Where is a good place in Los Angeles to get someone to change the back of an iPhone4?

I dropped my iPhone a while back, and the back of it is still shattered. I've seen on youtube on how you can easily install one in there, but I cant find an original back like the one I had (I have verizon btw) for a good price. I was just wondering if anyone knows a shop in the Los Angeles area on where they repair iPhones, or a site on which they sell iPhone 4 parts. THANKS in advance.

Are there some good soft iPhone 4 cases?

Do you know any good soft iPhone 4 cases by name? I need one that is soft (not hard case), thin (I don't want iPhone 4 to look to big ), and not expensive but quality…

How to completely wipe a mac?

I have a Unibody Macbook that my brother gave me and i would like to completely erase everything and to start fresh like a new macbook. How can i do that? Also, theres some programs in the computer that he bought how can i get them again after i wipe the mac? My iphone is also synced with this computer, will i be able to sync it without loosing everything if i completely wipe my computer? Will i loose my itunes library?

My 'ringer' stopped working on my iPhone 5?

This isn't the first problem I've had with it, the lock button stopped working a while back. I figured that it was just dirt stuck inside that I couldn't get out. I use the assist-touch thing to lock it now and despite being a bit annoying, it does its job.

Anyway, every night I put in my headphones and listen to music to get to sleep. Every morning I unplug them and there's usually no trouble. Today, however, when I woke up and unplugged them, I forgot to shut off the music first and instead of the music stopping like it normally would when I unplug the headphones, it kept playing (but I couldn't hear it, it just said it was playing). When I paused it, I tried to turn the volume up but it isn't working. The little box that says 'ringer' comes up but there is no volume bar on the bottom.


Other notes:

- I tried plugging headphones in and taking them out again but it didn't work.

- I know that the speakers didn't blow out because I went into ringtones and played one and I could hear that.

- I can't turn it off because, like I said, the lock button doesn't work. The only way to turn it off with a way to turn it back on is to let it die on it's own and then plug it in.

- About a day ago the little bar at the top of the screen (with the internet connection, time, charge status, ect.) stopped showing up when I'm in Safari. I don't know why or what happened and it's there every other time but for some reason not when I'm in Safari.

If you know what's going on or can think of something I should try, please answer. I'm leaving for a trip in about 6 hours and if at all possible, I'd like to have it fixed before that happens.

Please help.

Iphone 4 stuck on low battery screen?

Ok, my daughter is in crisis:/ Her iphone 4 is stuck on the low battery screen and won't budge. We have tried to restore through itune and it comes up as an error and says it can not complete restore. Other than trying to restore the phone, it will not leave the low battery screen. The iphone is jailbroke and unlocked to use with t-mobil. As anyone expienced this and what is the solution to get it to work properly? We have tried a hard restart but that doesn't work either. Thank you.