Should i update to ios 6.1.3?

I just got an iphone 5 on friday and i heard such bad thngs about the ios system. I just got the notice last night to update to ios 6.1.3. I looked up this system and So many people said they have problems with it and the battery life decreases.that's excatly what i do not want to happen. I want to have a good battery life for this phone and i do not want to download this if it will mess up my battery. What should i do?

Yes you would update,if your iphone is not jailbreak

I justtt installed it to my ipod i haven't tried it yet but it installed very fast and none of my data got lost so give it a try ;)

I just did It on my iPod touch 4 and it worke fine so far. The update doesn't really change anything.