Iphone 4 keeps saying No Service?

I sent my brothers iphone that had a damaged screen(but the mobile network was working completely fine) so I went to a phone repair shop to fix the screen and they fixed the screen, but there was no network connection atall it keeps saying "No Service"? What is going on? Did the shop accidently mess the phone up?

Worth picking up an Iphone 4 for $279?

It's not the S model, I don't believe, but is that a good price? Or can I find something significantly better for the price? If so, please drop some names for me. :) Would prefer if this was an established brand - respect by both buyers and tech-savvy reviewers (Cnet.com, etc).

I put a iphone 4s box up on ebay?

I put a iphone 4s box up but as title it says iphone 4s but inthe description i put box only someone has bidded £70 pound and i dont think theyve read it properly am i in trouble if they get the box and go mad?

Why does my iphone 5 not work?

Like where my data says LTE, sometimes it will go to 3G or like a small circle, and it won't connect to the Internet. Anybody know why? I have an iPhone 5, with Verizon

Who is the best service provider for the iPhone?

I'm looking into getting an iPhone, but I'm really not sure who I should go through. I've heard some different things about different carriers and I'm not sure which one I should go with. As of right now, I have a TracFone and I do like the whole prepaid thing, but I do feel like it's time to get a phone with an unlimited everything plan since I do text and call a lot. Suggestions would be great! :)

Added (1). I don't necessarily want unlimited *everything*. I do for sure want unlimited talk and text though. I'm also looking for the cheapest plan. If I understood correctly, Verizon was $90/month for any smart phone and I don't have that kind of money. (I'm only in high school!) I have yet to look into AT&T.

Icloud won't backup old backup?

I replaced my iPhone at apple store today and when it went to the start up page to the icloud page. I logged in and picked the most recent backup 12:10pm all the apps started to download. Normal right. Guess what, after it was all done I went to icloud in settings and into manage storage and saw 2 backups, 1 backup I did before replacing phone, and 1 backup that is new hasn't backed up yet since the apps are downloading.
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When I click on my original backup, the only thing it has is delete account the iPhone is trying to use the new one made. Please help me on how to use the original I backed up, it has all my data from games and since its not using the recent backup, my game data is gone.

Added (1). Brian I appreciate your help but are you STUPID? I already logged into icloud after and I CHOSE THE BACKUP THAT I RECENTLY DID ON ICLOUD. DONT TELL ME TO DO THAT WHEN I ALREADY DID THAT AND IT DIDNT WORK!

Where is a good place in Los Angeles to get someone to change the back of an iPhone4?

I dropped my iPhone a while back, and the back of it is still shattered. I've seen on youtube on how you can easily install one in there, but I cant find an original back like the one I had (I have verizon btw) for a good price. I was just wondering if anyone knows a shop in the Los Angeles area on where they repair iPhones, or a site on which they sell iPhone 4 parts. THANKS in advance.

Are there some good soft iPhone 4 cases?

Do you know any good soft iPhone 4 cases by name? I need one that is soft (not hard case), thin (I don't want iPhone 4 to look to big ), and not expensive but quality…