Why won't my Iphone 4 turn on?

I was just watching a video then all of a sudden it turned black and wont turn on. So I go, "Wtf?"
I just go "meh" and plug it in. I go on my computer and play some videogames and 1 hour later, it still isn't turning on. So I try to turn it on by holding the home button and the power button for 10 seconds but it STILL didn't turn on. I need help because I'm extremely confused. Thanks.

Added (1). Oh, also the screen gives the apple logo and then it like restarted again. So it goes on and off.

What iPhone data plan do I need?

I'm looking into getting an iPhone 5 (or maybe 5S) and I'm wondering what data plan would suit me best. I will probably be using data mostly for social media (Facebook, Twitter), mail, and web browsing. I'm looking to save as much money as I can, so I was thinking of going for either a 500 MB or 1 GB plan. Will that be enough, or should I think of going bigger? As a note, I won't be using data too much cause there's free wifi at my college.

How to fix stripped screw holes on iphone?

In the process of having my wife's iphone screen fixed, the repair guy must have stripped two of the screw holes that hold down the wifi antenna. When I try to put the screws back in they just keep turning and don't grab onto any of the screw hole thread. Does anybody have an idea how to fix the screw hole. I was thinking of getting a wider diameter screw, but I have no idea where to purchase such tiny screws. Any advice is appreciated.

TV License: Need It For TV Catchup for iPhone?

Hey all!

I am a university student & about to go for my 2nd year. My accommodation says you need to buy your own TV license if you want to bring your own tTVetc.etc.

Do i still need a TV Licence if i watch TVCatchup on my iPhone through Wifi?

How to switch my iphone 4s to straight talk?

The phone is currently not being used by any company but was originally with AT&T
i have a straight talk number and phone and was wondering and hoping someone could help me transfer my straight talk number to this iphone4s. Any help would be great. Thanks

My text tone does not work (iPhone)?

I have the iPhone 4S & the "Alert" text tone set. When I'm on my phone & I receive a text, it rings. But when my phone is locked & I receive a text, it doesn't ring or vibrate or do anything. What do I do to fix this?

Depositing Check into Paypal Account?

I have a PayPal Account, as well as a PayPal Prepaid MasterCard, which is considered the equivalent of a bank account. They have provided me with a Routing and Account number, so that it can used as a bank account. However, PayPal does not have an official/Physical Bank. Is there somewhere that I can go to and deposit a check directly into my Paypal Bank Account(MasterCard)? Could I possibly use another banks ATM to do this? For example, say I had a Regions Bank Account and Card. If my friend has a bank account and writes me a check, I could go directly to Regions ATM and deposit the check into my account and the money would show up in my account immediately. I am aware that PayPal has an Iphone APP where you can take pictures of a check and deposit it, however, this takes 3-6 business days for the money to appear. I do not have that amount of time, so is there a Physical ATM/Bank or some place that I could go to, put my card into and deposit this Check? So that the money will appear in my account instantaneously without having to wait for the check to clear as I would with the APP?
Any and All Help will be greatly appreciated. Please provide me with an Answer if you have one!
Thank you All and have a Fantastic day(: