What do i bring on a road trip?

Okay im going on five hour road trip and i already have pillows and blankets and i have my iphone and i charged it up fully now do you think i need anything else

I reset My iPhone 4s and now it won't activate?

I reset my phone so I can download iOS 7, but now it wont activate. I need help. It keeps telling me "We're sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time."

For Verizon Wireless, what is a full retail price? - 1

Okay so my friend is 12, and she's getting her first phone. She wants to know what a full retail price is. I would kinda like to know too. Does it mean you need to pay that price monthly? She's getting a iphone 4 or iPhone 4S she doesn't know. And what is the "if your are eligible or not eligible"stuff? I'm confused. She knows about the two year contract and and the termination fee, but Idk how to explain the full retail price. I don't have a phone yet but I know some stuff about this.

Any advice?
Please no bad comments I'm new at this:)

Dropped my IPhone in water but it still worked. Will it be ok?

It fell in my sink and I grabbed it out of there in no more than 2 seconds. I wiped it dry and immediately grabbed my vaccum cleaner and used the tube part to suck up any excess water. I started testing it out. Everything worked fine. The camera, the screen, texting all worked normal. But I submerged it in a plastic bowl full of rice and closed the lid just in case. WIll my phones still be ok? Or is it ruined? How long do I leave it in rice? Im such as an idiot… Im worried now

Why do girls hate to buy cheap bras?

This one girl I know name Amanda was saying that she put $150.00 aside to go bra shopping at secret victorias, well I asked her why would she want to go to victorias secret when you have a Target distrbution center 2 miles down the road.

they are cheap too, I dont want cheap stuff on my breast unless its my Iphone.


What is a way to make notes on iPhone that alphabetize?

I have an iPhone on which I spend a lot of time. I use the "notes" feature to write down all sorts of things. However, the titles of each note are not in alphabetical order. If I were on the computer in Word, I would write a title on my doc and it would automatically list it in alphabetical order. Since I have about a hundred notes, it is a pain to scroll through all the titles to find the note I want. I've looked at various apps, but haven't found one that will alphabetize.

I want a custom heavy duty case for my iphone?

I like all the custom cases that i see on amazon and what not, but they all look super flimsy. I am looking for a rugged type case that i can get customized. Preferably waterproof as well but it isn't essential.

How to afford a smartphone/iphone?

It seems like everyone but me has one.

I have a flip phone. It costs $23 every 90 days.

Don't smartphone/iphone services cost at least $60/month?
I can't afford that.
Is there a way around this?
How can I afford an iphone?