When will my iPhone get here? - 2

I ordered an iPhone 4 from Verizon on Tuesday at around 7 and I am wondering when it will arrive. It has been 4 days already and I am wondering when it will arrive. Thank you for your help in advance!

IPhone security app suggestions?

Lately i have been looking around for apps on my iPhone that help to keep my phone safe from any intruders, I am looking for an app that can do the following

- *Takes a photos on the lock screen of anyone who didn't type in the correct password
- Shows where about my iPhone is on the map using WiFi or Phone Network (Optional as I already have an app for this)

I need to app to be free as I cannot use anyone's credit card to buy the app and also I would prefer if the app had a good layout and looked real, I would like the app to either start with the lock screen or have its own lock screen so when I turn my phone on or use the top button to unlock it then it will be locked while the app is running.

Thank you x

Added (1). I forgot to add this, when the app takes photos it sends them to my email that I provided

I found my stolen iPhone on Craigslist, what to do?

My phone was stolen the late hours of 29th/30th of August. I checked Craigslist for it last night and saw my phone, I know the marks my phone has. The seller had posted their number, I explained that I knew it was my phone and if they could return it no questions asked, they did not respond, so I asked a friend to text the number to see if its still available and will get a response, surely they did get response so now I definitely feel that it is my phone due to the fact he ignored my message. Now I don't know how to go about the situation. They have my phone off so I can't track it with find my iPhone.

I feel so bad for the people from the old days?

Like seriously how the heck did they survive?

They didn't have iPhones(cant go anywhere without mine), computers(grew up with them), and especially INTERNET. LIKE OMFG IF I WERE THEM I WOULD'VE KILLED MYSELF.

I need cellphone help. Iphone 4?

I'm a carrier for Sprint, I have an Iphone 4, 8gb, and I noticed that neither my data or Wi-Fi will download apps as fast as it should. It takes about 20-30 minutes for each app to finish downloading. So yesterday, I took it to MacExperience, an Apple repair shop and got another iPhone as replacement, and this one is doing it too! What could be causing this? Or could it just be Sprint's network. It just doesn't make sense to have two phones in a row doing the same exact thing.

What is a good War and Nation/World Building game Online or for PC? - 1

My Friend got me back in the mood for strategy games, War and Nation building, I used to play one and we got a new PC and my old games aren't there in my book marks. The only problem with my friend's game is that its on his iPhone and Apple products aren't for me. ( The Game he plays is "Galaxy at War" ) What I'm looking for is a modern or futuristic games, that is multiplayer and enough players to Attack Nations. So If you could help that'd be great!

What's a good price to ask for an iPhone 5?

My friend' found it and isn't blacklisted. So what's a good price to ask to buy it for considering the new iPhone 5S is being introduce on September 10th?

How to install an aux chord jax into my Toyota Avalon?

I really hate listening to the radio and i recently bought a friend's Toyota Avalon its a nice car but unfortunately it doesn't have an Aux Jax where i can plug in my aux chord and listen to music from my iphone. Is it possible i can have something installed so i can make that possible?