Problem with Watch Espn app?

When I try to watch an event with watch espn, a message comes up and says, "Unable to play video. Your Time Warner Cable subscription includes access to this content. Enjoy! (Message: QE12DCSN00)." It does this on my computer, iPhone, ipad, and ipad mini. This has never happened before so do you think it's a problem with Time Warner Cable or the app? I've uninstalled the app and it still does the same thing.

My iPhone Won't Turn On (after Jailbreak)?

Ok, so i was trying to jail break me iphone 3gs on 6.1.3 with redsn0w.
here the thing, the iphone's power button is broken so i cant dfu the phone manually
Since the phone wont turn on, computers and itunes wont detect my phone

any ideas or comments will help at this time

thank you in advance

Anyone know some great features of the iphone 4?

Im hoping to buy an iphone 4 and i'm just curious to know some cool/interesting features it has, i've had an ipod touch before so i somewhat know about the basic stuff.

I have an iphone 5 but wont activate?

I bought an iphone 5 wont activate i tried with every sim (verizon, tmobile, att) BUT STILL. After i try it says if cannot activate contact apple support. I have but still didnt fix. I spent alot of $$ for a phone that dosent activate. Can any1 help!

What do i do if my Iphone 3g is frozen!

This morning my phone was fine, but in my 4th period it completely froze to my facebook profile. My power button is completely broken and iphone store is useless. How do I unfreeze its not on a contract or on date!

Added (1). I was in gym class and I finished my pacer test and I had permission!

My iphone power button is broken, how do I cancel incoming calls?

So my power button is broken and i'm on assistive touch
but the problem with assistive touch is that to get to the power button i have to press the dot then a sub menu then the lock
so to cancel an incoming call i have to press six times and it's kinda annoying,
so is there a shortcut where i can cancel the calls by one or two touches
can i change the function of other buttons to make it cancel the call?