Unlocked Iphone 5 Lost/Stolen?

I bought a unlocked verizon iphone 5 off craigslist. I dont know if its stolen or not. It is for verizon but it is unlocked. If it ends up getting reported as stolen or lost. Will i still be able to use the phone on tmobile?

i heard some people were still able to use a unlocked iphone 5 verizon with bad esn on tmobile.

Added (1). **People are able to use tmobile on a bad esn iphone 5 just wanan kno if its true

If it is or get reported as "lost or stolen" the "ESN/iemi" number, the Electronic ID of your phone, get entered in a nation database for All mobile phone carriers to share. This database was create last year due to the high number of stolen phones. "locked or unlock" has no bearing on this matter. You can Pay to have a web site check the esn/iemi number before you try to activate the phone. You probably could activate the phone in another country.

You cant use a phone with a bad esn on any carrier… It will just be a ipod touch

if it gets blacklisted, email me I have a few unlocked iphones for sale or trade.

What's ur email?

me too… What's your email?