Problem with iOS 7 update for iphone 5!

Okay so the iOS 7 update just became avaible to me so I tried updating my phone. It started to download but then about less than halfway it tells me that an error has occurred and it won't let me finish downloading it! I don't know if it could just be a bug since it did become avaible about an hour ago or what. Please help! Any suggestions would help, thank you!

There are millions of people all over the world trying to download it. You can keep trying until you get a good connection or wait a few hours for things to calm down.

Same thing happening to me. Only phone is receiving update.itunes says 6.1.3 is current version

Same Problem. Just says 8 minutes left and then error…

Exactly with me.downloaded twice.same problem shown, :(

Millions of people around the world are downloading the update at the same time as you, its not unusual with an ios release. Just wait a couple hours for traffic on their servers to calm down:)

Also, make sure that you iphone has at least 3GB of available memory. As soon as i freed up 3GB the update is now progressing past the error. Hopefully this helps

Same thing thats happening to mine! :( I've been waiting on this update for FOREVER! :(

Hi;) I'm having the same problem with iPhone 4. Also don't know what to do!

To many people trying to do it at once

Relax, the servers are overloaded with everyone trying to download it at once. Try tomorrow. It will be less crazy. :)

Make sure your phone is plugged in, and the battery is at least 80% before you start the update.