StraightTalk and iPhone 4S in Parkersburg, WV?

I just recently moved from Long Island, NY to Parkersburg, WV (area code 26101). I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4S and have been using a prepaid T-Mobile SIM card ever since I got my iPhone. I found out too late that T-Mobile isn't covered in WV so now I'm at a loss as what to do for phone service. I want to keep a prepaid plan because I can't afford to spend over $80 a month just for my cell phone. I just recently purchased a StraightTalk SIM card through eBay because the StraightTalk website wouldn't work and Walmart does not sell them. I purchased the one for T-Mobile compatible phones because I was hoping to keep my number, but now I'm wondering if I should have purchased the one for AT&T compatible phones.
Does anyone know if StraightTalk will work with my iPhone 4S in Parkersburg, or if I just have to look for another prepaid service? Do I just need to buy the AT&T compatible SIM card or does it not even matter? If you live in Parkersburg or WV and have an iPhone and a prepaid phone service, what do you use?

Please help and thanks in advance!

If TMO doesn't have good coverage where you are and your phone is unlocked, go to bestbuy and get a H20 Wireless SIM (AT&T network) and you should be gtg