What is it called and how do I get it on my screen?

I have the iPhone 5. There is this thing that I don't know what it's called and my friends have it on their screen. It's like this button thing that you can drag around your screen. What is it called and how do I get it on my screen.

Oh god i cant focus while studing!

Well i need to read 3 hard books! Radiology, Histology and Phytology! They are about 300 pages
I need to keep all these stuff in my brain for final tests! But i cant i cant remind them as i read
It makes me hopeless
And im just playing with my iphone oh god!
Help what should i do?
I need to pass the exams

ITunes will not sync music to my iPhone?

I've been trying all night to add Gavin DeGraw's music to my iPhone. The stupid iTunes I'm using (it's like 11.1.1 or something a bit lower, a rough guesstimate) won't let me add the music to my phone, no matter how many times I try. It's 54 songs, and I can't even put them in a playlist and sync a playlist.

what else can I do to put these songs on my iPhone? I've tried practically everything!

Added (1). I have an iPhone 4S, and I didn't buy the songs, I [downloaded] them. I did have a bit of success when I did something like unchecking the music and adding it, then rechecking it (big whoop) but that also caused the music files by the artist to be grayed out.

I bid and won an item from ebay with a no or 0% feedback seller!

I was using my phone to bid on ebay and saw the item almost ended maybe 19sec. So here I am bidding without checking it out the price is so low it is an Iphone 4 8gb for $165 + $8shipping description says it's new but it's a week old and says his not satisfied with it so his looking to buy a new one that's why he was selling this phone. When I won the item I got so excited! But when I saw that no other bidder besides me I started wondering why. Plus the seller was an ebay member since 2011 and he didn't have any item for sale and the most important to all he has 0% feedback! That just really blow me away. I kind of worried to send my payment so I kept thinking what should I do as I don't want to get a negative feedback either. I am 100% ebay buyer and I pay for my items very quickly! I received a message from this seller for the item I just won and telling me to let her/him know as long as I send my payment. I didn't respond at all not for long I got another message from the same person asking me when can I send my payment. I have been in ebay for almost 4yrs. As a buyer but I don't have any seller asking me like that, as like what I said I pay for the items I bought very quickly! But this just very suspicious seller and I am not sure what to do. I had respond to his message and tell him/her how I feel and my concerns. I apologize because it is wrong for not paying the item and to even bid on it. But I don't want to lost my $173 dollars for nothing. I would to love to pay but can't give this money for free. He/she responding to me with excuses and telling me that he will leave me a negative feedback as I refuse to pay the item, but I said that's fine. I can take the negative feedback but not to lost money.

PS. He doesn't have the original item picture his just using the stock photo.

So guys do you think I did the right thing? Just want to let you know I felt bad for the person because what if his real. Any comments are welcome, thank you everyone for reading thi