How to downgrade to iOS 6.1.4 from iOS 7 beta?

Can you please give me the link to download back to iOS6. I currently have the iPhone 5 CDMA

Also, I heard of people losing contacts and sorts when downgrading. Is this going to happened?

How to upload notes from an IPhone to a computer?

I have a lot of notes on my IPhone, and I don't know how to upload them to my computer. Do I need a Mac or the use of the ICloud to get them onto my computer, because I have a pc. Can anyone help?

How to fix a Black screen on my IPhone 4?

My iPhone 4 was somewhat updating I guess? But it just shut off on me & keeps on turning on & off to a black screen with a apple logo. I try holding down the home button & the top but it keeps doing the same thing. It's been like that since last night & today it's still acting the same. How do I get it back to working normally again instead of just a black screen with an apple?

I lost my backup on

I backed up my iPhone 4S on a relatives laptop. I backed it up in February and I tried to restore it yesterday. I realized that she updated iTunes. I tried to find my backup but it wasn't there! There was no way to restore my iPhone from its backup because it wasn't there! I had so many pictures on there and now they're all gone! Is there any way to find it? And is there a reason that it happened?

I dropped my iPhone in water, what do I do?

I took it out immediately and put in a sealed container of uncooked rice but when I went to check on it I noticed the flash was on but the screen and buttons were unresponsive. I let the battery die while keeping it in rice. Its been in the rice for two days now, and it is still unresponsive. There isn't eben a red battery icon when I hold down the power button. Is there anything else I can do or any further steps I need to take to save my phone?

Help to downgrade to 6.1.4 on IPhone 5 from iOS 7?

I tunes will not let me restore back to 6.1.4 it keep on saying "firmware not compatible" my phone is on the page that says activate, I have to ente DFU more for it to give me the option to "restore" on iTunes but any time I do that it says it cannot be restore.

Really need help.
If I restore it and send it back to factory settings will iTunes update it back to 6.1.4.

It's is a brand new iPhone 5 that I recently purchased 2 days ago.


I just got one of these when i sold my iphone, it's valued at 499.99 EACH! Can i call someone to confirm it's real?