Whats your favourite Iphone 5 apps?

Paid or Free?

Added (1). Im not asking what you prefer paid or free! Im stating i dont mine paid or free! Name the apps.thanks.

How to get rid of # on iphone 4s?

How do i get rid of my phone # on my old iphone 4s sprint service.trying to sell it on ebay and dont want a # on it want to sell it like new.alredy restored it to factory but still have my phone # on it.

Added (1). How will they get a new # then cause i dont want them having that one because i havea lot of people with that #

Added (2). How will they get a new # then cause i dont want them having that one because i havea lot of people with that #

Iphone won't detect charger?

I just replaced the screen on my iPhone 4s and now it won't detect any charger. I took it apart again and check the dock connector, the battery and dock plug in, and took the whole speaker assembly out, looked it over, and reinstalled it. Don't know what else could be the problem, any advice? I've tried restarting and rebooting the phone, still nothing. :(

Bad signal with the iPhone 4?

When someone has bad reception(ex. In a basement) can they still receive calls and see who's calling? Lol it looks like I'm planning something, I'm not! I promise. Just bad experiences with the iPhone lately

How to put iphone videos on youtube?

Hi i have a phone 4s and how do i put videos from my iphone onto youtube?
please make the answer simple to follow
no stupid answers

Why do I have to pay full price for T- Mobile iPhone 5?

Ok so I went to the tmobile store to upgrade my old basic phone for the new iPhone 5 16gb and the rep told me that I had to pay the full cost ($579, i believe). On the ad it shows $99 for the 16gb! The plan I have right now is the Shared Classic Unlimited-Talk + Text, so I dont know if the plan is the problem or what? I also have no data added. Maybe that's why. Anyways if someone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

How fun is Angry Birds really?

I've never had an iPhone or whatever, but I see they have Angry Birds for Nintendo 3DS

I hear about it all the time, I see Angry Birds merchandise in every store, is it like… AMAZINGLY FUN or something!

On a scale of 1-10 how great is Angry Birds honestly? I wonder if I should get it

How to delete a bunch of pictures from my iphone at once?

I have a 5. I had an android and on there you could hold one picture and that would then create checkboxes over each picture… Then you would check the photos you wanted to delete, share edit. Is there a feature like this on the iphone or do i have to delete individually?