Should I get an 8gb or 16gb iPhone? - 1

My parents are willing to pay $199 for my new phone (which would be a 8gb iPhone). They say any more storage than that will be out of my own pocket. I'm thinking about moving up to the $299 16gb iPhone, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

My iTouch is 8gb and not quite full, I just have a lot of useless games that I could delete. I'm 14 and this will be my first smartphone.

What do you suggest?

For your age I suggest 8gb for now maybe later on you can switch but I had the 8 gb and it was perfect for me.

8gb should me more than enough, based on what you said. When the time comes, which would be in about 2 more years, and you need more space, then consider going larger.
For now, save yourself the $100 bucks!

Buy 8gb. When you get used to this smart phone, i.e need more apps and games, buy an external sd card of 16 gb later ( but I don't know if it works with the iphone ) .
now 8gb is good for u:) good luck

You should think about what you are using the iPhone for, how you data needs will evolve.
Get the 16GB iPhone to store more photos, videos and music.
Once I bought an iPhone and the memory was too small for what I was going to do, store my life on it.

Good Luck!


I know it's not the same thing, but I got an 8gb iTouch expecting it to be enough. You know, music and some games.

Within the first 6 months of using it I had less than 100mb left… A song is 4mb.

So basically, my iTouch will no longer be able to carry any more music or apps… And I don't have a lot of them.

So look at it this way. This is an iPhone, which you will use Way more than an iPod. I can guarantee that you will want apps, music, and games on it.

Now picture your phone without any memory… Not cool.

So my advice is to just buy the 16Gb just to make sure that you never run out of space. It will be worth it, trust me.

Fun fact: 8gb is actually only 6gb. The iPhone's operating system takes up 2Gb. Apple does not tell you this.

You can never have too much memory, but you can sure have too little. Get the 16GB

Get a 8 iphone because you said you don't need that much space. Though I recommend that you get a android phone as your first phone.

I'd suggest 16 GB, you will have lots of pictures, and apps that you will download and space will fill up without you even knowing.