Need opinions on what should I do about this police officer?

Well about a month ago, my family was robbed at our house. We were held at gunpoint, one of the guys had a long barrel 44. Magnum. Anyways, I was pistol whipped and he broke one of my ribs. These 2 robbers(black gang members) and they stole my MacBook, iPad, my iPhone & my dad's iPhone & guns. When they finally left, we called the cops. When the cop got here, we tried to tell him what went on. All of a sudden this cop told me to follow him & get in the back of the patrol car. So pretty much I was detained. I was telling him the exact details of the robbery, he's one of the slowest writers ever. Half way through the story, he got out of the car. And then walked to the back side of the door. He opened it. And in a threatening like tone, he said that I've been working in the police force for 30 years, I know for a fact this story doesn't add up. And I know that you set this whole thing up. So you can split the money & buy drugs. Now seriously?! I'm old enough to sell my *** so why in the hell would I get pistol whipped, and split the money for things that are mine?! I wouldn't have been pistol whipped if I set it up. So anyways, he tried to scare me, he said that my eyes are moving really fast(And I know for a fact that my eyes never moved that much) and my hair on my arms are sticking up, so I'm lying. I told him I'm wearing a thin white shirt, with pajamas. & it's 50 degree's outside and I was just robbed with guns. He said, "whatever." He also said that since turned 18, I would go to prison, and I would be raped. The last thing he said was, "I'm going to find out where these people live, and when I do I'm going to come back & arrest you." And he left, he didn't give us a case number or ANYTHING. 2 hours later, I tracked my iPhone location down to the robbers house, there I called the police again. The cop arrived and I showed him the location and everything. And that was it. It's been a month and last week they still didn't even enter the case into the computer. The 2nd cop actually did give us a number and a case number. Now what really made me mad was my teacher, she had her iPhone stolen and I tracked the location down and everything. 30minutes later, the cop got the phone and arrested the guy. How pathetic is this? I live in Oklahoma City,'really close to Moore. My question is,'what is your perspective on this cop,'and what do you think I should do about this matter? All answers are appreciated, thanks.

Stolen iphone 5, what do i do?

My iphone 5 has been stolen in my classroom. Its been about 3weeks now. The first day, i didnt know what to do, looked everywhere but i was clueless. Then i found the Find My iPhone app & remembered turning it on on my settings. But i found out that my mom deactivated theservice so i couldnt use the app. About a week later i asked my mom to turn it back on hoping i would be able to track it, but it was off (goes to voicemail) its been dead eversince.
I dont know what to do, i seriously am very sad about it and i just want it back & i still do have hope. Ive reported it to the police at my school but theyre not doing anything. The person who stole it is someone from that class only. But idk who?
Anyone help me? What should i do now? Should i just give up and stop looking for answers?

How to get audio from my pc to tv with an audio cable?

I went to walmart the guy told me to buy this cable it has a iphone like singe plugin on one end and the cables like you would see to plug in an xbox without an hdmi on other end i cant seem to get it to workive been trying forever i built my pc withsome help from scratch and i forgot an hdmi port help please

Added (1). The cable is a belkin the 2 sided side has an orange and white plugins the cable is in the shape of a Y

My iPhone 4S won't connect to my wi-fi?

My iPhone 4S won't connect to the home wifi like i press it and it just buffers for a couple of seconds and then says 'unable to join… ' I have tried resetting the network settings and selecting 'other networks' but nothing works, my ipad and ipod and my sisters iphone is still connected. It started last night I had just been out and I had tried to connected to the local wifi but it hasn't been working there for weeks. When I came home it wouldn't connect to my

Is this reason to be suspicious in my relationship?

Hi all,

firstly, i am a paranoid person - period. However…

last night I received a text from my girlfriend then 2 mins later a facetime call (we both have iphones), but the facetime was canceled almost instantly. I asked why she had done this and she said it was an accident and didnt mean too, she said that she had scrolled up too the top of the messages and hit the facetime button by accident,

can that really happen? Cause my thinking is that she wanted to facetime somebody else and not concentrating clicked on me instead,

how is it possible to scroll up a conversation too the top of the messages and hit that button, not knowingly by accident? I know with some iphones you can 'shoot' too the top of the messages by tapping something, but still - would that not seem strange?

My iphone 5 wont sync music on iTunes? Help!

So heres the problem. My phone got restored and i lost all of my music and everything. Now i want my music back but it wont work. I tick the sync music box then i click on the sync box and it takes 5 seconds to say 'waiting for sync to start- syncing contacts, waiting for chges to apply' then it is finished. I NEED MY MUSIC! Help! URGENT

Where can I buy an iphone 5 in Bali? Somewhere around Kuta?

So I want to buy an iphone 5 in Bali but I am not sure where to buy it any places recommended around Kuta to buy cheap iphone 5? Or is there any place to buy cheap iphone 5 in Bali? What is the rough price for an iphone 5(cheapest) for a 16gb or 32 gb iphone?

IPhone using MORE RAM than it should be?

I've got an app which shows how much of RAM is being used and its frees unused RAM.So, I jailbroke my IPhone and discovered a drag in speed.So, I thought I had installed more tweaks than suppose to.So, I restored my IPhone and the drag of speed is still there, even after my restore and before my jailbreak. I close any unused apps, but still the same…

Technical Specifications

IPhone 4
Jailbroken, then restored without Jailbreaking

Is it safe to trickle charge my IPhone for 2 hours?

I have downloaded an app called Battery Doctor from AppCake. It is a verified app in the app store.So, I went over to the settings menu and I realize that this was the only app I knew had the trickle charge settings which allows you to adjust the amount of time you want to trickle charge.So, the maximum is 120 minutes. I love having a longer battery life and I don't mind charging longer. Is it safe to trickle charge my IPhone for 120 minutes?

Is an iPhone useless without a data plan that has internet?

I was planning on buying an unlocked iPhone from Craigslist and just inserting my sim card in but i would like to know whether it's worth it or not. I will have access to the internet (through wi-fi) for the iPhone, just not a data plan that includes internet.
i want an iPhone because my current phone is crapping out on me and i need a new music device.