Someone is hacking my iPhone?

I'm in trouble--literally scared out of my mind. Can my iPhone 4s be hacked if it's not jailbroken? It all started with my apps being rearranged when I woke up in the morning, and some new ones were downloaded. I live with my older brother and he was working a grave-yard shift, I woke up when he came home.
Then, I noticed my phone was sending weird text messages. My facebook had weird gibberish words on it--even my twitter. I changed all of my passwords, turned off iMessage but now when I'm text my boyfriend he kept saying "the dish went out" over and over and I asked him to stop and he sent me a picture of our conversation--without the strange message. Now I'm restoring my phone to factory settings. Literally no one has been around my phone, no one has had access to my apple account because I've never given it out or any of my passwords. Does anyone have any idea about what's going on? No, this is not just something off the top of my head. People are inside of my phone. The most damning evidence is a picture of a photo that's inside of my phone's camera roll. I've never seen these children ever--and they're even calling my contacts!

IPhone are vulnerable just as android phones are. I run Norton app on mine and it is available for iPhone's, may protect you a bit cost $29.95AU for 12 months, tried updating iOS to 6?

Break it.

First try to disconect your phone from the internet for the night if the thinn has happened try reinstalling your ios and install an anti virus
i hope it helps

Since this guy release his stupid hack couple of weeks ago a lot of accounts are getting hack I myself was hacked just two days ago, this is getting out of control -_-