What does other mean in itunes?

When, I sync my iPhone to iTunes, it says that I have 9.33gb of "other".

I have the 64gb model of the iPhone 5 and I recently got, it so there isn't much that I have on there.

I don't know what the "other" means and I'd like to reduce the amount of space it takes up. (For example, if it requires deleting some of my stuff, that's okay)

I think "other" is contacts, messages, calendar events, and stuff like that, but there's no way I have that many because I only have about 70 contacts, nothing in my calendar, and I delete my messages when I'm done having the conversation.

So if anybody can tell me what "other" means and how to reduce the amount of "other" that is on my phone, that would be really helpful.

It is the programming that makes your phone work.
Without it… Well… You have an Apple logo paperweight.

It's really everything that's not apps, songs, games, videos, photos, etc. Some of it is indeed contacts, events and such, but a lot of it is system stuff like cached files, temporary files, application data and settings, etc.

Some of it you can get rid of by following these tips:

But some of it is just what the iPhone needs to do its iPhone thing, no matter which apps you use or don't use. All operating systems have the same behavior - some memory on the device is used just because the OS needs it to keep track of things.

It sounds like it means occupied or free space.