Unlocking iPhone 4 from Sprint?

Alright guys, I know this question has appeared on sites like these multiple times, but my situation is slightly different. Normally, people answer this question with, "just jailbreak it". Trust me, if my lock/turn on button worked, I would've done that a while ago, but it is jammed, thus I cannot jailbreak it to unlock it.

My phone is hooked to Sprint, and since I bought this from someone who couldn't remember the original owner of the phone, the company couldn't put it into my name or unlock it. It's the type of iPhone 4 that is factory set (meaning no sim card whatsoever), and it feels like I've tried everything to get this dang thing unlocked. I've tried a reverse look-up on the number that's locked in to it to see if I could get the original owner's name, but came up unsuccessful. I've tried jailbreaking, but didn't know until after it deleted everything that I had to pair-use the turn-on button and home button, so I failed there (again, my turn-on button was jammed). I really don't wanna pay 10-20 dollars for a software that might end up being a bust, so I'm asking you guys for help. The specs for my iPhone that I believe are useful in helping are as follows:

Carrier: Sprint 14.0
iOS: 6.1.3 (10B329)
Model: MD200LL/A
MEID: A1000028695A35
Modem Firmware: 3.0.04

If one of you fellow Yahoo! Members could help a brother out in getting his phone free of being chained to Sprint, I would be so greatful, you have no idea. If you need more details (like if you need the PRL or MSID) email me at my primary email address: godofhevymetl@gmail.com (reason being I don't use Yahoo! That often anymore)

Thank you.

Unlocked sprint iphones only work on sprint, no reason to unlock em