Really need your help guys! IPhone problem!

So today I dropped my phone and got a tinny crack in it and it wont let me touch there cause the screen wont recognize when I touch it, I just want to take away the password cause unfortunately it contains a 9 which is where it is not working. Or even find a way to fix it. But I can not recover it cause it contains pictures that are really important to me and my family. If anyone can help me that would be amazing. But I unfortunately cant hook my phone up to itunes cause im away on vacation for a while in Ireland. If you guys can help, please comment! Thanks in advance guys!<3

IPhone 5 broken lock button?

I few weeks ago I realized that my iphone 5 lock button isn't working. At first the right side completely wouldn't work and I had to click the left side. But now it doesn't work at all. I was wondering if I could get a new phone for free under the warranty? Is this a common problem? Please let me know! Xx

What digital camera produces the best color in photos?

I don't know any of the technical terms for photography (and don't really care to learn), but I need some suggestions on a camera to get the best colors in my pictures. I'm looking to buy a compact digital camera (something that I can slide in my purse) but I'm willing to spend anywhere between $250-$1000.By "best colors" I mean that I want everything to look exactly the way it does in real life. Especially the sky. I have a Canon Powershot S100 that the sky always seems to look washed out in. On a recent vacation, I switched to using my iPhone for any pictures of the beach, sunsets, etc. So you could actually see the colors in the sky. I'm not sure if that's considered "color contrast" or not? Hopefully that all makes sense and someone can suggest the best camera for me? Thanks!

Added (1). A recent answer just indicated that what I'm looking for can't happen. I realize that it won't look exactly like what I see in person, but I want the camera that will do it the closest. My iPhone camera does a pretty good job of this (better than my Canon Powershot) so I know it's possible to varying degrees. Thanks!

I have a problem with my iPhone 4's camera?

When I got my iphone, I knew it had problems with its camera, but I didn't have time to take it to someone, to see what the problem was (the camera is blurry, it only focuses things at about 10 cms far).So one day when I wanted to make some photos and opened the camera app, it was perfect, the problem was gone. This happened about 2 weeks ago. Today, after my soccer match, someone asked me to take a picture of him. I opened the camera app, and. The problem seems to be back.

Does anyone know what I should do to fix it?

NOTE: There isn't any Apple Store in my city.

How to get highlighter out of an iphone crack?

My iPhone cracked recently so I decided to color it with highlighter. However while I was coloring it, the highlighter smeared onto the crack that was on top of my camera. Any ways to get the highlighter out of that crack? No, I don't want to get a new iPhone, and I can't replace the glass.

Can I use a iPhone like a iPod?

Ok so I'm wanting to buy a iPod to play on, there's a iPhone 3GS on eBay fir 60 bucks, if I was just going to use it for games and not for texting and messaging, would I still need a plan. Or can I just use it like it's a iPod.

How to update my iphone apps that I downloaded with another apple account?

I used to use my dad's apple ID, but then I got tired of going to him for his password to download apps so I created my own apple ID without a credit card. Now the apps that i got from his apple ID need update and I can't update them without his password. Why is that and is there a way to update it without his password?

How to get 4G LTE with a AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile Service?

I own a AT&T iPhone 5 and switched to T-Mobile. The area I am in is supposed to get 4G LTE but I am stuck with 3G and sometimes even 2G(Edge) which sucks. I am not clear on the reason this is but I know it is because it is an At&t phone. I want to be able to receive 4G LTE. Is there anyway I can make this happen with tweeking the settings or something?