What does LTE mean on iPhone 5?

Just got iPhone 5 and it often comes up with LTE at the top for signal… What does it mean? And does it mean that my phone is not using wifi? Does it use the data plan? Thanks for the help!

LTE is amazingly fast Internet that you can enable wherever you're at, no "connection" required! It's like really good 4G. It doesn't use more data per month but it drains your battery a little faster, they say. I recommend wifi use only if you can connect, otherwise use LTE. Also, because LTE is very new not many areas have it, so that's why sometimes it says 4G and sometimes it says LTE

LTE is a speed rating, faster then 4g, 3g, 2g, edge, etc… So it means you are connecting to the internet at a fast speed. It may mean for not using WiFi, do you have the wiFi symbol at the top of your phone on?

LTE means that you're connected to your cellular carrier's LTE network, which is a high speed data network for mobile devices. It is a faster connection than 3G networks, though it is only available in certain network areas. When you see the LTE on your phone, it means your phone is pulling data using your data plan and not on wifi. When your phone is on wifi, 'LTE' will be replaced by the wireless signal indicator icon.

LTE is 4G (Long-term evolution). Yes it is part of the data plan much like HSPA+, 3G, 2G, etc.

If you have LTE in your area thats a very good thing:) Thats not wifi.

LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution. It is 4G cellular data (kind of like how iPhones used to say 3G a year or two ago). 3G is actually HSPA, but it would just say 3G for brevity.AT&T has gotten Apple to refer to HSPA+ as 4G even though it is really just faster 3G, so to distinguish between the two, when you're on LTE the iPhone will say LTE (instead of 4G). (On my iPhone 4s, which uses HSPA+, it says 4G at the top.)

If it says LTE at the top, that means it is using LTE for data, so it does use the data plan. If the iPhone is on WiFi, it will show a WiFi logo (with strength indicator) there instead. When it's on WiFi, it does not use the data plan, but when it's on LTE it does.

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when ever I have the lte sign I get extremely slow internet or non at all why?

Whoa! Nice! LTE means that your phone internet is reeeeeeelly fast, faster then Wi-Fi but the disadvantage is battery will go ---- faster:( but anyway you should be happy! :) Not many people have LTE but my sister does on her Samsung Galaxy S3 I have an iPhone 5

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I stopped getting phone rings but the phone would make sound when i get txt or voicemail. I turned of the LTE and got on 3G network and the phone now works and i get incoming call notifications(ring) without any issues. If your phone does not notify you on incoming calls check the do not disturb first then you might want to get off the LTE network. Massoud Hashemi

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Battery goes slower on LTE. (Someone said, that it goes faster.)

LTE stands for line terminating equipment you dumbasses.

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Long-term evolution

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Well when LTE is on it kicks me off the Internet. Hulu especially. And yes I kills battery quicker.

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