Problem with watching NFL game?

I am traveling for 7 hours on the road today and am gonna miss the Chargers-Bears game. I want to watch it live, instead of listen to it on the radio. Is there a way I could watch the game online while on the road. (I do not have an iPad) I have an iphone, and a windows 8 tablet (but I don't think it works online without Wifi)

Added (1). I am a passenger, It wouldn't be a good idea to watch an NFL game while driving.

How much space will i have left on my iphone if i download this apps? - 1

Okay im getting a 16 gb iPhone how much space will i have left if i download the following apps

injustice leagues gods among us 684 mb

planets vs zombies 73.5 mb

batman arrkham city lockdown 1.01 gb

star wars pinball 40 mb

dark knight rises 840 mb

the amazing spiderman 829 mb

man of steel 640 mb

shadow gun deadzone 174 mb

Can you text someone who blocked your number?

So me and my friend both have iMessage on our iPhones.her mom blocked my number so we couldn't talk anymore but i read somewhere that although your number is blocked you can still text through iMessage but not reg.text.
this happened last yr to us but she didn't have an iPhone then. So is this true? If not. What can we do so we can still talk?

Walmart family mobile or verizon prepaid?

Which one is better? I looked at a my touch smartphone with walmart mobile for only $40 which isn't bad. But then verizon service is better than tmobile. I have an iPhone now and want to switch because the payments but not sure to who.

What city is this on the new iPhone commercial?

The 'FaceTime Every Day' commercial, the newest iPhone commercial. It's midway through when a woman is showing a picturesque view of a city to a person on FaceTime.

It's at 32 sec:

Is it considered spoiled if I get an iPhone 5 at 13?

Ok so here's the whole story. I'm 13 and getting a white iPhone 5. I'm entering 8th grade and had all A's in 7th grade. My aunt in Hawaii said that she will get me a white iPhone 5 last month but she probably forgot:(. Anywho, I'm still waiting for the iPhone and was wondering if it's considered spoiled if I have one. Please answer I don't want to be displayed as a 13 year old brat!

How to get straight talk with my att iphone4?

I have an IPhone 4 that is an AT&T phone and I want to get straight talk! The $45 plan! What is the process I have to do. Do I have to get it unlocked? Do they have a SIM card for my phone?

Should i sell my ipad for an iPhone?

My phone really sucks and i really want an iPhone, but there's no point having an ipad and an iPhone. So i was thinking could sell my ipad and phone and get the new iPhone when it comes out in September/October since the iPhone is 2 in 1
What do you guys think?