Turning off Roamingg charges on Iphone 5?

So I'm leaving for Miami in a couple of hours and I recently just got an iPhone 5 which I love it to bits but there is one thing everyone is telling me I should be worried about and that is the roaming charges… I was hoping that there was a way to turn all that off? I've shut off the cellular, The Wifi, Bluetooth & Personal Hotspot and now I've got it on Airplane mode for good measures, is there anything else I need to worry about or what?

Airplane mode cuts off all wireless communication, so it would be impossible to get roaming charges

you CAN turn on WiFi and still access iTunes, iMessage, web browser and other web-based apps in range of local WiFi hotspots and not worry about being charged anything.

Go to settings > general > mobile data, and turn off 'Data Roaming' - that will stop any cellular data being used when outside your home country.

No need for Airplane mode or to turn off wifi, bluetooth or personal hotspot etc, it is the data roaming selection that is the issue here. Indeed you might well want to turn on Wifi so you can pick up free wifi if you can find some there.