How to activate iPhone 4S with Verizon?

So my old iPhone 4S was stolen, and we deactivated it. Now I bought another 4s off eBay and it works great, but idk how to activate it! I took it to verizon but we forgot our password, and they didn't help me reset the password so they were useless. Then I tried to call *228 and that didn't work either. How do I activate this thing?

How to break the habit of using the iPad/iPhone late at night?

I will often be on my iPad or iPhone until at least 11:30 pm, I am sure that this is one of the reasons why I am not sleeping very well at the moment. However, for those of you who have never had this problem before, refraining going on it after a certain is easier said than done. It is really hard when you are so attached/addicted to using it. How do I break this habit?

How to disable a WIFI connection?


I have a really annoying cousin who uses way to much internet and ends up making it super slow for me. I can not go onto his ipod and forget the network as he has a password on there. Is there any way I can disable the WIFI connection so he can not use it while he is on his ipod? The internet I am currently using is EE moved from Livebox.

I have already tried to reset the EE router to factory settings and all that has done is reset everything but still kept all the WIFI connections, I know this because my WIFI connection on my iphone was still connected to the router.

Is there any way I can disable the WIFI connection for him or even decrease the bandwidth so each time he plays a video from youtube it keeps freezing for him?

Teens: What do you do to occupy yourself while traveling?

In about four hours or so I'm heading to the airport and flying to Denver!
Yay Vacayy!
Anywho, I thought it'd be fun to ask what people do while they're traveling?
Obviously internets not an option. As well as annoying airport security as there's no lay overs (STRAIGHT SHOT BABBYYYYYYYY)
What do you guys do?
At the moment, I'm charging my ipod and iphone and downloading some interesting apps to occupy myself. Once one dies, i go to the other (Once phone hits around 50% i'll probably shut it off and use my ipod._. Since after I land in Denver I have about an hour drive)
Any apps you recommend?

Why does my iPhone 5 do this? - 1

Well sometimes when I try to turn my iPhone 5 back on off of sleep mode, it won't turn on. I have to keep trying for a minute until it turns on. How can I fix this?

IPhone users.what does +1 This Page mean when viewing a website?

I've never noticed this option before, but when I had GoogleSearch open, I can click the icon on the bottom of the screen that says "Open In Safari", "+1 This Page", or "Share Via Email".So what is the significance of "+1" a webpage? How does it help?

How to fix IOS 7 iphone developer program register!

I downloaded Ios 7, Its pretty much not activating. Itunes wont allow me to restore my phone or Back it up. Is there a program i can use to restore my iphone! Is there a way to get bypass activation! Please Help!
Is it possible i could download another program to just delete everything on the phone!

Is the Marc Jacobs Foil Covered Iphone 5 Case actually protective?


The case is featured in the link above. I'm buying a case for my Iphone 5 but I want one that is both chic and protective. Could anyone tell me if this case looks like it would have some protective qualities? (the material is actually polycarbonate and not real tin foil).

Belkin autolive fm transmitter won't turn on?

I recently purchased a Belkin auto live fm transmitter to connect my iphone to my car stereo. When I plus the product into the outlet and the other side to the phone, my phone begins to charge but the Belkin is still not on. Is the product broken or am I not doing something correctly? There were no detailed instructions given with it, so I'm assuming it is just not functioning properly.