Should i get an otterbox defender for iphone 5?

I rarely drop my phone. But i was wondering if i should get one. I dont want it to be to bulky or anything.

Otterbox cases are really good, but I personally hate them because they add way too much bulk to the phone -.-

Otterbox's are usually bulky (sorry bro) but they're very good cases and protect very well. If you want something a little slimmer, try Speck cases

I have otter box for the 4s but I don't highly recommend it because the rubber part of the phone starts to stretch out and stop fitting on the phone after awhile so you will have to by a new one BUT the otter box is the best thing to protect your phone. There is also this new case that is 100% water proof and it protects your phone from falling damage don't remember the name but I highly recommend that