Is there a waterproof rechargeable iPhone 4 case?

I'm looking for an iPhone 4 case that is waterproof like the LifeProof cases, but also rechargeable and tough like the Mophie Juice Pack Pro! Just an iPhone 4 case that is completely waterproof, rechargeable and tough as! Does it exist? Price doesn't matter, please include links or the closest thing to it, even other cool iPhone 4 cases that are equally as cool:)

How to hook my iPhone 4S up to my TV to watch streaming videos from my PC?

I know there is an app that you can stream videos from your PC wirelessly to the iPhone… But I'm wondering if there is an adapter that let's you use your iPhone to hook it up to your TV to watch videos on there? I just want to watch my movies and TV shows that are stored on my PC in my bedroom TV, since I don't feel like lugging my PS3 back and forth lol

IPhone 6 or iPhone 5s - when?

So theres loads of rumours and photos of the iPhone 5s/iPhone 6 going around. I've got a few questions and will love anyone who can answer them!-
-iPhone 5s or iPhone 6?
-When is it supposed to be released?
-Is there an "official" photo of the new iPhone? If so can you attach a link
-When the new iPhone come out will the iPhone 5 drop down in price?
-What is going to be different about the new iPhone compared to the iPhone 5?
-I've got £800 to buy the iPhone 5 but should I hold onto my money until the new iPhone comes out? (but I will be without a phone until it comes out)

Thank you!(:

How would yoy know someone blocked your number?

I have a regular phone and the person I texted has an IPhone. When I tried sending a text it said " The recipient that you are sending to has chosen not to receive messages. " What does that mean?
My friend who also has an IPhone texted his number and he replied, but it had IMessage under it.