.

Going this pace, what do you expect to see in the year 2050.

How to set up cisco cable modem to 2wire wireless?

I recently switch from At&T to charter cable who gave me a Cable modem. I connected Charter Cisco modem to 2wire because the 2wire has wireless. I got Ethernet and internet connection to my PC but my Iphone4 has NO internet connection even though it shows wifi connection the 2wire. Do i need to configure something in the ATT 2wire for it to work. NOTE: from my iphone i can access the 2wire settings

Will verizon charge me for using wifi?

I just bought an iphone, and I have a 1GB a month data plan because I'm always in a WiFi area. However, I just recently found out that if I do not turn off the cellular data (even if you keep the wifi connection on, ) you will still be charged for Data usage. Is this true? Will I have to keep my Celllular data off when I'm using wifi?

I have Verizon btw:)

Will apple warranty will change my iPhone 5 to new?

I had a stuck pixel on my iPhone, and apple changed it to a brand new iphone. Now I cracked this iPhone 5 screen and rear top glass. Will they changed it or how much i would have to pay for apple for changing iPhone?

Added (1). I have hard, that you pay 250 usd for cracked screen and they will replace your phone. Or if you have apple care plan they will replace it.

My iPhone is frozen in messages?

I sent a really long Emoji message and now my iPhone 4 is frozen in messages it just wont load, when i click on messages it just has the normal background if you going to text someone just nothing else, no words or anything. I tried to hold the home and power button for 10 seconds already but it still doesnt work.