When will Sprint restock Iphone 5s?

Well I was put an a waiting list as #42 I was really confident I was going to get the Iphone 5 I thought I'd be #300 or something so I was glad I was such a low number but turns out the store and all other stores only received about like 10 Iphone 5s or something. I am confused I'd think they'd get a ton but besides that I am wondering when will and how soon will any Sprint store restock on more Iphones anyways? Will the next time they restock be still a low amount or higher? I have looked and called everywhere and nothing. Thank you please answer my question I appreciate it completely,

I would recommend going to an apple store! They get way more compare to sprint AT&T or Verizon! I went in an apple retail site today and they told me come back tomorrow but its going to be the same at the 4s! It's going to take like 2 weeks be for they get more! Good luck!