Can you sync multiple bluetooth wireless speakers to one device?

Is there any portable bluetooth wireless speakers that allow you to play multiple speakers from a device like an iphone so the speakers can be played throughout the house. I have one of the small circular ihome speaker but it only allows one speaker per device. Is there any speaker that allows you to sync more than one speaker from one device to be played at the same time or has that not been invented yet?

How to spend 750 euros wisely?

I've been saving up for like 6 months and now I'd really like to spend the money but I'm not sure on what. I have a fine phone, I don't need like an iphone because I don't think it's wise. I got a new laptop 8 months ago. I could buy new clothes and makeup but not with all the money, I don't want to spend so much money on my looks. I don't really need dvds. I'll probably donate 100 euros for charity, another 100 goes for clothes, 50 for makeup. So what could I buy with 750 euros that is wise? And I don't wanna save anymore. :)

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm bragging or something, I'm not. I'm honestly poor but just been saving up.

Injustice Gods Amoung us, game for the IPhone iOS, who's card should I buy?

So I have enough Credits to buy, batman, Doomsday, or Superman, who should I get? Or should I buy 2 gold packs instead? My team of 3 only consists of 1 gold card at the moment, the Joker. I can't get through the battles right now, I'm stopped at batman, who is the strongest to buy?

How to tell if my Phone is the Iphone 4 or 4s [physical features ]?

I just got the iphone and I'm not sure if its the Iphone 4 or 4s And I can't turn it on yet without a SIM card so it only takes my to the set up page… Not the homepage. So is there any difference that you can actually see from the iphone 4 to 4s… Without turning it on

Iphone 5 less storage for music?

Hi I had an Iphone 4 and now have an Iphone 5. I just tried to sync to itunes with EXACTLY the same amount of stuff but says it will be near 3gb over capacity.
Music alone I am near 500 songs less then I had before and 2 days worth.

Anyone got any ideas of why?

How to downgrade to iOS 6.1.4 from iOS 7 beta?

Can you please give me the link to download back to iOS6. I currently have the iPhone 5 CDMA

Also, I heard of people losing contacts and sorts when downgrading. Is this going to happened?

How to upload notes from an IPhone to a computer?

I have a lot of notes on my IPhone, and I don't know how to upload them to my computer. Do I need a Mac or the use of the ICloud to get them onto my computer, because I have a pc. Can anyone help?

How to fix a Black screen on my IPhone 4?

My iPhone 4 was somewhat updating I guess? But it just shut off on me & keeps on turning on & off to a black screen with a apple logo. I try holding down the home button & the top but it keeps doing the same thing. It's been like that since last night & today it's still acting the same. How do I get it back to working normally again instead of just a black screen with an apple?

I lost my backup on

I backed up my iPhone 4S on a relatives laptop. I backed it up in February and I tried to restore it yesterday. I realized that she updated iTunes. I tried to find my backup but it wasn't there! There was no way to restore my iPhone from its backup because it wasn't there! I had so many pictures on there and now they're all gone! Is there any way to find it? And is there a reason that it happened?

I dropped my iPhone in water, what do I do?

I took it out immediately and put in a sealed container of uncooked rice but when I went to check on it I noticed the flash was on but the screen and buttons were unresponsive. I let the battery die while keeping it in rice. Its been in the rice for two days now, and it is still unresponsive. There isn't eben a red battery icon when I hold down the power button. Is there anything else I can do or any further steps I need to take to save my phone?