Where can i get my iphone fixed?

I got my phone changed blue in Thailand. I then bought a charger- used it whalst i was out there, but when i came back and used it the plugs blew, and my iphone stopped charging altogether.

As ive changed my phone to blue, apple can now not even look at my phone for a repair as its been 'modified', so as i think the whole circuit or something in my phone is broken, how can i get it fixed?



sry to hear it.

If you are in USA you can search for mobile service centers in search engines like justdial.com

But i guess that you have to pay a bomb to get back your phone to its original form and make everything fine.

Y don't you go for another one? My suggestion is to waste to invest on it any more. If you phone problem of “Not charging" is petite, then it is fine. But it is a major problem, better go for another.

Thanks n hope this answer will help you in one way or the other.

Lets work out how badly it is broken.

If you have your normal charger
and it will charge the phone - you are fine, you just need a new charger.

if it wont charge on any (good apple) charger or from a PC USB socket
then I think it is time for a new phone - and it will have been seriously damaged by the faulty charger.

Do you have home 'all risks' insurance?
you can tell anything you want from water damage you power surge while travelling.
claim on that, and pay whatever excess that is 50/100/150 Still cheaper than 500 odd for a new phone,