How much does it cost for apple to replace a shaddard iPhone 5?

How much does it cost for apple to replace a shaddard iPhone 5?

I shaddard my iPhone 5 and I was going to The Apple Store next weekend to see how much it will cost.
Does anyone know how much they will charge? I need to know now.
Also! I have a black iPhone 5, and I was wondering if they could replace it to a white one when they replace it?
Can they do that for me?

Added (1). I don't have apple care

Ordered a black iPhone 4, but want a white one?

I have an upgrade available so my dad ordered a black iPhone 4 for me today. (it's free, except for the plan). He ordered it while I was driving my girlfriend back to her house. I didn't tell him I wanted the white iPhone, so he naturally ordered the black one. My dad said the iPhone will come in 2 days, so I was wondering if I could like exchange it somehow for free. Could I wait till I receive it and go to the local Verizon store and exchange it for free? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Why do people always do and say this to me?

Every time I date a guy a bunch of other people start saying you can do better and I'm like who's better like seriously I wouldn't be talking if your single anyways everyone tells me that I'm pretty and should higher my standards when it comes to guys so I asked out a boy I had a crush on for about a month and he was pretty darn popular I'm not like popular but I'm pretty well known so I asked him out he said no then I like wanted to go die somewhere then his friend came out of no where saying his standards are a bit higher its annoying I keep getting told you can do better to his standards are higher than you and I'm just curious from a boys prospective am I pretty and for ladies or gents how old do I look I'm on my iPhone and I have no idea how to post a link lol sorry but just look at my Instagram (I know my name is stupid. Crazy_Panda_Lover thank you in advanced: D

Is it possible for me to upgrade my Toyota Camry to a Smart Key System?

I have a 2012 Toyota Camry SE and I am very thankful that my parents allowed me to have this as my first car since I'm commuting to my college classes. But the one thing that really annoys me is the fact that I have a physical turning key to turn the vehicle on. I know it's merely a cosmetic issue that isn't a big deal but I would like to have the convenience of keeping my key in my pocket without needing to fumble for it just to turn my car on. Is it possible for me to upgrade my Camry someday in the future to a smart key system? If so, how much would that cost and how long would it take to install it? If not, I don't mind. My Camry may not have all the bells and whistles (GPS, Apps, or Entune) but it's smart enough to work with my iPhone all the same:)

Walmart cellular plan/coverage good or bad?

Thinking about switching to the Walmart cellphone service (or whatever you call it). I have AT&T right now and use an iPhone 4 alone with 3 others in my family. I'm pleased with AT&T except for how much it's costing. Is the cheap Walmart service good or is it hard to get service and not worth it?

How to TRACK WHERE MY IPHONE IS (Emergency) (stolen/lost)?

Last night my iPhone was Lost but all the signs are leading to it was stolen. Sadly i did not have a tracking app on it and i called at&t. They just kept me on hold for hours on end and then later told me there was nothing they could do with out that app. I have insurance on it but had a real attachment to that phone. There has to be a way i can track it from some type of Satellite! Can someone Please help me Fast! I would truly be grateful!
Is there a way for me to track it online or Anything at all i can do to get it back?

Added (1). Also when ever i go on iCloud and try to track it, it says my phone is Offline and needs to connect to a WiFi source. I don't think this means its off because when i call it it will still ring meaning its battery is not dead.

How much would an iPhone 5 cost? (AT&T)?

I have a cheap Samsung phone, and hope to get an iPhone 5 text month:) what do you think it will cost? I don't have a plan with AT&T. So how much would it All cost? For everything ( phone, contract, etc. ) thank you! :D

IPhone 4S will connect to any wifi except my home wifi?

I've tried resetting things and before this happened I tried enabling my iMessage so I don't know if that caused it… I've tried switching it to static and whenever I put the password for the wifi it says incorrect but I use the same pass on my iPod and iPad so I don't know and my other family members use the same pass and it works but I need help…

How to screw back on olloclip fisheye lens?

I accidentally unscrewed the wrong side of my olloclip 3 in 1 clip on lens for my iphone. I unscrewed the fisheye lens, thinking that it would make the rims/border of the fisheye appear more in my pictures but then the whole thing unscrewed and now I'm stuck with 5 pieces that I can't put back together.It'd be great if someone could help me with which order/side of parts that I should do to put it back together.

Also, the fisheye black border thing only shows a little on the corner of my pictures. How do I make it show more like this