Which electronic device should i get?

I want to get new gadgets but there are just to many to pick. Should i get an iphone, samsung galaxy note, or an ipad? Ps i have an android smartphone and an ipod touch 4th gen

Basic Usage: Either
Advanced Usage: Droid (Galaxy Note)

It's all up to what is better for you and the applications that are going to be utilized. Weigh out what you're going to be using it for, and who's going to be working on it… Things of that nature.

Mac makes great equipment (don't get me wrong). Both are setup for the simple users, but what they're capable of doing with advance usage… If you were to compare (right out of the box) iStuff vs. Android… You have simple user setup. Jailbreaking iStuff or Rooting a Droid the playing field is on different levels. I have worked with (and still do) with both and advanced usage on iPoo is a yawnfest.

Hope this helps -