Which case is your favorite?




Blue Bear

Teddy Bear

ALSO which one is your least favorite?

How long should I leave my Iphone in rice? - 1

I was in a rush and completely forgot my Iphone 4S was in my back pocket. Next thing you know, I hear a splash in the toilet. It took me a second to realize what had happened and I immediately pulled my phone out. I dried it with a towel and pressed the lock key to see if it was alright. There were no glitches, the home button stopped working but its fine now. The only issue is that it won't turn off, I've tried turning it off, but it magically turns back on itself. As far as I know, all the buttons are working, nothing happened to the screen and the water damage indicators aren't pink at all. Just to be safe I want to leave it in rice, but how long should I leave it in for considering the damage doesn't seem all too bad?

Nexus 4 or HTC One or used iPhone 5 or used iPhone 4S?

Between the Nexus 4 and HTC One, which one is better?
The HTC One has the best low-light camera performance, has the 1080p screen and premium-feeling metal build, but the Nexus 4 gets immediate updates and doesn't come with the Blinkfeed software. The processor in the One is better though. The 350 dollar price difference may make me lean towards the Nexus 4.


When the upcoming iPhone is released I may just get a used iPhone 5 or I might get a used iPhone 4S right now.

Any suggestions?

Keep in mind I am just in high school.

Why wont my Iphone alert me when i get a text?

My phone, iphone 4s, always used to show me a banner whenever i get a text. It just randomly stopped. I checked in notifications about a million times and its set to show me a banner. I haven't dropped it or done anything that would have broken my phone. I would just really like to know how to fix this without taking it to an apple store. Thanks.

What should I do about our grocery situation?

All of our children have iPads and iPhones that my husband has bought against my will, but we are lacking a lot of necessities. The air conditioner has been broke for about 5 years. We never have paper towels or plastic bags. We don't even have a garbage can. We don't have any type of utensils
I went grocery shopping with my husband the other day and I picked up some whole grain cereal and milk and shaving cream, dropped it into the cart. He got angry and said " that's it. Don't pick up anything else or you are going to get embarrassed" I told him I wanted to get some strawberries and more nturitional food for the kids and he got even angrier and said " you trying to make me go broke. Nothing else"
He only got 30 dollars worth of food for a family of 6
Most of the things he got was pure crap such as frozen pizza and cookies
Even then he complained that he spent too much money
I work in retail barely making any money and work more hours than he does
He makes good money but the kids are always hungry

Can you downgrade 6.1.3 to 4.0.1?

I need to downgrade my iPhone 4 so I can jailbreak it. Is it possible? If so can you tell me how to do it? Thanks!