Transfer video from iPhone to computer?

I want to transfer a video from my iPhone to my computer to upload it to youtube. I tried sending it by email. It said the video was too long. I tried connecting my phone and transfering it my computer and it is on my computer but I cant transfer it to iMovie maker to edit it. Can someone help me please? Thank You.

Why is other taking up so much space on my iphone?

I recently replaced my old iphone with a new one and I was excited because my old iphone was having a problem where "other" would take up all of my storage. Well, I plugged my new phone into the computer, and now "other" is taking up over 2GB of space on my iphone. I only have 6GB! I really need to fix this problem because it gets to the point where other takes up over half of my space. I already reset and restored it. What is other and how can I delete what is in it? Please help, I can't find anything that says what is stored in other and I'm using less than 2GB of my storage because of this.

My sprint iphone doesnt work in my house what should I do?

I've been to the Apple store they've told me its not the phone its my service. But when I call Sprint they only make me reset my network settings and that still doesn't work… I can go less then 5 miles from my house and my phone will work perfectly fine… Any advice on what should I do

Leather iPhone 4 Holster Case?

I want a leather iphone case similar to this, but maybe a more supple leather, and tight fit, so I can get it into my pocket easier

any ideas, or brands I should look into?


Added (1). Found it!

Does sprint do free trade ins on the iphone 5?

My iphone 5 has been having wifi issues since I got it the day it came out. I was patient and wait for a fix while upgrading my wireless router and changing some setting but it doesn't seem to be working. As of right now I am ready to break my phone out of anger(I actually threw it on the floor and kicked it around a little, these things are durable!) I've talk to other iphone 5 owners and they said their wireless is fine. I have Sprint, would they do a free trade in or at least downgrade my phone to the 4s, which I know doesn't have wifi issues, for free?