How to take pictures like this? - 1


i wanna take a pic of my truck but they dont look like this im using in iphone 5 and i wanna make it look like this picture with the shading is there a way to do it?

How to put this child to bed?

I babysitting my sister in laws friends 4 yr old girl, and she wont go to bed… Its 12:00 AM and every time i tell her she needs to lay down she keeps saying shes wants to wacth a different movie or play on her phone (yeah, she has a IPHONE… 4 YR OLD… ) But Ive fed her, ive played with her, ive got her in her jammies, and set up a little bed for her. Now we are watching spongebob movie and shes messing with her phone. How do i get her to lay down for bed?

How to unlock my chinese iphone 4s?

I have a Chinese version Iphone 4s which is exactly like those of real one. I have bought it in Papua New Guinea. I used it with digicel network. But now as I have come to India, I am not able to use the phone with any other network sim cards. Do I need to factory unlock this phone though it is not the real Iphone? Do I have to pay for that too? Any idea?

How to get real easy pocket money? I want an iPhone/ipod?

I recently had my iPod stolen and I'm only 13 so I can't get a job until I am 16. Please I live in the UK so some rules differ to American. I just really want a iPhone or an iPod and I can't ask my parents because they have not much money just for this, they have more important things to buy me.

What is the app CocoPPa on a iPhone?

So there's this iPhone app I have on my phone. It like redoes all your apps. And makes them look pretty. But people say it makes your phone slow. & is there possibly any damage that can happen. It is Chinese? Lol

Iphone stuck in setup menu IOS7?

I tried upgrading my iphone 5 into ios7 but i didn't know that you had to be a registered developer so now my iphone is stuck on the setup menu for ios7
is there any way to fix this?

IPhone 3G stuck on Emergency screen?

I am trying to fix my friends iPhone 3G as it is stuck on the emergency screen with the USB to iTunes logo. I have tried to connect it to iTunes but it comes up with "The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported". My friend's told me that it all happened when she updated it or something, not entirely sure. The other main problem is that we don't know the firmware version and I can't unlock it to check:/

I also remember using a program on my dads iMac that told me all sorts of information about my old iPod Touch (including firmware version) when I connected it through USB, but unfortunately I don't remember what the program's called as I deleted it a while back. (I vaguely remember there being a snow flake as the little logo and it has a name like the jailbreaking software 'redsn0w' or something like that)

I'm thinking I could unlock the phone if I jailbroke it, except I really need the firmware version. Any ideas how I could obtain the firmware version?

How to get my ringtone set on my iphone 4s?

I have the ring tone int the tones part of my iTunes library and i have uploaded it on my phone and it is also in my song library on my phone but its not my ringtone. How do i set it or fix this mess?

Did I loose everything on my iPhone?

Today, I wanted to remove the jailbrake on my iPhone. So I restored it thinking nothing would happen just the jailbrake would be removed and I would have to reset somethings. But no, what happened was it asked me if I wanted to start as a new iphone, restore using iCloud, or restore using iTunes. I tried doing it with itunes but it wasn't working. Then i tried with iCloud and it asked me if I wanted to restore it from the latest backup; July 2012. I decided to do the one from my iPod in march. I lost a good 2, 000 pictures and im pissed.anyway to get this all back?