IPhone 4 water damage Help:?

I decided to go for a swim not realizing I had my iPhone in my pocket. After a minute or two I realized it when it started vibrating, then I quickly pulled it out of my pocket and gave it CPR. It vibrated in a strange pattern in my hand then wouldn't turn on. Without thinking I tried turning it on and it still didn't turn on. Then I left it in a purse for a few hours. I came back praying it would work, it obviously didn't. I came home and immediately put it in a container of dry rice and surrounded it. The LED light in the back was now on and later it turned off when I guess the iPhone ran out of charge. Then 10 hours later I took the dead batteries iPhone and put it on charge, the LED light in the back was now dim and flickering while on charge. I tried holding the power and home button praying again that it would work. It didn't so I unplugged it and stuck it back in rice. Is the motherboard toasted? What are the chances it will turn on? Is there anything else I can do to help it recover? Please don't tell me I'm screwed,(

Could she be depressed, or just desperate?

I'm worried about a friend of mine.

She just text me saying that she was crying,& explained why. She tells me feels ignored.
She told me she is doing (what I listed below), because she's is desperate.
She's basically trying to get all this attention from students at our school. She wants to drive around town to show people she can drive. She plays her guitar outside so people will notice her. She is getting iPhone 5 so she the phone that's in. She never use to care about what she wore. Now she's going to stores that are in.

About four months ago she was suicidal. Right now, as of what I know, she isn't.

What happens when you press the reset statistics?

I have an iPhone 4S and I want more space. It says in cellular usage i used 13.9gb for calls received and used 2.5gb for sent texts and calls. What happens when I reset the statistics?

Does an unlocked iPhone 5 work all over the world?

Im going to europe and was wondering if my iPhone 5 will work there. Its unlocked. Im also getting one for my friend who lives in Poland and was wondering it will work there. Thanks.

How to pass lots of time on my iPhone?

I'm bored out of my mind and all I have with me is my iPhone 4, a pair of headphones, and a decent internet connection. Can someone please tell me a way to stay entertained for at least an hour?

IPhone 4S not sending texts?

I have a sprint iPhone 4S and ice been trying to text my boyfriend who also has an iphone and it says it delivered the text but below the message I sent I doesnt say "delivered"? Did it still send?

Can I transfer my iPhone to Metro PCS?

I have an AT&T iphone4 that I recently unlocked using unlocksexpress.com so I brought it to a Metro PCS store but without even looking at the phone the guy told me that if I did it through a website it's not unlocked that I have to go through the carrier and get the software changed. It this true or it that just the proper way to do it? I hooked my phone up to iTunes and backed it up then restored it after I got conformation from the website and when it was done I got a screen that said "congratulations your iPhone is now unlocked" so I continued to use it on AT&T but now I want metro.