Bought an iPhone on Craigslist?

I purchased an iPhone 5 for AT&T off of Craigslist recently. I think it may be stolen though, I have no way of contacting the person I bought it from because now his account is gone, and it makes me mad because I traded him my iPhone 4S and $300 for it. My question is, since I am an AT&T customer, and this phone came from AT&T, will I be able to use this phone, or will it carry a bad EMEI? I don't need the phone unlocked since I use the same service provider, so am I just screwed in the end, or can this phone be of any use to me on AT&T? If all else fails, am I able to find the guy who sold me the phone by tracking my 4S? It didn't have any find my iPhone apps on it. Thank you in advance.

Why does this recent generation takes everything for granted?

The generation im talking about is the ones that were born after the wii and after a few iphones were brought out and ipods also.
why do they take everything for granted? They dont take care of anything, and just dont care. I always have to work for my stuff and my wii i had after a year it came out (had to earn it) and it looks brand new still cause i know i wont be able to get another one (lack of money and cause why would i get another if i broke the first one)
they dont have to earn anything and i even seen a 5 year old with a tablet that i cant even have money for and they dont care. They can break it and get a new one or the newest brand.
so why does the generation takes everything for granted?

Whats the best laptop for me?

Ok, so i have an iPad, iPhone, and an iPod, i like macs but its expensive. But this is what i use my computer for
1) Online Movies
2) Youtube
3) video chat
4) school work
5) looking up chords for music
6) Online Gaming. As in Game shed or Primary games.
7) Any thing that has to deal with art on the computer like coloring online or for example "Art Pad"
8) shopping ^_^
9) asking Questions like this
10) finding ways to prove my parents wrong about stuff ^_^
my budget is at least $250 no more that $350.
i don't like Toshiba, but i have had a compaq and i loved it. My desired memory can be 3 or 4 gigs at least. The more the better. ^_^
* LAPTOP not a Netbook.*
Thank you ^_^

Why did the iPhone 5 sell at all?

It is the only flagship phone I have ever seen to NOT have a quadcore CPU and start at £500+ so I don't see why peope bought it. The phone is very limiting to what you can do on it starting with being stuck with the storage you get with it, no expandable and things like bluetooth only work with other Apple devices.

I am A HUGE Procrastinator! How Can I use my time more wisely?

I am a 14 year old girl. I never have any motivation to get up && do the things that I need to do. (Like cleaning, doing homework, exercising, etc.) I always write down my goals for everyday on a piece of paper, but I never commit to it! I feel like I waste everyday of my life. All I do is go on the computer, watch tv, or go on my iphone. Electronics are really distracting me in life! I cant stand it any more! Please help.
thank you! :)

Iphone FACETIME abroad help!

I live in the UK and am on Orange network, I am currently on holiday in Florida and have Aeroplane mode on, cellular data off and am connected to free wifi.
I want to FaceTime with somebody back in the UK, and it will connect but I'm just making sure it won't cost me or my friend?

My iPhone won't download anything?

Usually whenever I purchase something from the AppStore and iTunes, my iPhone asks me to type in a Password and then whatever I have purchased downloads straight away afterwards.

However now, for some reason when I tried to purchase some songs and download a free game. Nothing happens and my phone doesn't ask me to type in the password.

I've not tried it on my computer yet though.

Bbm for iphone and other smart phones?

I've been hearing that bbm will be able to go to iphones and other smart phones from late summer. But has this yet been confirmed by apple and google or is it a maybe?