Which iPhone 4S Case: Lifeproof VS Otterbox Defender Series?

I am getting an iPhone 4S in about a month, and I want a case that will protect it from, water, sand at the beach, & you know, stuff like that. I've looked into two cases: Lifeproof ($79.99), and the Otterbox Defender Series case. Although the Lifeproof is expensive, I really like how it's waterproof, shockproof, dirt-proof, etc… The Otterbox Defender seems to be a good choice as well for its good reviews. I've looked into these two cases very thoroughly, but I can't make a decision. So can you give me some first-hand opinions of each case, like pros and cons, and how well the cases worked if you own them? Or even recommend a different, better case to protect my iPhone from everyday life?

Thanks, it would be a great help!

I had the Lifeproof for a while but I switched to the Otterbox Defender. Did a side by side comparison.

Lifeproof Pros: Waterproof, etc.etc., Slim profile.
Lifeproof Cons: Hard to hear when everything is sealed up (even with volume on max), very tight charging port hole (NONE of my aftermarket charging cables fit; only my 2 original Apple cables [I use an Apple cable to watch Netflix in my bedroom at night & had to use an adapter = pain-in-the-butt), Flashlight covering is small and limits the amount of light coming out, A slight bit of room between the screen protector and phone (meaning you must be certain to make contact with the phone screen when pushing down). Plastic case slips easily in my fingers.

Otterbox Defender Pros: Very tight fitting case. All 3 speakers, 2 cameras, charging port & the LED flashlight are NOT covered (sound is great, pics are fine & the flashlight is MUCH brighter. Also, All of my aftermarket chargers fit = no more adapters [I use the Apple cable to watch Netflix in my bedroom at night). Screen protector is right on the screen (any touches feels like the phone itself). Rubberized outside has good feel, grip. Comes with swivel belt clip/holster.
Otterbox Defender Cons: All holes open = NOT waterproof. Slightly bulkier (but not by much but MUCH better than their old style).

Here's the dimensions for the 2 boxes:

Lifeproof = 2.6" (W) x 5.08" (L) x 0.52"(D), Case Weight = 0.98 oz.

Otterbox = 2.7" (W) x 4.80" (L) x 0.80" (D), Case Weight = 1.9 oz.

I LOVE the Lifeproof waterproof aspect but the Otterbox just feels better and works easier.

Did you know Otterbox is working on a new Armor series? Due any day…

Hope all that helps. Good Luck.