Problem with iOS 7 instagram?

I got iOS 7, and when I upload a picture on instagram it looks like its ment for iPhone 5.It's to long for my screen so it doesn't show the full app when I upload a picture. Why is this? Please help I hate that it does this

In the camera app, switch it to 'square' see if that'll help!

If you are having issues with Instagram or other applications on your iPhone or other iOS device that you didn't have before upgrading to iOS 7, I would suggest that you check to be sure that the applications that you are trying to use are all up to date.

After ensuring that Instagram and other apps are up to date, I would suggest that you try to upload the picture again, and see if you're able to do so without any issues.

On Instagram, you can crop a picture by pinching in and out, which may be of use to you, though sometimes images are too big to be shown in their entirety.

If you're still unable to upload the picture to Instagram without any problems, perhaps, like another answerer suggested, you should try using iOS 7's new "Square" mode when taking a photo with your iPhone's (or other iOS 7 device's) camera, in order to see if this helps when uploading pictures to Instagram or other photo sharing and hosting apps or services.

Best of luck and I hope I helped you!

I have the same problem and neither of those answers helped at all. I don't think people are understanding the question.literally the screen looks like it should be for iPhone 5 and I can't click past the filters.

Same problem here. No one said that its iphone 4 or 4s. Only problem is when you press upload photo then the screen gets like bigger and filters and the green button NEXT is half way seen.

I have the same problem on my iPhone 4 since installing iOS7, it really looks like the screen is too small, icons above and below the photo are cropped, as if the app was meant for iPhone 5. Tried to uninstall - reinstall instagram app, but it didn't change anything. Here is a screen capture showing the problem.

I am having the same problem, when I go to edit the picture on Instagram the whole screen is cut off. The "next" button up top is cut off and all of the filters are cut off. This sucks. Now I wish I didn't do the update… Help?

Same problem, I have reported it to Instagram. Not sure they are going to understand, as I am unable to send a Pic.

Let's hope they are on it.

I have the same problem! This sucks! If anyone figures out a solution please share with me!

I'm having the same problem [I have an iphone 4]. If you use an app like Afterlight or Snapseed and open Instagram from within that app after editing your photo, the screen, so far, looks normal and not stretched tall as when you open Instagram first. It worked in both apps for me and I was able to upload normally.

It's not a fix but it at least makes the process less irritating.

I'm having the same exact problem! I'm bummed that no one here has gotten an answer. I'm trying to figure this out. I wrote the "help page" on Instagram, but it's hard to describe exactly what I mean. It's almost as if the Instagram app is for Iphone 5… It's longer than my phone. I have an iPhone 4. Someone, help! Urgggghhh!

Same thing is happening with me. I also have an iPhone 4. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing. The screen still looks like it is made for an iPhone 5 once I choose a photo to upload (the top and bottom of the screen is cut off). How is there no way to report this directly to Instagram? On my phone and the website there isn't an option to tell them what's wrong.

Looks like no resolution yet people. I tried reinstalling the app, no luck. Also tried resetting all my settings, no luck. I guess we just have to wait.

Dear all,

I don't have a solution to the problem, nonetheless, please, report the bug from the application.: go to your profile - tap 'settings' - go to 'Instagram help center' - option 'something's not working' - 'Report a broken feature' - 'Instagram is crashing'. The application will suggest you to describe the bug.

Also as a temporary solution I use 'Framatic' application. I simply download a picture in it and without any changes transfer it to instagram. In that case the editing page works correctly.