Where Can I buy an iphone charger?

Well i'm traveling to england and i hear they have different sockets so how do i charge my phone there? Are the chargers expensive?

Is 2GB per month enough data?

I just got an iPhone 5 with 2GB data per month. I use twitter, FB, Vine like crazy. Is 2GB enough?

The sound on my iPhone stopped working? - 1

So I went to a lake earlier but I left my phone in the car so I don't think it has anything to do with water damage. I went home and I put it on the charger and then I went to go listen to music and it wouldn't play. The silent switch is off, there aren't headphones in, the volume is all the way up. I looked it up and everything said to reset it but it also said if you reset it you will lose everything on your phone. Is there anyway to reset your phone without losing everything? If not, is there another way to fix my speaker?

Should I go with T Mobile or AT&T?

I liked AT&T but we decided to get T Mobile because of their no contract offer. But their network sucks where I live.AT&T's network works great but I have to stick with a phone for 2 years. Meanwhile with Tmobile, I can upgrade my phone whenever I want. Also I can't decide between getting the S4 now or wait to see if the next iPhone is worth getting. So S4 or iPhone on AT&T or Tmobile?

How to transfer music from my email to my iPhone itunes library?

I have an iPhone 5 and want to put a few songs on it. So I emailed them to myself and tried to open them on my phone. However there's no option to open it in itunes, only quick look. Is there another way? Also, these songs weren't bought on itunes, so I can't do it that way.

How much is my broken iPhone 4S worth?

Hey I have an iPhone 4S in white 16gb.

The front and back screens are smashed to smithereens and the top bit of the phone is a bit bent.
The phone was thrown at a radiator.
The phone was on contract to orange but was declared lost so may now be blocked.
I would like to sell it for spares and repairs or to a shop that could fix it and re-sell it.
What price should I be looking at accepting in British pounds?

How to exit recovery mode on my iphone 5?

I had recently change the firmware on it to ios 7.0 beta 2 but i have an issue with the power button only working on the edge. I wanted to take it back to apple so I thought I should downgrade back to ios 6.1.4 just in case they would check to see if i had a UIUD registration. I then went to iTunes and shift click "check for update" and went to ios 6.1.4 restore. Now im stuck in recovery mode and every time i try restoring i get the message " The iPhone cannot be restored at this time because the iTunes software update server could not be contacted at this moment or is temporally unavailable."

Anyone have any ideas?

Whats better an iphone5 or a samsung galaxys4?

Its time for my upgrade and ive been waiting for so long, ive desperately wanted an iphone for so long! But everyone is telling me the samsung galaxy s4 is much better. I like the htc too, but im afraid i'll either get the samsung or htc and not like it and be stuck with it for 2 years! Plus my friend has an iphone4 and says its 'overrated' but she has had hers for a while so its really slow. Which would you pick? The new htc btw