Sprint iphone 5 with sim card?

I have heard the new Iphone 5 from Sprint comes with a sim card slot. I know that the old Iphones 4 & 4s did not have one with Sprint. I would like to know if some can confirm that in fact the 5 comes with a sim card. If so, I would think in buy one and unlock it. Thanks.

Actually the 4 didn't since they had distinctive GSM & CDMA models. The 4S was GSM/CDMA in 1 so it did include the SIM slot even on the Sprint models (they use CDMA btw) & the 5 is the same as well.

Note it comes with a SIM slot not a SIM card. The slot is where you put the SIM card in to use in the phone.

Sprint's iPhone 5s are locked whereas Verizon's (also CDMA) come unlocked.

Since it seems you care more about the fact the phone can work with SIMs (meaning a GSM model) you could also buy a factory unlocked model from Apple.