Accidentally deleted video off my iPhone 5?

I accidentally deleted a video before I backed it up onto my Cloud or Mac. Is there anyway to get it back? I tried to use the Dr. Fone, but it doesn't show up on anything. I know I need to back up the files, but I did not have the chance to back it up, but I didn't have a chance to plug my phone in.

Any ideas? Or am I just screwed?

Can I activate an iPhone without 3g Service?

I recently (accidentally) reset my iPhone, and it was working fine with no SIM previously. Now, however, I am attempting to use it again, and it tells me that I need to activate it with a SIM card. I have a working SIM, but don't want to use it because I'm worried it will add 3g to my plan. I can't afford it. I only want to use my iPhone for wifi and music, I have no plans on using it as a phone. And it wont work by just "Turning it on", because It says it needs to be activated.

Alternatively, if I put the SIM in, activate it, and take it out, will it add 3g or not?

Bottom line, I dont want to be charged.

Can I transfer photos from one iPhone to another?

I know this a common question. I'm probably upgrading my phone in a few months and I'm kind of sceptical about it. Last time I upgraded from an iPhone 3G to a 4S Apple synced everything over. It threw my photo camera roll out of whack! I mean a photo I've taken the night before was near the top of my camera roll and photos I took months ago were near the bottom showing its most recent. I'm very picky about my photos in order haha. OCD I know, but I'm going to be upgrading to the 5 or if they announce a newer iPhone. Is there a way when I upgrade I can transfer my photos over and have them exactly how they are in my iPhone 4S? Sorry for the really odd question, I'd really appreciate it if you guys can help me out.

P.S, I copied all my camera roll photos in a folder I created on my computer in order how I like. Is this useful?

Thank you!

Why does my Youtube freeze so much on my iPhone when I drive?

I like to listen to youtube videos when I drive, but for some reason, the videos pause. I've tried turning off wifi, but still don't know why it does this? The videos sometimes play perfectly well, it's just hit/miss. Any advice? I have an iPhone 4s and use the Youtube app.

Nintendo DS emulator on iphone? - 1

So, I have the nds4ios and i can get pokemon to work just fine. I used the ifile thing to unarchive file i downloaded with safari download manager. It worked perfectly fine. But when i try to unarchive any other rom it gives me result code: 2304 when its sposed to be code: 0… I dont want any of thatt "just go buy the game " or whatever crap.give me a good answer as to whats going on here and how i can fix it or what i should try, and ill let you come visit me in jail. (its telling me it canr find zipfile directory? And that its not a zip file or it constitues one disk of a multi-part archive?)

Added (1). What guide?

Added (2). And yes, it is possible on the ipod, ive done it with pokemon soul silver and it works perfectly fine, i just cant get the stupid zip file to unarchive and i just want to know ehy its not unarchiving. Do t give me that "it wont work" ***. Please.

Should I get the htc one or the iphone 4s?

Do I buy the HTC one for £32 or iPhone 4s for £28?

will the HTC one? Put up a good fight on a 2year contract? Or would the iphone 4s be more reliable?

also I hear the htc one gets really hot, maybe due to the 1.7ghz quad core,… Im not bothered about it getting hot but does this damage the phone in anyway?

some one help me decide if I should get the htc one or the iphone 4s… I have a dilemma here