Can they track iphone 5 if it is turned off or sim is removed?

L lost my iphone 5 today and l had the track my iphone app on it and it's on a contract.l tried calling but it's not working so they must've turned it off or removed sim.
can police still track it? Like maybe from the last place the sim was taken out?

Can I play music from a iphone dock through and aux cable and android?

I know this sounds stupid but I have a fm transmitter and it has a 30 pin port on it. All my music is on my android and am wondering if I plugged in my friends iphone could I then put a two wau aux cable from his phone to mine and play my music? I know this os unliekly and seems stupid but I am curious.

Spy app for android and iphone to monitor private browsing?

I'm looking for an app to track privately browsed sites or a way to shut off private browsing within the phones.
My son has an android phone and my daughter has an Iphone. I would like to be able to check in occasionally, just to make sure they are not falling into the wrong crowd or looking up things they shouldn't be.
I trust my kids, but in this day and age, I just want to keep them as safe as possible!
Thank you

What is the purpose of iPhone nano SIM card?

? I'm ordering my brand new iPhone 5 from tmobile, am I required to buy a nano SIM card in order to run my new phone? What is the purpose? Which one do I buy? Help, I'm new to all of this.

I have this cable and I'm not sure what it is for. What is it?

Ok. So this cable has what I believe is an AV input. There are3 inputs. Red, white, and yellow. An AV cable does fit into the input. Then, on the other end, there are 2 of what I think are outputs. One is black and the other is yellow. They look just like headphone jacks. They even fit into my iPhone headphone plug. The yellow side has a single black ring around it. The black side has 2 black rings on the end. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

How to get the WiFi option to turn on after being grayed out?

My friend bought a used iPhone 4 that works perfectly fine, except the option to turn on WiFi is grayed out. We turned it off & on, reset the Network settings multiple times, updated it, restored it. Airplane isn't turned on. It's out of warranty, so Apple can't fix it. Is there anything else we can do?

Why my iphone 5 will not connect to mail server?

"Cannot connect to mail server" After speaking to apple they told me its a Google problem and id have to contact them about this. I cannot find a direct contact for them. Ive had to delete my mail account and then put it back in so to access my mail. I have had to do this many times this past month. I have read forums that say to change to Gmail but ive had my Yahoo email ad for years and would prefer not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance