Printing out iPhone text messages and iMessages?

Over the past few months, I met a guy and ended up dating him this week. Yesterday we were talking about the ridiculous long texts we send each other and he mentioned how he thought it'd be interesting to see how long they'd be if we were to print them out. I've got all the messages from since we started texting and for Christmas, I want to be able I give him a printed version of them. Is there a way I can do this that would save the emoji images and be less time consuming than going back and selecting thousands of messages to either forward/copy and paste to an email address?
Thanks in advance!

If you have a wireless printer that is one of the AirPlay enabled ones you could use that to print screenshots directly from the iPhone to the printer.
If not, then you'd have to get them to a computer that can access a printer & print them that way.

Backuptrans can help. Please refer to it's guide on how to print iPhone SMS & MMS on computer. In conversations.