Can i trade my white iphone 4 for a black one at verizon store?

The white iphone 4 is in perfect condition, my scratches, marks, dents nothing. I wanted the black one but they were out of stock and i was stuck with the white one but if i go into verizon store, will they let me trade it?
-i still have the original box
-i got the phone i would say about, 4-5 weeks ago (i had it replaced due to a broken screen)
-i have warranty on it
thank you!

Why am I obsessed with mango?

Lately I have been craving a LOT of mango! I'm obsessed with the taste like never before! I enjoy everything about mangos! I have a couple reason why i think i could be having this craving: I used to always take a energy/vitamin drink daily called greens plus, but I recently ran out of it and its too expensive to always buy so I took a break. Then came the craving. //OR// I recently got an IPhone and I used to have an iPod. My period cycle was always tracked on my iPod but it ran out of battery and I never take the time to charge it up again, I'm mostly just focused on my iPhone, and so I have no clue when my next period is going to come. I'm also very irregular (I'm a pre-professional dancer (very active. Maybe my period is coming? Idk. What do you think I could be? Am i lacking something in my diet? Thankfully I ran out of the full mango fruit but we still have frozen mangos:) I was eating about 2-3 mangos a day… Is this very unhealthy? Please help. I can also try to answer your questions if you lave a link! I'm open to everything!

Wireless Printing For Hp printer?

Hi I have a wireless Hp officejet 4500 printer and then wireless wont print. I have reinstalled the drivers on my laptop(windows7) and desktop(windows 8). I was able to print at one point idk what happened I have checked if the printer is connected to the same network, and it is password protected

I have a airport express router form apple

I have tried printing from my iphone with this app called printer pro but the free version, sure enough it does print but I can only print the test page so I'm guessing the problem is within the 2 computers

When I want to print I have to reinstall the drivers every time and it takes forever so I want to know if I can have it so it prints every time

Also I have tired connecting the printer via USB to the router, and I don't know how to configure the printer

Also does plugging a USB printer into the airport express make it a air printer so I can print from iPhone and iPad?


Roku vs Apple TV which is better for $$?

I currently have a mac, iphone and ipad. So i orginally thought i should get the apple tv.burt if the roku does the same thing and is cheaper should i just go with that? Can i stream/mirror from my computer (like websites etc) from my mac to either of them(i know i can with iphone and ipad)? Pros and cons of both please!

How to not get unfollowed on instagram?

I followed a couple of random people on instagram, and for those that didn't follow me back, I unfollowed them, but some of them said that they can't be unfollowed, it says "Ooops, this person cannot be unfollowed" WHAT THE HECK? HOW COME I NEVER HEARD OF THIS? :'c Also, is there an app on the iPhone that lets you see who unfollowed you? I know there's on the computer, but I'm not always home so I can't go on the computer.

Itunes making me restore my iphone?

ITunes randomly decided that it cant "find" my iphone & said I have t restore it which would erase EVERYTHING. How do I go about fixing this without erasing pics, music, contacts etc? Seriously need to sync my music & I cant now!

Zebra finch pair fighting alot?

My mother recived a pair of zebra finch pair. As my grandmother passed they where her birds. They are about 3 years old.well they have been settled in for about a month.latley they have been fighting no stop. My mom leaves the cage door opens and the other pushes the other one out? Aslo the cage is about 19inch in L, 11 inch wide, 16 inch tall. I could be wrong though as i cant messure it properly as i used a iphone to compair.