How to transfer data from iPod to iPhone?

Okay, so i have an iPod Touch 4G and when i get my iPhone 4, i want to transfer all the data (apps, app data, music etc) from my iPod 4 onto the iPhone 4. How do i do this?

What photo files are compatible with Windows 8?

I took pictures on my uncles Iphone and tried downloading and opening them on my windows 8 laptop. I can download them, but the file type does not seem to be compatible with windows. I can convert the photos to a different file type but which file types are compatible with windows?

How much space will i have left on my iphone if i download this apps?

How much space will i have left on my iphone if i download this apps?
okay im getting a 16 gb iPhone how much space will i have left if i download the following apps

injustice leagues gods among us 684 mb

planets vs zombies 73.5 mb

batman arrkham city lockdown 1.01 gb

star wars pinball 40 mb

dark knight rises 840 mb

the amazing spiderman 829 mb

man of steel 640 mb

shadow gun deadzone 174 mb

Can I sync an IPhone to a computer with a different Apple account?

My friend wants to sync her phone to my library because I have a lot of music. Her IPhone is registered under a different Apple ID than mine though. Will she have to log in as me on the IPhone? Or can she just keep using her own account?

IPhone 4S Updated battery real or fake?

Hey, I'm gonna be buying an IPhone 4S soon hopefully, and I've been looking at "mods" I can do to it. Yeah yeah yeah, I know it will kill the warranty, Idc about that. Anyway! Does anyone know anything about THIS battery? Some people have said it's real, others have said it's fake. Can anyone let me know for sure if it's real or fake? Because I'm thinking of getting this, because I tend to use my phone a lot and… Well yeah I want it to last as long as it can xDD This is the battery:

Will the simcard in my iPhone 4 work in a Sony Xperia Z?

I am going to upgrade my phone to the Sony Xperia Z and I wanted to know a little more about sim cards.

By putting my current simcard into a new phone will I get the same service I'm getting right now? And if so is it compatible for my new phone?

Is there anything else i'll need to know? Thanks.

Problem with watching NFL game?

I am traveling for 7 hours on the road today and am gonna miss the Chargers-Bears game. I want to watch it live, instead of listen to it on the radio. Is there a way I could watch the game online while on the road. (I do not have an iPad) I have an iphone, and a windows 8 tablet (but I don't think it works online without Wifi)

Added (1). I am a passenger, It wouldn't be a good idea to watch an NFL game while driving.