Is quicktime required to restore iphone?

I have to restore my iphone to the latest release of iOS and am wondering if quicktime is required? I'm under the impression that quicktime is just a media player. I don't need anymore media players so I don't want to install it.

How to save DVD files onto my computer then transfer them to iTunes?

I recently got Green Day's 'Bullet in a Bible' and 'Awesome as ***' DVD's, as well as All Time Low's 'Straight to DVD.' I have the physical copies, and want to transfer them onto my computer then onto iTunes so that I could have them on my iPhone. How do I do that? Whenever I put in my DVD's into the computer, the autoplay thingy comes up and gives me the options of either using Windows Media Player or Realplayer. I can't figure out how to do it. Help?

Videos not playing on iPhone 5?

I took a few videos today which won't play or send through I message! I updated my phone recently and it's still not working any ideas on how to fix it?

Will my iphone be blacklisted?

I just found a Iphone 4s on the ground with the password. I want to reset it to factory settings but I am worried that the phone will be blacklisted. Will the Iphone be blacklisted if I reset it to factory settings?

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Added (2). So @AVDADDY I can use the phone if I reset it to factory settings or not?

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Added (4). But @Jon Yoda Can I use the phone if I reset it to factory settings?

IPhone 5 won't turn on or restore?

I have had an iPhone 5 since Christmas now, and everything was fine. Recently the phone started turning itself off, fading to black before restarting itself. This has just happened and now the phone loads the apple logo for around 2 seconds and then fades and repeats the process. Even plugging the phone into my laptop does not help. As soon as it starts to turn on it fades and reboots. I have tried putting the phone into recovery mode and that still does not work. Any advice would be awesome. The phone is in warranty but the Apple store is a fair while away for me to travel to.

Will this screw up my service?

I have a old iphone 4. Well, i got a iphone 5 recently. My iphone 4 is still off. If i turn it on, and it has no like service like at&t or verizon, and the person i give it to used wifi, will it work? & will it mess with my service and bills?

The iphone 5 vs the htc one?

Which do you like more and why. I really want to know battery life, durrability, and like which one is better for web surfing. Costumization is cool but it won't change my mind.

Does Restore to Factory Settings wipe everything?

I'm planning to trade my old iPhone in to GameStop, but I still have a lot of Facebook, Twitter, etc.accounts logged in and don't know that if I log out that it will solve everything. I don't want to take the risk of any future owners being able to access my accounts, so if I restore to factory settings, does that completely wipe that information from my phone?