How to delete somebody from your favorites list on the iPhone app?

Back when me and my ex dated she added her to my favorites list. It's the list on the app that when you open then menu it's right there. I've tried everything from blocking her, unfriendliness her, and went through her page looking for a option to remove her. How do I do so?


Should I get the HTC One or the iPhone 5?

I would get the HTC, but I have many apple products already, and enjoy how they all sync up. An Android would mess that up and make me have to buy things that no other device could use… But I and many others believe that the HTC One is a better phone in general. I would be fine with both, but unfortunately, I can only have one. There are just some small details that are always bumping one over the other, and then back again… Any opinions on the matter are helpful! Thanks!

Any free software to unlock iphone 4?

Does anybody know any free, no spam software that I can use to unlock my iphone 4 from att to tmobile? Everything else wants me to pay.

How many songs are on your iPod/iPhone? - 1

I have just over 1, 100 songs on my iPod. I got a new computer last week and needed to clear my iPod and create a whole new playlist. It's been only a few days so I'm hoping to make it to 5, 000 by next Friday. I had over 5, 000 on my old playlist.

BQ! Put your iPod on shuffle. What's the 5th, 9th, 14th, 17th, and 22nd song that come up?
5th: Beauty and a Beat, Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj… That's embarrassing
9th: Those Magic Changes, Grease
14th: The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra
17th: It's My Life, Bon Jovi
22nd: Love Drunk, Boys Like Girls

(iphone erasing data reset (taking forever)?

Ok so i had cydia on my phone but i didnt like it so i decided to erase all data (still have my contacts and other important things) first i used normal reset but that did nothing so then i clicked the earase all data thing and the little rotation bar wont stop its been like this for about 3 hours please help i really need my phone

Should I get the S3, S4, or wait?

I'm the type of person who likes to hold on to money to see how much I have left (i guess I like to keep my 'cake' to marvel at it). Anyways I have gotten tired of my old iphone 4 (it was my mom's so don't think i'm spoiled, i really am not.) and I have been interested in the Samsung Galaxy S's. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most advanced thing i've seen/heard and I'm just anxious to get something with magical air gesture technology. However my family has decided to switch over to Straight talk once my mothers contract is over (her iphone 5) or sometime, and that means I'd have to buy the phone with out a contract which would make the s4 5-6 times more then it costs on contract. So my question is, should I wait like a good girl until I have the money or time (I just thought of selling my iphone and ipod, and raise money selling old items) or just wait for the heck of it and see the options, or should I get the s3. I have felt in my life content with everything I had, when I got my iphone but I want something advanced, and I'm scared I'll be the stupid materialistc ***, and I hate that. Or should I wait a tiny bit and get the S4? Or instead of using it for a whole 'nother year, boom the S5 comes, out. What should I do? Should I just wait till S5 comes out? Oh and if you find sale prices without contract online, could you send me the links? Thanks guys.

Added (1). I have read an article that talks about how S5 might be revouloutionary. What's the point of getting a phone that will be 'old' in the next -6-12 months? I don't know, If i do get it I hope I can be fully satisfied. I'm just worried about the extremely expensive price for the S4

IPhone got wet.what do I do?

Tried using lifeproof case yesterday, but my iphone got wet! It was working fine for about an hour after it got wet, so i thought it was fine. After that, the LED light turned on and I couldn't turn it off. THEN the screen turned completely blank. I put the iphone in rice, it's been 24 hours. The light has turned off and now it seems dead… What should I do? :(

I bought an iPhone, and the seller left his SIM card in it?

I think he left the SIM card in because it still says Verizon at the top left corner, and it is still picking up 3G here and there. He also didn't even restore it lol. So what should I do? I want to use this with my Verizon account! So if I take out the current SIM card, restore the phone, and bring it to Verizon, will they give me a new SIM card for my verizon account?