What is the song in the new iPhone 5 commercial?

To be more specific the one when the iphone is bouncing multiplying into the ipod nano. I tried looking for it on youtube but nothing really came up. I vaguely remember the cover art had a blue background and a man on it. Probably not helpful but tell me please!

Yeah Yeah by Willie Moon

What is the girl singer saying in the newest iPhone 5 commercial? I can't understand her? Is it a foreign language?

It sounds like she is saying gigantic,Who sings it though

Thank you. That really bugged me.

The song is Gigantic by the Pixes.

Who is the girl that sings that song "gigantic" in the iPhone 5 commercial?

Not sung by the pixes but by "Orange"

she's saying, 'gi-gin-take'… Pronounced gyghintake

It is gigantic by the pixie

The lyrics of that song by the blond girl

Sounds like 'aginsay' but whatever it is it's not discernible. It sure is not English.

It sounds very clearly like the word gigantic to me, it is separated as if each syllable is another sentence, but pronounced correctly & easy to hear. Maybe I'm just overly familiar with the original, though I didn't recognize it as an older song until reading this thread.